is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 18,276,499 habitants. The capital of Kazakhstan is Nur-Sultan.
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1. Oxi, Kazakhstan Oxi
2,819 postcards sent
2. Scanny, Kazakhstan Scanny
1,636 postcards sent
3. Yelena_Beloussova, Kazakhstan Yelena_Beloussova
1,500 postcards sent
4. Bjornogfox, Kazakhstan Bjornogfox
1,391 postcards sent
5. obond01, Kazakhstan obond01
1,053 postcards sent
6. orlenika, Kazakhstan orlenika
895 postcards sent
7. Lyubov, Kazakhstan Lyubov
770 postcards sent
8. -hide-, Kazakhstan -hide-
769 postcards sent
9. Emilia_4, Kazakhstan Emilia_4
694 postcards sent
10. jazz_maestro, Kazakhstan Postcrossing Supporter jazz_maestro
691 postcards sent

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