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About Qi...

Hello stranger!

I'm Eels,or you may call me Qi.;) now in my thirties, living with my dear wife Yaya (her birthday is on 5th July) and our son Yiyi (born on 18th Oct 2013) in Shanghai, China. I'm now working in a bank while yaya is a maths teacher in a junior high school, Both of us love walking, traveling, reading, I spend some time running while Yaya is keen on her puzzle, I'm now collecting postcards and stamps, as well as some CDs/LPs (music is definitely a big part of my life!), Yaya keeps collecting coins since her childhood,and Yiyi loves LEGO and cars!

It's really nice to contact people around the world through this project. Everyday surprise may come to you, and you'll know what's going on in another corner of the world,that's really amazing!

Here's some hints,
*James Dean (My collection!!!)
*Gotochi / MILU shaped card from Taiwan
*Nouvelles Images B&W
*Music (I'm a fan of Eels, Travis, Neil Halstead, Sigur Ros, Alexi Murdoch, Penguin Café Orchestra, Red House Painters, Bump Of Chicken, and many many others )
*Movie (Wes Anderson! My favorite director,:))
*Poetic natural scenery
*Graffiti Art (Keith Haring, Banksy, Jean-Michel Basquiat)
*PHQ Cards (Especially connected with Music,Movie and Antique cars)
*Animation/Illustration (Futurama, South Park, Inge Löök, Valerie Michaut, Miffy, Pettson and Findus, Tintin, Smurf, Fiep Westendorp, Eugenia Gapchinska, Marie-Anne Foucart, Marie Cardouat)
*EUROPA Stamps

Or ignore my hints just surprise me with any card you LOVE!
Only one request, Please send me real copyrighted postcard,NO AD,photo,piece of paper,self-made,self-printed etc, I try my best to send nice postcards to other members,it will be great if you kindly do the same.

Tell me your favorite songs please,and if possible write me some 'interesting facts' of your country,thanks!

If you're interested in private swap,here's my offer album,
Leave me a message if you like any postcard from that album.
My postcards wishlist,
My collection,

If possible,NO envelope,I prefer written&stamped postcards(except for Gotochi unwritten in envelope please,I will send a thank you card back),thanks!
Every postcard you sent to me is unique,so I don't favorite my received cards,please don't feel offended.

By the way, my nickname 'Eels' is a great American band, here's the website:
Their music ROCKS!

Take care!

PS,thank you all dear friends for the smiles from you,which bring me many happy and shining moments.:D

PPS, I register the postcards the day I get them, yes, sometimes postcard did get lost on its way,so please kindly don't ask me to register the card which I don't get actually,thank you very much for your understanding.

25th April 2018

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