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On last month’s poll results, Maria (aka Maria_Castro) from Portugal suggested we asked everyone’s opinion about the postal services in their country… admittedly a very subjective (and perhaps touchy) topic. Still, we thought it would be interesting to get a feeling of the national reputation of postal operators. Which ones stood out? And would their domestic image match the perception we have of them from abroad?

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Overall, the results are pretty heartwarming! The vast majority of postcrossers think their post offices are doing a good job, with a fair amount going as far as saying they’re excellent.

But since the question was about each national post office, the important analysis comes on a country basis. So how do these results compare on a national level? To find out, we had a closer look at the results from countries with more than 50 votes (for more accurate results):

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The results more or less reflect the general trend described above, with a few exceptions.

For instance, Italy pops out immediately as the country with the highest number of unhappy postcrossers (80% rate their postal service as poor or fair)… which I confess is a bit of a surprise. Is it the stamp prices? Or perhaps problems in the mail delivery? Maybe some local postcrossers can enlighten us in the comments! Other postal operators with mediocre results were Brazil, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Sweden (around 60% on the same metric).

On the happy side of the spectrum, Japan's Post has an extraordinary reputation: 74% of Japanese postcrossers think their post office is doing an excellent job and further 23% consider it good, with less than 3% in the remaining categories. Pretty impressive!

Other Asian countries follow closely behind, with South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan all having roughly 90% happy customers (rating either excellent or good). In Europe, Switzerland has the most content postcrossers, also with over 90% satisfaction, with Austria, Germany and Latvia trailing closely.

Please keep in mind that the answers to this kind of “perception survey” are always subjective… so remember to take the results with a grain of salt. That said, what influenced your vote? And if you were in charge of your country’s postal operator, what would you change?

PS – Any statisticians in the house? 😅  If you’d like give us a hand in future polls, let us know!

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abhishek_shukla_in, India

Interesting insights!

Lejo, France

I was surprised and a bit disappointed about the 8 % of Belgians who voted poor. I would love to hear from them why. I have only good expriences. See in my statistics to the average delivery time for cards sent to another person in Belgium : 1 day. I know it is only the average from 2 cards but you can't be faster, can you ? Also I think Belgium has beautiful stamps. You have to order them online but delivering is always within 48 hours. Go Belgium !

fedege96, Italy

I'd like to know who's that 60% that voted as decent (> poor) the Italian postal service!! The worst!!!

Luziaceleste, Brazil

The perception of Brazilians is impacted by the decline in quality. Years ago, Brazilan Postal Service was considered the most reliable service in country, while nowadays, people wont dare to feel the same. Pity.

Mari-Pyon, Germany

Nice results! I only used German and Japanese postal services so far, and I do share both their results. :) I'm glad I live in a country where postal services are as good as this.

Pajamela, Poland

I'm from Poland and I think that the main reason for people expressing their unhappiness with postal services are the stamp prices...They may not stand out if someone looks at it from the point of view of an outsider, they may say that they are more or less on the same level (although I heard people mistakingly compare the lower price which is economic sending to the price of priority sending in other countries), but the problem is that considering out income and the prices of products, they're ridiculously high! The cost of sending 5 cards for me equals eating a good dinner at restaurant (not talking some fancy one, but a normal, fairly good one). And they only keep increasing and increasing the stamp prices, forcing people to limit how much they send or completely give up on Postcrossing, which is sad.

And, I actually can't blame Italians for voting this way. I've been there on holidays this year and not only was it a horrible problem to find a place where I will be able to send the cards, it took almost a month for my postcards to reach their destinations, all of them sent to another EU country, not some strange place at the end of the world. It's definitely not an experience I want to repeat!

TattooMom, Netherlands

I voted good for the Netherlands, because you can count on delivery. If it were for the prices of the stamps, I would vote worse than poor! Can you do a poll on prices? We will lead the charts!

vikilein, Hungary

Italy was no surprise - mi dispiace, ragazzi... :-)
But unhappy Swedes? That's strange...

fedege96, Italy

I have just read the entire article. Why Italy is so poor?! You should not be so surprised!! Here some good reasons (I am from Italy and I do shipping every day for work):

1) TIMING: from dispatch to delivery takes too much time. Usually it is faster sending abroad (excluding postcard which are not taken in great consideration) because, as soon as mail goes outside Italy, it is taken by better postal services. Many many times, it takes more to dispatch mails to Rome (from Milan) than dispatching to EU countries. Timing is terribly long also with registered mails to Italy.

2) COST: every year prices increases at least 12% while services are going worst and worst (the more little variation for economy mail up to 20 grams; some weight categories increased of many euros last time, like registered up to 20 grams, it was 4,50€, now it is 5€). One stamp to Italy was priced 0,85€ until last years, now it is 0,95€. Higher prices for a better service? Not at all!!

3) SAFETY: there is a serious numbers of loss. Many stolen, others opened and stolen inside items, other again damaged during transports. Dispatching with poste italiane is a loss of money and reputation for those who do business.

4) POSTAL OFFICES SITUATION: don't go to Italian post offices, unless you have strong nerves!!!!! It's a friendly advice, trust me. Hours of waiting (I mean really hours... it generally requires about 20-30 minutes in my city's main office before seeing our ticket number called, and my city is not big). Besides, it is scientifically approved that people who work in postal services are 90% lazy, 70% don't know their job (still sometimes they ask me what they have to do to dispatch a parcel abroad) and 50% is impolite. Of course, it depends from city to city...

5) POSTE SITUATION: this is the worst point. Italian post service no longer lives with... postal services! Poste italiane today is a bank, an insurance and whatever you want. Ah yes, I was forgetting, yes sometimes it is also a post!

6) ITALIAN SITUATION: it's too long to explain, but you should understand what I mean......

7) POSTMEN: hard work, I supposed bad paid, many times impolite, maybe it's because they are comprehensibly stressed out; not very careful (water over mails, bend mails to put them almost everywhere, opened sometimes - it was just to give a look everything was there! -), dangerous for people (they run as crazy men over their scooter), always busy. Don't misunderstand, if Italian service is a mess, it's not postmen fault, they are just part of the declining.... don't talk about alternate delivering....

8) PHILATELY: what's that? Ah yes, I see, those annoying people who ask me for postage combination over mails! What a silly and useless request (= medium post office man who apply general consideration of poste italiane concerning philately).

