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is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 17,794,397 habitants. The capital of Kazakhstan is Astana.
Members: 674 (Browse all)
Sent: 30,806 postcards
Received: 30,666 postcards
Ranking: 54th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Kazakhstan

Most active members

1. oxi, Kazakhstan oxi
1,768 postcards sent
2. Bjornogfox, Kazakhstan Bjornogfox
1,016 postcards sent
3. Scanny, Kazakhstan Scanny
907 postcards sent
4. Lyubov, Kazakhstan Lyubov
724 postcards sent
5. Yelena_Beloussova, Kazakhstan Yelena_Beloussova
711 postcards sent
6. -hide-, Kazakhstan -hide-
592 postcards sent
7. Sasha786, Kazakhstan Sasha786
585 postcards sent
8. obond01, Kazakhstan obond01
548 postcards sent
9. Alek-sandra, Kazakhstan Alek-sandra
544 postcards sent
10. jazz_maestro, Kazakhstan jazz_maestro
542 postcards sent

Random members

Zoya_almaty, Kazakhstan NiyaG, Kazakhstan SindeevaLiza, Kazakhstan MrsRedHead, Kazakhstan Vasilissa610, Kazakhstan Kristin_ka27, Kazakhstan Bjornogfox, Kazakhstan Assem, Kazakhstan nina_chip, Kazakhstan curlytown, Kazakhstan Daneek, Kazakhstan kzswap, Kazakhstan Irishka_kp, Kazakhstan Yelena_Beloussova, Kazakhstan Elfina75, Kazakhstan LarissaTash, Kazakhstan LarsFT, Kazakhstan Lyubov, Kazakhstan Kseniya2203, Kazakhstan Trot, Kazakhstan HelviArden, Kazakhstan IrinkaLdinka, Kazakhstan Glashik, Kazakhstan oxi, Kazakhstan sayakz, Kazakhstan obond01, Kazakhstan Talamaska, Kazakhstan jazz_maestro, Kazakhstan antafagasta, Kazakhstan NatVicSok, Kazakhstan CardFromKazakhstan, Kazakhstan lilyun, Kazakhstan Annyshka_15, Kazakhstan orlenika, Kazakhstan Aja245, Kazakhstan NikitaSan, Kazakhstan
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