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  • icon 19th October 1966
    (56 years old)
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About Ronald...

I am a male and born at 1966 okt.19th, who enjoy all aspects of what life has to offer! So I’m Married 💏 with the most loveliest woman of the world, ❤️ Leonie ❤️
We living in a pretty hometown ‘Kerkrade’ . It’s a beautiful old ⚒miner-town in the south of the 👑kingdom the Netherlands.
I’m also an active 🎚 catholic - this give me much faith !!

I don’t work 👨🏼‍🔧anymore, and believe me ” I really miss it”.
Several surgeons with errors and mistakes after a back spinal-hernia-surgery (2000) giving me much problems! Anyone are chronic pain, a paralyzed leg, lost my body power, fatigue syndrome, bone loss, joint inflammation, thyroid failure, and an accident with my wheelchair, my left arm lost his function 🚑...😕 but come on,be laughing 😆, live is beautiful!

April 5th 2018 I had a heavy heartattack💔 and they’re dottering me and place3 stents.🫀
This all let me living with an electric wheelchair🧑‍🦼 and most of the time are in-house.

Before that ‘breaking time’ in my life, I was a very busy and active ✊🏼young man.
I 🔨D.I.Y. 🔧 in and around the house, car, garden and....

My last job was at the old abbey ⛪️ (1104) of Rolduc (

I studied for florist, bakery, nursing, 👨🏻‍⚕️ and first aid.
After obtaining my graduate I could not immediately find a job and I started to managing a car-⛽️service-station.

Also active at the ⚜️Boy- and Girl Scouts⚜️ , in several functions. I was active in the catholic ✝️church, and make music in a wind orchestra
(Drum and trombone). Also I was voluntar at the 🇱🇺 Dutch 🚑 Red Cross, to help helping!!

I love to driving cars 🚖 in every sense of the word. Everything that had a steering-wheel and was mine!!
But now I don’t driving anymore, I use much to heavy medicine!💊💉
I do great activities, with my “all terrain” wheelchair🧑‍🦼 (

In a world 🌍 that’s growing faster and where human contacts 🫂are getting less is manual writing 📝something special.
Many people live around their smartphone and a digital environment. 👨‍💻Special now at the corona🦠pandemic!!!
Thats exactly why POSTCROSSING is so 👍🏻

themes to make it easier to choose a postcard :

-🐟 Angling / fishing
- 🥨 Bakery’s
- 🎭 Carnaval partytime
- 🤡 Clowns
- ⚒ coal mines
- 👨🏻‍🍳 cooking and baking
- 🐾 (snow) dogs
- 👮‍♂️ Police/firefighter/ambulance/army
- 🎼 music: and special wind orchestra , marching and showbands
- 🚙 old- and young-timers cars
- ⛽️ old gas-stations and car-garages
- ⚽️ Soccer players/ teams /stadiums
- 👨‍🦼 wheelchair

But any postcard of your ❤️-choice, is welcome!

(When it is possible: I wish me special poststamps (briefmarken) with themes SCOUTING⚜️ or POSTCROSSING📮

please use your own 🖌handwriting , that’s so really personality!

I look forward to finding your postcard in my mailbox 📬
Gods bless You 😇 and I wil pray for you!🙏🏻

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