9) EVERYTHING bad you can imagine

If there is one thing that really impressed me.... who are those 5 people who voted it as excellent?????????? Or, where do they live?? This is what I daily hear from my customers, who are obviously angry with me if their mail does not arrive, if it is stolen or damages or if it takes 45 days to cover 200 Km. It's almost everyone thought, at least around here. Don't know if there is someone more optimistic. If there is someone, I would be glad to hear why!!

kinucci, Italy

Italian postal service, to me is "poor".
We have high prices for stamps, especially if compared to country like Germany: it would cost me less to send a letter or a postcard from Germany to Italy, than from Italy to Italy...
The service is kinda slow as well, both for outgoing and incoming mail. The mail carriers don't come everyday (somewhere they go every other day, somewhere "when it happens" that could be once every week or less)
But the main problem is: it's really hard to find stamps :( Normal postoffice don't sell them...
[We have some un-official mailservice that are mostly for tourists, but they are even more expensive and even less reliable!]

kattifnatt, Åland Islands

I think the Swedes are unhappy because it's ridiculously expensive to send postcards from there - if I have understood it correctly it's something like 21SEK which is about 2.10€.
I voted good rather than excellent for Finland because postage is getting more and more expensive here as well (they already raised their prices twice in 2017 - it now costs 1.50€ to mail a postcard). Also, during my time in Postcrossing (a little over a year now) I feel like cards have started taking longer and longer to arrive. That concerns both the ones I send and the ones I receive.

Sun_rabbit, Belarus

I'm happy to know that belarus has about 80% good rate.
I really like the services, speed and some special stamps.

Facella, Austria

I voted "good". The Austrian post is alright, mostly. Especially compared to other countries. It's pretty reliable and relatively fast.

I do have two major complaints, however: Post offices keep getting closed. There are less and less post offices around and it can get rather difficult to find a proper post office, especially in rural areas. In my home village, the post office got closed and now you have to go to the grocery store...
The other big complaint is the mail delivery. In rural areas, mail is no longer delivered every day. More like every other day or so, depending on where you live and how much mail you and your neighbours get. Mail hasn't been delivered on Saturdays for decades now, so we're all used to that.

CatharinaG3, Netherlands

I was surpised by the outcome in Italy and the statement of fedege96. That almost sounds like Ecuador! Though I don't know the situation there now, I was there years ago and friends gave me letters for their friends in Europe, to post them when I got home!
For the Netherlands I voted "fair". The services are declining, there are less post offices and less letter boxes on the streets, whereas the prices go up a lot every year.

Sarah_Connor, United States of America

I was surprised Italy voted poor for their postal service. My fastest overseas postal delivery was to Italy, and it arrived in 6 days. It was quite amazing, though I'm sure there is a good reason they voted this way.

Gaspara, Italy

I can say that in Italy is difficult to fin stamps, some years ago I said in my post office "you sell book bycicle ande frige but you haven't stamps! The post is becoming a money affair (you pay some service there and taxes and so on) and the mail is the less important thing there

NaruMinamino, Peru

The Peruvian postal system is quite similar to the Italian and Brazilian cases, that's why my vote was "Fair". In general, the service is not really fast; in my case, I know postmen wait 1 or 2 weeks until there's a significant amount of mail addressed to my house so they can go and deliver it. Most of the time, the mail arrives in good conditions (sometimes they put it inside a plastic bag for safety, so that's nice), but I have had some lost mail over the years; I don't know if it's their fault or the other country's, but since I'm receiving it, I assume it's ours.

The stamps are quite expensive ($2 on average, you can get a meal for $3~4), and most of the time, the postal office runs out of them, so I have to buy even more expensive ones; and you need to specifically ask for stamps when sending an envelope, they use a postage sticker by default.

I have more experience sending postcards and envelopes, parcels not so much; but I've heard bad comments about parcels getting lost, or arriving 2 months later than expected, and so on. I know mail is not a priority in my country, but since a lot of tourists visit us and send mail from here, I think at least customer service should improve a little.

Tranchile, Guernsey

I voted excellent for Guernsey as our local post is delivered the same day. I am disabled and when I order my Postcrossing stamps they separate them all for me into little individual packets. (I just mentioned one time I found it hard to do) The Postman knocks and comes in with my post to save me getting my stick and struggling to the door. When I send cards in envelopes to stamp collectors the clerk at the post office asks me which ones I want put on. It is a very relaxed place here. We have postboxes everywhere emptied several times a day.

Quitospaw, Germany

Hey Germans,

How come some of you voted "poor"? I really don't understand...I think we can't complain at all (esp after reading what others wrote in this thread). Our deliveries are amazingly quick! Within Germany it takes 1-3 days and our overall travel times are one of the fastest. 90 cents for worldwide is super fair too i think! Also, I feel like it's safe and reliable. Talking about letters and postcards here ofc, parcels is a whole different story!
So, be happy with what we have folks.!

Pawesome, Finland

I'm actually a bit surprised only about 14 percernt of fins voted poor for our postal services, because they truly are quite bad, but I'm guessing that's about the amount of postcrossers in Finland. ;)

We have many similar problems that Italy has, high prices, loooong delivery times (for things traveling just inside Finland, at least), our real post offices seem to be a slowly dying breed, our mailcarriers mow lawns, shovel snow, do the shopping and take the elderly to walks and occasionally they also deliver mail.

Also, so many (it's really become quite ridiculous!) cards and letters travel without getting stamped, there are sites in Finland where people sell these envelopes and cards, because the stamp can be reused. This wouldn't be quite so hilarious/annoying/angering to finnish postcrossers, if this didn't also include cards left at special boxes where you're supposed to get a special stamp for the card (to/on the card?), for example, the Moomin stamp.

snailchelle, United States of America

I’m not at all surprised by Italian post being predominantly “Poor”. Ten years ago I studied abroad in Italy and had some horrifying experiences with lost mail, packages that never arrived (both incoming and outgoing) or arrived after 4 months of travel. I talked about it with locals, and they all told me “Never trust the mail!” It’s a relief to be in the US and have very few issues with the postal system.

meiadeleite, Portugal

@Skydancer Please note that only postcrossers can vote in these polls — so all the Finnish votes came from Finnish members of the site.

Norway_girl, Norway

In Norway, the stamps are expencive (17 NOK = 1.76 € = 2.08 US$ to Europe. 21 NOK = 2.17€ = 2.57 US$ to the rest of the world).
And most of the regular post offices are closed, and replaced with "Mail in store", counters in grocery stores (and sometimes other stores). And those who work with the mail doesn't have enough knowledge and interest in it. It drives me nuts when they have to weigh every single postcard and enter the country of destination and country into the computer to figure out how much I have to pay. That has happened when I've divided the postcards I'm sending into two piles, and written the correct postage in the corner, and tells that "these are going to Europe and these are going to the rest of the world."... Having to tell "Each postcard does for sure weigh less that 20 grams, the postage is 17 NOK to every European country and 21 NOK outside Europe, so you can just list X 17 NOK stamps and Y 21 NOK stamps at the computer instead of doing one by one!" shouldn't be neccessary!
But of course, some of those who work the most with the mail in the stores has a quite good grasp of it. And some seems to be intersted in nice stamps as well!

