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Facella, Austria


(or Miriam) is a member in Austria . She has been a member for over 1 year (619 days).
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  • Distance sent: 450,476 miles
  • Last seen: about 4 hours ago
  • Languages: English, German, a little bit of French and Spanish
  • Birthday: 17th August
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Lat: 48.21, Lon: 16.37 | Google Maps

About Miriam...

My name is Miriam, I live in Vienna and work as a bookseller. I love reading (mostly fantasy, sci-fi and gay romance) and playing video games (very casual gamer). My favourite author is Brandon Sanderson. He's amazing. I love watching Game of Thrones. I'm also a huge fan of Yuri on Ice. Recently, I rediscoverd my love for board games. I've been playing a few different games with my best friend and it's so much fun. If you have a game or book recommendation for me, I'm all ears!

Here are a few things I like on postcards:
* Fantasy creatures/anything to do with magic/SciFi (elves, fairies, dragons, steampunk etc. - just no angels, please)
* Books
* Anything that represents/is typical for your city/town/village/area/country - Singleview generally preferred!
* Motorcycles
* Funny cards
* Animals (especially ones that are native in your country, reptiles or cats)
* Vintage/retro/old cards
* Janis Joplin
* Manga/Anime
* Anything related to LGBT themes (homoerotic art, rainbow flag, etc. - would also love stamps on this topic!)
* Greetings from... (Postallove or good "fakes") (Already have: Belgium, Sweden, Turkey)
* If you're from southeast Asia, I would also love something with traditional art from your country!
* You can of course also let yourself be inspired by my favourites - just make sure I haven't already received the card, please!

And a few things I'm not so fond of:
* Insects (phobia!)
* Children
* Graphik Werkstatt
* A mostly pink card (really dislike the colour)

Please put the date on your card!
I love long messages! Please tell me more than just "Happy Postcrossing" or "Greetings from..." Tell me about yourself, the card, the place where you live... You could also tell me the word for "book" in your language. Or look at the monthly writing prompts (You can find them here:
Thank you!

Having said all that, I'll be happy about any card I receive.

Happy Postcrossing! :)

P.S.: Ecrive-moi en Francais! Escribame en Espanol! Feel free to write me in Dutch. I don't speak it myself, but a good friend is proficient and is always disappointed when I get a card from the Netherlands and it's written in English (she hates that language ^^). She'll translate for me. :)

200th card sent: (my 1st time using travel mode)
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