is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 18,037,646 habitants. The capital of Kazakhstan is Astana.
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1. oxi, Kazakhstan oxi
2,037 postcards sent
2. Bjornogfox, Kazakhstan Bjornogfox
1,122 postcards sent
3. Scanny, Kazakhstan Scanny
1,065 postcards sent
4. Yelena_Beloussova, Kazakhstan Yelena_Beloussova
895 postcards sent
5. Lyubov, Kazakhstan Lyubov
748 postcards sent
6. -hide-, Kazakhstan -hide-
694 postcards sent
7. obond01, Kazakhstan obond01
681 postcards sent
8. orlenika, Kazakhstan orlenika
594 postcards sent
9. Sasha786, Kazakhstan Sasha786
585 postcards sent
10. jazz_maestro, Kazakhstan jazz_maestro
579 postcards sent

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