Iside82, Italy

The main problem with Italian postal service is how hard is to find stamps. Until some years ago you could easily find them at tobacco shops, now if you do that its likely they will look at you like a they have seen a ghost.
Then of course you decide to go directly to the post office, and chances are that instead of giving you stamps they will glue on your postcard an horrible huge printed label. But maybe you are lucky enough and you find a post office with pretty philatelic stamps. They cost 0,95 euro (around 95% of the stamps issued have that value) and the rate to send a postcard in Europe is 1,00 euro, but you can just add a small 0,05 euro stamps, don't you? Well, no. Because such small stamps (and almost every other small stamps) are out of stocks in almost all the country.
If you are a tourist willing to send a postcard to a friend you would better give up, and this is a real real pity.

To this add that sending a card in Europe is a fair 1,00 euro rate, but when it comes to the rest of the world you jump to 2,20 and 2,90 euro for a single postcard.
And in many small town and especially in south and island Italy mail is not quick at all and sometimes it is delivered just once a week.

That said, I valued my own experience and voted "good". Because I live in a place where mail is delivered almost every workind day, I can go to a philatelic office where I can easily find all the stamps I need (except small ones, those are just a mirage) and, above all, my postwoman is a wonderful person, hard working and always kind and smiling, and she made my vote one point higher.

siobhan, Germany

I really don't have a lot to complain about regarding the German postal service. (Although the priority stickers I just ordered and that should have arrived today didn't - but it's a free service, so I'll happily give them another day.) Postage prices have only gone up moderately over the years that I am a postcrosser (9 1/2) - domestic postcard postage is actually still the same, 0.45 €. And international letters have even become cheaper - 0.90 € as opposed to 1.70 € back then.

Real post offices are closing here too, but they haven't completely disappeared yet. That is the one annoying thing - buying stamps offline can be a bit problematic, especially if you're interested in variety. But some postal counters in other shops are actually better at this than the real post offices, and I prefer buying stamps online anyway because shipping is free for orders over 20 € and I can pick and choose in my own time. Although I often think the alternative designs that you can see in the philately newsletter are nicer than the ones they chose for the stamps, I think we have quite a good variety of nice stamps. I'm counting the days until the astrophysics stamps come out in December!

Delivery is fast, mail rarely gets lost and damages don't occour regularly. I have not noticed mailboxes disappearing (of course it might happen in other places and I'm just lucky), although I don't know one that still gets emptied twice a day, which used to be normal. I know in some areas people claim they don't get mail on Mondays, even though the Post says they have not stopped Monday deliveries. I do get mail on Mondays, and my regular postman is one of the nicest guys in the world. There are always instances when things go wrong, but I have yet to find something in this world that is flawless.

ceoramalho, Brazil

I am Brazilian and I voted our postal service as poor, maybe I was too hard because some people from countries with worse postal services were less critical than me... what's bad in Brazil? We used to have several years ago one of best Postal Services on Earth, even better than some so called first world countries, but now the situation is not good, with low salaries to workers, constant strikes and services not as good as it used to be... anyway, contrary to some of our neighbors in Latin America, our postage is not expensive, so we can remain trying our hobby of exchanging postcards!

akaIronDragon, Canada

I'm from Canada and I rated our postal service as "Fair". The cost of postage in Canada is atrocious and the service received from Canada Post is very uneven. One postal outlet will say a certain package can be shipped a certain way (for example, with tracking); a different postal outlet will say it's not possible. Delivery times can be uneven even during off-peak season and sometimes, even for corporate customers, regular mail delivery sometimes doesn't happen at all without explanation or apology. Canada Post complains about declining volume, but in the same breath they punish everyone who still uses postal mail by jacking rates, taking away services, reducing delivery days, and things like that. How is it, I wonder, that other countries are able to provide better service than this without requiring the same kind of postal rates that Canada Post charges Canadians?

la_luna_pusa, Philippines

I am not surprised that the Taiwanese rate their national post offices high. Taipei's central post office is open up to 9 pm. The branch post offices are open from 8:30 to 5 pm. Everywhere I went in Taipei post offices were everywhere. The post office counter gives you stamps for your mail then ask you to drop the mail at the red mail box that says "Prompt Delivery" for international mail. I feel stamps and mail inTaipei are affordable.

Kyoto Central Post Office is amazing. I did not send mail there but it's large and worth a visit for its wide array of postcards, including Gotochi and Disney postcards. I have received postcards from Japan and feel impressed by its fast postal service. Delivery from Japan to Manila takes around one week - usually less than 14 days. No wonder the Japanese rate their postal service as excellent.

SuzyDoozy, New Zealand

Where can we find results for countries not on that list above?

JulieMary, Canada

It's funny because I moved from Venezuela to Canada over three years ago, and it's a HUGE difference. For me, Canada's postal service is great and works as it should, because I know what terribly crappy postal service is like.

Mosshumla, Sweden

Last year, I'd have voted "good" (or even "very good" for the postal service in Sweden. This year, I can't vote better than "fair". A postage increase of 60% for international post is just not acceptable (and next year they are going to increase the price again). Furthermore I now rarely receive post on mondays, and seldom more than 3 times a week, while last year I usually received post 4 or 5 days a week. So I'm not at all surprised that Sweden has so bad results.

hikaru5955, Korea (South)

I love Korea national postal service~!

even though postal service is running by government, they provide better service than private service. so some of online shopping mall provide delivery option for 'korea postal service' for delivery.

KPS loss customer's package less than 10 million per 1 case and regular mail loss rate is 1millon per 1 case (most of cases are thief)

you can fine a post office every 2 KM in the Seoul and 7 large cities and 1 post office in small towns,

Domestic delivery prices are.

regular postcard price is 0.25 USD / 3-5 delivery day
regular mail price starts from 0.3 USD / 3-5 delivery day
registration regular mail price starts from 1.9 USD / 3-4 delivery day
2 day registration express mail price starts from 2.3 USD / 2 delivery day
1 day registration express mail price starts from 3 USD/ 1 delivery day

2 day registration express package price starts from 3.0 USD / 2 delivery day. (home pick-up)

Oversea delivery prices are

regular postcard price 0.4 USD
regular mail price starts from 0.6 USD for Asia, 0,65 for (Europe and America)

I've never lost my letters and package yet~

For making better working condition for postal crews

government will hire more postal crews in a couple of years.

sreeram, India

I come from India, and I gave a rating of Good. I tend to be a little sympathetic to the lot of our postmen - not a lot of us generation use the services, they're paid very low salary and yet they keep providing the services with a smile. And the philately division in my city (Chennai) is quite helpful and knowledgeable. So no issues there. In terms of costs, I have to spend just ₹12 ($0.20) for the stamps on an international postcard! I should have no complaints seriously...

