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About Serena...

I'm in my sixties and live in a quiet part of southern England, with an outrageously spoiled cat, Bella. I'm a country girl at heart and love watching my garden and the wildlife which shares it with me. I no longer travel and love getting cards showing me other parts of the world and telling me about other ways of life.

I'm really not fussy and I like almost all of the cards I'm sent; some of the things I particularly enjoy, in no particular order, include:

- Beautiful landscapes
- Cards which give a feeling of peace and space
- Pictures of storms and wild weather
- Ancient buildings
- Interesting roofscapes and skylines
- Views through windows
- Architectural details
- Religious buildings of any kind (as a Quaker, I'd be particularly interested in Friends' Meeting Houses)
- Pictures of the sea, ships and lighthouses
- Anything to do with bees and beekeeping would be wonderful (I used to keep bees)
- I love cards by Anne Taintor, Victor Chizhikov, Sergey Fedorovich Davidovich-Zosin's elderly athletes from Belarus, along with anything by Vaclav Vaca or Carl Larsson.
- Joyous images, which just lift the heart or anything which makes me laugh
- The weird and off-beat, and pictures taken from odd angles, so you have to look a couple of times to see what it is
- Wildlife (but not in zoos)
- Black and white pictures
- Strong, dramatic images
- Sculpture
- Interesting faces
- Unicorns, dragons, and other mystical creatures but only wild ones, not the sanitised, Disneyfied versions.

If you're from a rare country, I would almost certainly prefer to get a tourist card from you, which gives a feel for what your country is like.

You can get more ideas from my favourites' wall, these are cards I would love but don't yet have.

If you don't have anything like this, don't worry - some of the nicest cards I've had, have been things I wouldn't have thought to ask for! Send me something you love and tell me what's special about it - I'm sure I'll like it, especially if it says more than "Happy Postcrossing" on the back!

Cards I don't generally enjoy include:
- 3D cards and cards with moving images (these make me feel ill)
- Anything too militaristic
- Multi-view cards, with lots of tiny pictures
- Ad cards (unless it matches my preferences)
- Cards sent through an app rather than handwritten
- Folded cards - I far prefer postcards.

However, if you've got a card you think is just right for me, despite being in one of these categories (apart from 3D cards), I'd love to be proved wrong.

The words on the back are as important to me as the picture on the front and I love reading either about the place where you live, or your life and what interests you.

I prefer my postcards as nature intended - without envelopes. Scrapes and scars from the post just add to their character.

Please don't worry about sending duplicates - it's always nice to meet old friends again

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