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Sun_rabbit, Belarus


(or Ольга) is a member in Belarus . She has been a member for over 2 years (812 days).
475 sent 480 received

  • Distance sent: 937,420 miles
  • Last seen: about 4 hours ago
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  • Languages: English, Русский, Белорусский, Украинский языки
  • Birthday: 25th January 1986 (32 years old)
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Lat: 53.90, Lon: 27.57 | Google Maps

About Ольга...

Hi, my name is Olga

I like traveling and learn interesting facts, so the cards I like are near these themes

If I have 0-2 cards from your country, please send smth typical of your place.
Please don´t send me an unwritten card

PLEASE NOTE that i don't add received cards into favorites, only those that I want to have.
I will be happy to receive any card you like, but I can give you some ideas:
I like
ツ typical touristic views\landscapes\ocean\towns\aerial (single view)
ツ elephants, frogs (usual and funny)
ツ purple/violet cards (my favorite color), bright cards, unique images
ツ Maxicards
ツ classic art
ツ handmade postcards (not just 2 sheets of paper glued together)
ツ historical
ツ smth unusual, but nice
ツ 3D
ツ Postallove 'Greetings from..'
I have only 14 from AU,BY,CZ,DK,FI(special edition), JP,DE,EE,IE,LU,PL,RU,SW and GB
ツ Salvador Dali (and his works)
ツ smth typical for your country\flags\interesting maps and collages about your country/city/place
ツ cards with unusual shape, wooden and other materials
ツ Gotochi cards. I have 1 awesome from Indonesia and 2 cool AICHI cards from Japan
ツ Greetings from US states/US facts
ツ Virpi Pekkala
ツ Space
ツ Aquarius
ツ Fun facts, for ex.
ツ US State fun facts
I have Arkansas, Louisiana, S. Dakota
ツ Postallove Continents
I have Africa, Europe and Asia

I don't like:
☹ war/military/police/weapon theme
☹ cats cards (photos)
☹ low-quality print/smth depressive or ugly/inexpressive colors
☹ standard flowers

or just have a look at my favorites for ideas)

If you don't know what to write, here's a tip for you:
◊ random fact about your country/place - It is really simple for you and very interesting for me

also, you can draw smth, don't afraid) If you draw an elephant or frog - that would be great!

Please write the date on your card and your city/town/village

I like stamps! Please use them) I 'd like to have Happy Postcrossing stamps

I like magnets and all the refrigerator door is already in them)
My friend and I are numismatists, so I would be eternally grateful if you could send me coins and banknotes of no particular value from your country - especially old ones. If you leave your address I promise to send a thank-you card or smth else in return!

Thank you for reading all this above and I hope that this text will be helpful for you

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