milda2709, South Africa

What about South- Africa? We are not even on your list.

karinoswald, Sweden

Once upon a time, Sweden was a happy post nation. There were post offices where you could buy stamps, send and collect parcels and do other business. The Swedes were encouraged to send mail to each other, and every household got coupons every year to allow them to buy stamps cheaper. Then something happened with the post offices. Suddenly you could buy CD:s. Books. All kind of things – but not stamps. For stamps, you had to go to the grocery store. And to send or collect parcels, you had to go to the gas station, or perhaps the local tobacco store. But still, the mail arrived as promised, most of the time.
Then something else happened. Sweden no longer wanted to be a small post nation. They thought that hey, if we join Denmark, we will be bigger and stronger and everything will be better! They didn't care about the fact that the Danish post didn't go so well. Or the fact that they split the new company PostNord 60-40 even though the Swedish post's economy stood for 67%. For some reason, they thougt it was a good idea to sell themselves cheap.
However, Denmark didn't stop sinking after this. Their results sunk like a rock. Then Sweden started to get a bit grumpy, and blamed the Swedes for not sending enough mail. Therefore they raised the postage. Again and again. And again. They started to sack loyal mail carriers and other mail staff, instead hiring very expensive economists who quit after a few months and got a huge check for quitting. The mail staff started to wear out and tried their own methods of coping with the pressure. They started hiding mail. Throwing whole bags with mail in the forest. Starting to skip delivery some days. Stopped trying to deliver parcels, sending a text message to a person who had been waiting by the window all day for that package, saying that they had tried to deliver but nobody was home. Throwing parcels carelessly into the post vans. Not securing the vans, leaving parcels and mail all over the highway.
The Swedes started to get tired of this. Demanding answers. The CEO apperared in newspapers and television, very superior, telling the Swedes that he disagreed with us, he thought that everything was perfectly fine, and that this talk of missing mail was just a myth. Said that ok, well, if you think that we should do better than good, we will.
Then there was the issue with the postage. In earlier days, there was a value printed on the stamps, and when the postage was raised, you could buy additional stamps with low value to cover that. Then they changed this into having stamps with no value printed on them, meaning that a stamp with the text ”brev” was valid no matter how old it was. To send a letter abroad took two of these stamps. One year ago, PostNord decided to raise the cost to send abroad, and said that it should be three stamps on a letter, thus increasing the cost with 50%. When the Swedish postcrossers asked why they had to raise the cost so much, they got the answer that it had to be easy to send mail. Three stamps was easy. To buy additional stamps like we did two decades ago was suddenly far too complicated for us.
Three months later they raised the cost for the stamp, meaning that it cost even more to send cards abroad. Yet again the argument was that we don't send enough mail.
The jokes about PostNord are both very sad and hilarious. The confidence is completely gone. Still, most mail do arrive, but the feeling that we can't be sure is something quite new for us and we don't like it one bit.

meiadeleite, Portugal

@SuzyDoozy @milda2709 If a country is not on the list, that's because less than 50 members voted on the poll. There needs to be a minimum sample size for us to be somewhat confident that the results are representative.

ColorfulCourtney, Germany

I rated German service "Excellent" because of the delivery speed and accuracy. I am one of those who normally gets no mail on Monday, unless there is an official letter or I am receiving a DHL packet (these are brought with our normal mail delivery). I also do not receive mail on the rare Saturdays when there is no advertising packet distributed. But despite that I am quite happy with the service.

If I were voting for the U.S. I would also have said excellent. In my opinion, mail pick-up is better than in Germany (it is picked up at your door or mailbox when the mail is dropped off), delivery times are worse, and the sorting machines in the U.S. are a bit more unfriendly to postcards.

SarcasticBird, Russia

about a situation with Russian postal service: I can only paraphrase famous Russian trash humor show

"we live in a wonderful country and all other countries envy us.

because we send postcards by surface mail, not only because it's 85 percent cheaper, but because the card will be obtained three times faster ( I whinnied when got to know this fact. And cried, 'cause it's nonsense. And whipped again...)

We are well-known to workers of Central Poslat Office, because only this post office provides on sale beautiful postage stamps, not the standard sticker with views of the Kremlin (I remember, one of my postcard recipient adddmited that my card was the first card with other stamp)

Our postcards need for eleven days to reach the recipient in the UK, and for two months - to the recipient from the suburbs of Moscow (and week or two for travelling, if a asender and a repicient live in one city)

We have on the official website of the Russian post hanging slogan "Post delivers" (in the slang a word "deliver" has the value "deliver emotion", not always positive), and unofficial national motto is "not all is lost"

It is in our post office you can buy a bedclothes, a screwdriver and a gum, to get access credit, but may not be sticker-stamps of needed nominal.

This is our Is our mail - the subject of a sad joke. But still it is ours. Russian Post"

But I voted for "fair": some years ago it was woкse

Purple-Hortensia, Belgium

I voted for Belgium that the postal service is good. I don't really have any complaints, but I think stamps are quite expensive.
What I like a lot is the fact that we can still use stamps with the old belgian francs. I often get compliments on the stamps I put on my cards. In my experience, cards to China travel the longest, followed by Russia. They also get lost the most.

carlafed, Italy

Italians tend to be overcritical on themselves and their country, but there is no doubt the postal service is somewhere very poor. I voted ‘fair’ although, because the postman who delivers my mail is very kind and efficient and also employees at the philatelic office (the only place where you can buy stamps) are competent and friendly.
However, a major problem about ‘Poste italiane’ is that now the public company acts as a bank and they are much more interested in keeping and lending money than in delivering letters and postcards. They are eager to dismiss the traditional post and to turn it in electronic mail as much as possible.
Philatelic offices are efficient because they are for the amateur and they sell stamps for collection more than for delivery. Stamps are expensive and times are long. Postcrosser’s life is not always easy and it is not uncommon they laugh at us when we are asking for stamps. I am not at all surprised at people voting poor.

Germanuccia, Italy

Stamps are unavailable in Italy and delivery service is slow

tusik, Switzerland

I voted good for Switzerland postal service.
Overall it's quite good and we can buy all the stamps online with free overnight delivery (very useful especially when you work).
However, I find it very sad that more and more post offices are closing down, especially in rural areas. I'm lucky I live in a big city and have a post office close to my house. But I have a friend living in a village and they closed all post offices accessible on foot, because they believe everyone there has a car (a very bizarre way of thinking, especially since everyone encourages us to stop using cars).
We don't have any more home deliveries of parcels (they may deliver them only if you have an interphone, but it's not always). So even if you are at home the day of the delivery you will not get your parcel directly. Officially, it is because the postman should not climb the stairs and waste their precious time, but I live on ground floor and they still don't want to come with big parcels.

And our post office also sells now everything (from electronics to books, DVDs and sweets). It has been a bank for a long time now and is actually very popular with population, since many people still pay their bills at the post.

But the prices I find them really high: 1.50 CHF (around 1.28 euro) for Europe and 1.90 CHF (1.62 euro) for international.
But they are still fast and reliable, so at least we have that.

Levin81, Russia

You will hardly find another country with so many jokes about post as Russia.

alexturner8, Ireland

I would love to know what Irish people voted.
I think our postal service is pretty good!

Demmi, Romania

:( Why Romanian postal office wasn't included in the poll?

Quitospaw, Germany

@demmi because less than 50 people seem to have voted! To make valid statistics you need enough opinions and only countries with 50+ votes are shown. :)

kawaiiWRX, United States of America

Japan being the best and Italy the worst does not surprise me at all. They are opposites when it comes to work ethics.

mounten, Italy

I must argee with Iside82. Italy has a poor postal system. I live in northern italy (South_Tyrol) my postoffice woman is very nice and orders stamps for me. My postwoman delivers every day my mail and takes my outgoing mail too. Stamps are very expensive €0,95 for Italy, €1,00 for Europe and €2,20 for USA Asia ecc. I voted good anyway.

Flippie, Canada

I'm very Happy with the service from Canada Post. I bring my cards to the office and buy there the stamps, I can do that without paying taxes. I like that because it safe me money. So Thank you for the GOOD Post service trough Canada Post. I'm happy to life here...

JennyB17, France

I voted good for the French postal service. They rarely lost something I sent, and people are usually very nice to me. The mail is also delivered rather quickly. However, stamps prices are getting higher and higher, and a lot of post offices closed, especially in small cities... I would also like to find more stamps in my post office, I have to order them on the Internet to find some variety!

saintursula, Germany

I used to live in Italy, and essentially everything about Poste Italiane is a disaster. It's expensive, things are hit and miss if they arrive, it's slow when things do make it to their destination. And let's not talk about having to actually go to the post office.

Quahtreenuh, Canada

I rated Canada "fair" because I have been to countries with worse postal systems. That being said, I've also been to several with far better and more reliable ones. The quality of postal service here depends entirely on where you live and who your local postal employees are - there's nothing "excellent" about that. The worst part of our mail services is that it's not uncommon for mail traveling within the same province or even city to take 2 weeks, despite advertised delivery times as 1-2 days same city, 3 days same province. Most cards from Germany get to me faster than any domestic mail; I would assume from this fact that the problems are on our intake end.

kojep, Indonesia

Im from Indonesia. And about the result, the average said fair and good, i agree about it.
Indonesian postal service issued many good stamps now, but that only can find in big city.
About delivery time, Indonesia is a big country and our travel time sure longer than another country.
The big problem here is about the price. Many post officer dont understand the price to send postcard . That make the cost very expensive and many people this is an expensive hobby and cant stay for a long time.
I hope in the next polling, will be better

tokyomusings, Japan

I voted excellent for Japan and after reading all the comments above, I know I voted correctly. Postcards are very cheap, 60 yen (about 53 American cents) domestically, 70 yen (62 cents) internationally which is very cheap for a system that has to keep track of a small piece of paper and carry it around the world. That is so very impressive. I feel like it should be more expensive.

Japan also sells lots of stamps at the post office but if you can't make it during post office hours, the convenience stores here all carry stamps so that you can ask for the denomination you want. The 70 yen stamp is a little bit more difficult to come but you do find them.

Also, there are lots of antique markets so I like going to the markets and buying old unused stamps. Lately I've been sending people postcards with stamps as old as 1964! I worried they might not make it through but recently the three cards that I sent and got lost were all from 2016 so that definitely wasn't the problem.

I do see that stamps to Russia and China get lost the most. Also they aren't very good at communication. I take pictures of all the postcards I send before sending them so if it gets lost I can still send an electric copy to the receiver but they can't understand what I'm trying to say.

Also to add, in Japan there is a huge tradition of sending postcards at New Years. It is a big business and it's almost rude if you don't send them. Now, here's the fun part. The post card stores all the cards and delivers all the post cards in one bundle at your door on January 1st. Isn't that amazing!? You can start sending out New Years cards in September and the post office will keep them till the new year and not lose a single one. So yes, Japan's postal system is fantastic.

Neshoba, United States of America

I am a US citizen but I do remember many years ago hearing that a postcard sent from Rome hardly ever gets to the person sent. So, I am not surprised to see a low rating for Italy, though I love the country and have been there several times.

aGnesTR, Switzerland

I'm surprised, ok, Italy is very slow, but 'till now I got every postcard from there. Russia is really slow, too, and you never know, if the card will arrive or not. No idea where they disappear LOL
That's why I think the statistic above is not representative. As you write, it is subjective.
I'm from Switzerland, the handling of postcards is great, the handling of parcels a disaster.

Ludek, Poland

The poll certainly doesn't say anything about the actual quality of postal services.
Postcards between POLAND and other countries with efficient postal services travel 2-3 days. Yet the Polish post ranks equal or worse than the services of Russia and China???

viole, Finland

I have wondered how the Czech post is effective -. sometimes the postcards from Finland go to the little town in Czech Republik only in 2-3 days - when the post of Finland has sometimes difficulties to deliver the inland post in the same time.
Finnish post office is nowadays a trash company - in my childhood the post was delivered twice in weekdays Mo.-Fri and Saturdays once. Now we get it 3 or 4 days a week, and it can take 3 or more days, maybe not come at all. They have lost mail, parcels - and now they will find always new fees and higher prices for everything which was early naturally included.

OngJingHeng1996, Malaysia

I am Malaysian but I have to admit that Japan has an excellent postal system.Postcards sending and receiving from there usually takes less than 10 days.

_samy_, India

Postbox has only same stamps
No cards
Closed for lunch and do not open even during working hours {(10-3) is the actual time but they work only from (10-12)
Postboxes rarely found

Chennai, tamil nadu, india

dictaudrey, Indonesia

Indonesian here, and I voted fair.

Lots of pretty stamps now; we even have postcrossing stamps. They used to use definitive stamps, but now they use national orchid stamps and national satellite stamps as their definitive stamps (the orchid stamps are pretty!).
Back then when I was new on Postcrossing, my postcards traveled for average 30 days, now it's faster!

The problems are, like @KoJep mentioned above, these pretty stamps are only on stock at post offices in big cities, but you can order it online on the philatelic website tho. Lots of post officers don't know the postage price to send postcard internationally. I experienced this twice; I was asked to put IDR7000 stamps for postcard to China (it should be IDR6000) and put IDR9000 stamps for postcards to Europe (it should be IDR7000). My case is better than lot of Indonesians I know (my friend is told by the officer that international postage is IDR8000 and she already sent about 15 postcards before I let her know the actual postage price). I even know the postage price better than the officers; the philatelic corner officer often asks me the postage price when I pay a visit and there are people who want to buy stamps for their postcards.

Some older postcrossers also told me that this postage price is way more expensive than the old one; luckily it doesn't change as fast as another countries' stories mentioned above... yet.

another problem I face is the domestic traveling postcards. There are times when postcards I sent internationally arrives faster than postcards I sent domestically. Once got postcard from fellow Indonesian that sent on July and arrived on September... And now another fellow Indonesian sent me postcard on World Post Day and I haven't received it yet...

I personally hope Indonesian Postal Service get better (and the postage price get cheaper LOL~)

siobhan, Germany

I have a question for the Italians here:
Can't you buy stamps online? It sounds as if it's a real challenge to find stamps in post offices or other shops, but doesn't Poste Italiane even have a sort of online shop? You'd think any postal service would have a philately department ...

ctim, Sweden

I voted poor for Sweden, for the reasons mentioned by "karinoswald" earlier in this thread. The postal situation here is very upsetting...=(

EdHunter, Russia

Who has voted for Good and Excellent in Russia? Are you serious?
And China - I need to stick address in Chineese always because Chineese postmans don't understand address in English! Is is excellent?

Tena4ka, Ukraine

Overdue postcards (( What to do ?!
UA-1592922 Janemex Czechia 15/Sep/2017 (expired) 62 days
UA-1592455 Kobussmith South Africa 13/Sep/2017 (expired) 64 days
UA-1592363 DariaKandakova Russia 13/Sep/2017 (expired) 64 days
UA-1591086 nithesh3 India 8/Sep/2017 (expired) 69 days
UA-1591011 marraskuu Finland 8/Sep/2017 (expired) 69 days
UA-1588108 ValeriaPliskach Russia 29/Aug/2017 (expired) 79 days
UA-1584500 IngwarBarnaby Russia 15/Aug/2017 (expired) 92 days
UA-1549890 sabinarachel Philippines 7/Apr/2017 (expired) 223 days

jelikweyh, Malaysia

I voted "good" for malaysian post office .

The cost of stamp to sent out the postcards worldwide is 50cents ( usd0.12 ; i hope the price won't change since other countries experience that ) . I usually put the limited edition stamp collection on every postcards that i sent out ( and the cost is more than 50cents usually , you are lucky if you got it ! ) .

i admit that the "red box" on the street has been decreased slightly , maybe the malaysian believe that using the mailbox at the post office is more safety than at the street .

from day-to-day , the number of post office has been increased especially in the city . it is because the national post office has been set up in the shopping malls ( again , especially in the city or new city ) . the ecommerce also contribute to the need of the post office because they sell the suitable envelope or box for the packaging at the reasonable price .

the national post always come out with the new design for limited edition stamps .

i always saw the vacancy for the postman in every media . i don't know their turnover rate , but it seems like the retail and F&B line in here which is high . you don't offer walk-in interview frequently if the turnover rate is low , right ?

the malaysian post office also provide bill payment service , renew driving license , renew the road tax , selling the mobile prepaid , provide pawn or gold transaction , currency exchange and investment for national scheme

there's one thing i personally unsatisfied ; stamp system . for international postage especially for letters or greetings cards , it's have their own stamp which stated "international" . i don't like the design of the stamps . i'd rather use limited edition stamp compared to "international" label stamp .

the expired postcard ( did not reach the receiver ) that i always get is russia .

It's nice to read all the discussion in here =)

NINAkim, Korea (South)

I'm from Korea (South) and voted "excellent". Service is good and delivery cost is cheap(standard postcard to overseas USD 0.39 = EUR 0.33). I can easily find a post office and most of officers are kind and efficient.

Just two things I would like to request to Korean Postal service are selling a variety of postcards at the post office like Japan and issuing more various size and design of stamps.

janetvande, United States of America

Most of my permanently lost cards were headed for Russia and China, but there was a single one for Italy that never made it, either. And Canada's post is so slow, it seems. I live on the border and I can send something (which I do for work sometimes) to SW Ontario, a few miles away, and it takes three weeks. I send cards to Germany and they are there in 5 days!

ExistenceOverEssence, Russia

I thought maybe it's also cultural differences in a way postcrossers from different countries describe their experiences? I'm not saying it played the main role and that the results were biased, but I think it could play some role in a way people describe their experiences. Like East Asian people are said to be generally grateful for everything and that it's in their culture, British people are said that they overvaluate everything because of modesty, Russians are said that they (we) tolerate too much stuff, Italians are said to be more genuine etc.
As a Russian, I have to say that Russian post used to be worse than it is now in my experience. Maybe it's progressing slowly, who knows. It's still too far from postal services of other countries and it takes way longer time for cards to be delivered to Russia or sent from Russia. They disappear quite often as well. To be fair, I have to say our postal workers have very, very bad salaries so I would rather wish they had higher salaries first.

Icemom, United States of America

As a disabled person, I'm really happy that I rarely have to go to the post office. I'm able to order stamps and mail most packages right from my home. I did receive an unclaimed envelope back in the mail from China...and most of the stamps had been peeled off the plastic mailer! That surprised me.

saintursula, Germany

siobhan, You can buy stamps online in Italy. I did it a couple of times - the shipping charge is VERY high, and it took 6 weeks or so to get the order from Rome each time.

bryn31, Netherlands

I voted excellent for the Netherlands, but I did not take into consideration the prices of our stamps. So expensive! ): And they keep getting more expensive every year too. +8 cents at the beginning of 2017 and January 2018 they will be +7 cents more.

SophietheValiant, Kazakhstan

Hello to neighbours from Russia!

I just really wish that Russian Post will be more or less working in the future. The delivery to Moscow can be way better, I am pretty sure of that. But alas, I had lots of postcards expired that were sent to Russia in the years of using postcrossing project. :(

Also I would like to say that Kazakhstani post is kind of okay but overall, it definitely needs to be more productive and also not to "eat" mail. Let's hope it will be better.

SophietheValiant, Kazakhstan

Also, Germany is doing amazing!! I had sent and received mail from postcrossers over there in a really good quality and in a short period of time. Danke, German Postal Service, danke!

itsaliveitsalive2, United States of America

US service is decent. Mailing costs are high and some mailmen and postal clerks don't take their job seriously. Domestically shipping times are great; usually under 2 days, and I've never had anything get lost. I think we have good service.

Overseas though, whoa. Russia and China have the worst times/amount of lost items from my experience. Poland was one of the best in Europe for me, so I'm surprised. Usually less than 5 days each way.

Matt59, Germany

I know I am complaining on a high level, but...I have to assess German Postal Services as a Postcrosser, and for me, referring to overall performance in my town, the result is only "fair". Due to unsufficient personnel, mail sometimes is not delivered for several days (no mail on 3 of 4 days this week !).
About 5 % of my sent postcards expire, I do not know where they get lost.

On the other hand, the postage for a card is comparably low (90 c) and I get a wide variety of beautiful stamps. Stamps are delivered by the online shop within 1 -2 days and above a sum of 20 € shipping is free. I do not buy stamps in a post office.

Merle13, Germany

Interesting poll! I voted for "excellent" in Germany since we really have a good postal system, though the stamp prices were increased several times, but it's 0,90 euros for one postcard to any international country. Some years ago, it has been 1,70 Euros to Canada, for example.

I'd love to read something about the Postcrossing algorithm - when does it choose a new ID for me, how many IDs are given in a minute or which criteria is there?

paradonym, Germany

I voted "good" for Germany... What's missing for "excellent" are things like international reply coupons and the whole currently available stamp range purchaseable in every post office and things like "Exprès" - or "priority plus" for international express letters in every post office.
It's not bad, I can for example purchase the stamps in the internet and let the postman bring them to my postbox - but it would be nice to have it in the offices, not only online like the int. reply coupon. And additionally, bring back the old postbox stations, more of them, even when we have to pay for them.

Over the last 5 years we had a huge price increase - so intl. letters jumped from 0.7€ to 0.9€ and national letters from 0.55€ to 0.7€ - but compared with other countries (hint: France) even that is low...

Package delivery gets better due to the ever rising amount of packages. We have 24/7 stations for receiving and sending packages and so on...

riledup, United States of America

I'm from the US, and I voted good but not excellent because the cards usually make it, little damage, etc, and I think even though our prices are a bit high they're nowhere near as high as Europe - but there are plenty of times that boxes do not get emptied regularly (I mail my cards at the post office or in the box at work which has someone come to us each day to pick them up) - and whenever our regular postman is on vacation? I never get mail because it is always misdelivered. So I couldn't go with excellent.

I found it interesting to look at the other countries though. For instance I know when I send cards to one country, it can take 45 or more days to arrive. I could mail 7 cards in 7 days to and they will all arrive on the same day which just seems odd to me I remember thinking "Do they just get one giant boatload that they deliver all at once, haha" So it's interesting to see how these other countries view their mail service too.

smartita, Spain

I voted "fair" for China. Stamps are not expensive (4.5 RMB or 0.68 USD for international postcards, 0.8 RMB or 0.12 USD for national). This past month I have also noticed postcards arrived noticeably faster, both the ones I sent and the ones I received, but it might have been a coincidence. In the district I live in there are not many post offices, and the one closer to home always says they don't have stamps!! How can that be? However other offices are ok and have stamps. I live in a big city and delivery is ok, but if the sender wrote the address in English, someone in the post office writes the Chinese characters on top for the mailman to deliver it. Many people in China can't speak English at all...

jasminepostcrossing, Singapore

Why is Singapore not in the list? I will vote excellent for my country cos it only cost USD0.44 to send a postcard to anywhere in the world via airmail. I also receive parcels and postcards really quickly unless it was sent out from a country that has very poor ratings (*cough* Italy).

echan_mchan, Japan

I evaluated Japan's post office as excellent.
However, I received the postcard was damaged.
It is unknown which country it was damaged.
The postcard was accompanied by a note of apology for being damaged.
I would like to say to everyone in the post office staff around the world.
Please treat our letter with responsibility carefully!
Aim for superiority!

Mysticvean, Ireland

Looking at the various comments here from different countries, the cost of stamps here is quite expensive in comparison.
€1.35 for international, including postcards, and €1 for domestic.

Padus, Italy

Hi everyone, I read many posts and found it an Interesting topic.I premise that I did not vote for this inquiry because I think there was not a category suitable for the Italian postal system. I do not think our system is bad, mail arrives and especially for fun use does not have big problems. It is certainly not fair, the problems mentioned by the Italians who preceded me are largely real. The system is unpredictable and irregular: a letter sent to the same city can employ one day (I happened!) or more than a month, you can go to the main office of a provincial capital and not be able to buy stamps of a rate because there are no stamps, or find commemorative stamps in the post of a small community. It varies greatly from place to place and how the leadership directives apply.
But I found it interesting in the inquiry that many refer to excessive cost of tariffs or excessive delay I think without probably knowing what is happening in other countries. It would be nice to have a data sheet with the main shipping rates for a postcard or envelope of the various nations (national – foreign), the average salary of a worker (to estimate the incidence), the Postcrossing average received and sent in several years of activity (considering that 2 days are lost between sending and receiving).
This would allow a real cross comparison between postal services in the recent time.

chillybin, United States of America

In October 2016 we visited Greece and Italy. Upon arrival in Italy I found we had a leftover booklet of Greek stamps, and knowing how poor the Italian post is, I took a chance and used the Greek stamps on my stack of Italian postcards. The alternative was to just throw away the Greek stamps. All postcards were mailed from a beaten up old red collection box in Rome that looked like it had been though a war. I was shocked to find that most of the cards actually arrived in the USA, although some took more than two months. Apparently the Italian Post doesn't even look at the stamps!

TatianaFromSiberia, Russia

In Russia the postal service is in terrible condition due to lack of funding. There were 2 post offices in my town, one of them was shut down and as a result we have mile-long queues at the active post office. Not long ago I went to there to buy some stamps and envelopes. I had to survive a two hour queue.

VikkiR, Belarus

I'm really satisfied with our postal service in Belarus, that's better than it could be :) Thanks, guys

kallini2042, Canada

I rated Canada Post as fair, but I did not think about rates as part of the service. To me, it's simply expensive = 2.50 CAD + 13% Tax plus the cost of the postcard itself. My average cost per card is 3.43 CAD - multiply by 100 and what I could buy with that money? But as far as my personal experience with Canada Post - it's always good and the workers at the postal office are the nicest people. You know, Canadians.

The most challenging part of the postcrossing for me is where to buy postcards.

ilzeb, South Africa

Pity there weren't any comments from South Africans. To my mind the SAPO is so poor it's ruining this special hobby called Postcrossing

MerlinM, Germany

I voted "good" for Germany because only recently the German Post decided not to deliver post every day. In fact some friends of mine now only receive post three days a week. And this happens even in some parts of Berlin. This is an unacceptable step by the German Post. Another thing is the closing of so many post offices and the reduced service of many still existing offices.

wastedlimes, Thailand

THIS was an awesome poll!! Honestly, I'm not surprised to see Japan at #1 in postal service <3

Worlds_Away, Portugal

Postcrossers from Russia and China, PLEASE put your addresses in your language, it will be easy to read for postmen of your countries...
Thank you all for participating in this poll. A happy mailbox to everyone!

moonlightlaura, United States of America

Russia and China are my biggest problems when it comes to sending out cards to them. Most of the time they never make it, which it turns into an expired card. Stamps are expensive enough and not having something reach it’s destination is a waste of cards and stamps in my opinion. I know this is a random site, but if I could choose which countries not to send to, it would be those 2.

depechman, Russia

There're so predictable results about Russia... I voted "fair" because postcards at least REACH the recipient :)
I understand the postcrossers which tell they would rather not to send postcards to Russia and China because of their awful post services, but it sounds offensively. It's not our fault.
Let's share postcards despite all this technical troubles! :)

Iside82, Italy

@siobhan Yes, we can buy stamps online in Italy. It's not cheap (there are about 7 euro of sending costs) and not really fast (up to 15-20 days until you get your stamps), but it works.

Sheshells, South Africa

Where is South Africa? I voted (poor). My local P/O is great, but on national level it's hit and miss. Stamps are expensive and every time I sent one off I hope that the postcard will reach its destination instead of disappearing.

alison41, South Africa

The South African Post Office is terrible. Slow, inefficient and expensive.

MagicLantern, Germany

I think in Germany we can't really complain about anything. The prices are still reasonable and we have quite a variety of stamps. It's a bit sad though that the Post just shut down their Philately online shop, where you could buy even single stamps. Now there is just the regular online shop where you have to order at least a bulk of 10 of each stamp.
And buying single stamps at the counter drives the other customers crazy because it takes so long. I remember situations where an angry mob had formed behind me while I was picking stamps for like 15 minutes 😏

wahyupriagung, Indonesia

I am glad Pos Indonesia doing good job, well... not too good for now, but it's getting better than years before...

BYL, United Kingdom

I voted fair for China Post.
I believe whether the postal service is good or bad largely depends on where you live in this country. Some postcrossing members from smaller cities complained on local forums saying many of their postcards get lost. As most postcards cannot be tracked, it is hard to make formal complains to the regulator.
The cost for sending postcard abroad is quite low here. It costs only 4.50 CNY, which is less than 0.70 USD. But on the other hand, the China Post processes mails in a much slower way. I checked the average days it takes to send postcards from China, HK, Taiwan to Russia and Germany, using data of the most active members. It usually takes 10 more days for a postcard to travel to its destination if it was sent from China comparing with the other two nearby territories.

BlacksburgLibrary, United States of America

I think it's interesting how many post offices around the world sell everything else and postal services. Some places here like grocery stores and pharmacies sell stamps, but only the first-class 1oz "forever" stamp, and only the American flag shape.

la_luna_pusa, Philippines

I vote fair for Philippine Central Post Office services.

SENDING postcards: Domestic mail takes between 1-2 weeks -- pretty slow considering that the postcards I have sent to Japan take around two weeks. Sending postcards to Europe and America takes at least 3 weeks to one month. Central Post Office can have long lines on late mornings. Sometimes they run out of lower denomination stamps too (like the one peso and three peso stamps). I tell myself, "At least the postcards are sent successfully 90 percent of the time." And at least I can buy the special stamps there.

Branch post office near my house sells very few varieties of stamps, which run out very quickly, especially during Christmas season, when many Filipinos send Christmas cards overseas.

RECEIVING postcards: I don't like it that much when I receive postcards with purple smudge or stamp marks in FRONT. Delivery is erratic. I usually receive a bunch of postcards once a week (if any). I get the impression the postman sometimes bundle up the postcards together before sending them to my mailbox in one go. So I register 4-5 postcards on one day, which takes up some time. I would have preferred one postcard a day or every few days, but I think this set-up is impossible in Manila.

I like Hong Kong postal service much better. The Causeway Bay branch has a stamp vending machine where I can insert change to buy stamps. I affix the stamp on the postcard and drop them at the correct slots: "Air" for international mail and "Local / Surface" mail. Instructions are printed in English and Chinese so no worries for foreigners. Stamp booklets can be bought at 7-11, Circle K, and Vango convenience stores.

Lines at the branch post office can get long, but the staff are professional and quick, so I didn't have to wait long for my mail to be processed.

carolinabergese, Argentina

In the case of Argentina, it is also complicated! It is quite expensive for an average salary and sometimes they do not arrive. Also it has happened to me that they arrive if some stamp.
And since I live in a small town, the mailman sometimes does not give them to me immediately, but hopes to have several to bring to my house. Obvious that for the people I am the "girl of the postcards" and luckily, being a small branch they still have the traditional stamps, since in the big ones they use standard stickers that are not very nice.

kathiemt, Australia

I didn't know about the poll but Australia is poor to fair, I guess. Postage rates are high - higher than I've seen on the stamps of postcards that I receive. Service is shocking in some post offices. Delivery sucks - or did till I complained multiple times over a 2 year period. We now have a lovely postie who does the right thing by us. But parcel deliveries by contractors can still be troublesome.

Eels, China

I forgot which I voted for China,probably ‘fair’ in my opinion,too many feelings about China postal serive...

Postage for postcard is acceptable,5 RMB or 0.77 USD for international, 0.8 RMB or 0.12 USD for national, the postage for international postcard increased in 3rd Jan this year,but postage for parcles/letters increased a lot!
Post offices can be found easily here in Shanghai,but you can’t buy commemorative stamps there,only definitive stamps are sold in post office.

My postcards average travel to many countries take over 30 days mostly even if I live in a big port city,which should be a advantage compared with many other cities in China. And mail between China and Russia is totally a mystery,sometimes it takes less than 30 days,and most times it takes over 3 months...

My mailman is great as he delivers mails as long as I have mails,I had some bad experience of deferred delivery,but I don’t think it’s the mailman’s fault,I got over 60 postcards/letters at a time in 2016,I don’t believe they all arrive during that time.English is not our mother language,so Yes some postman didn’t know English,but all the addresses in English of international mails will be translated into Chinese before their delivery,it takes time as well,after that it’s easy for postman to deliver the mails,so maybe the problem happened in the translation bureaus,but who knows?sometimes postcards and parcels got lost,and you don’t know where to complain as they can’t be tracked.

My postcards’ expired rate is around 3% for last year,that’s already better than before, I can only send 400+ postcards a year while a friend in Taiwan can send about 800 postcards a year,that may presumably explain the efficiency of China post.

Postcrossers in China should leave their address both in English and Chinese for those who can print address,postcard with Chinese address definitely travels faster!

Darcey1, South Africa


epeterson0306, United States of America

I use the postal service all the time, and I would have to say it can be pretty slow at times, but for the most part, it is pretty good in general.
--Ellie Blumenbach


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