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is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 17,797,032 habitants. The capital of Kazakhstan is Astana.
Members: 657 (Browse all)
Sent: 27,198 postcards
Received: 27,129 postcards
Ranking: 54th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Kazakhstan

Most active members

1. oxi, Kazakhstan oxi
1,481 postcards sent
2. Bjornogfox, Kazakhstan Bjornogfox
849 postcards sent
3. Scanny, Kazakhstan Scanny
755 postcards sent
4. Lyubov, Kazakhstan Lyubov
701 postcards sent
5. Sasha786, Kazakhstan Sasha786
585 postcards sent
6. Alek-sandra, Kazakhstan Alek-sandra
544 postcards sent
7. Yelena_Beloussova, Kazakhstan Yelena_Beloussova
533 postcards sent
8. -hide-, Kazakhstan -hide-
494 postcards sent
9. Gale, Kazakhstan Gale
460 postcards sent
10. jazz_maestro, Kazakhstan jazz_maestro
441 postcards sent

Random members

Yark_Tel, Kazakhstan cute-penguin, Kazakhstan sanity65, Kazakhstan AireArdaturiel, Kazakhstan LarsFT, Kazakhstan Janna_tai, Kazakhstan Caterpillar-KZ, Kazakhstan orlenika, Kazakhstan obond01, Kazakhstan Alexsmel, Kazakhstan MrsRedHead, Kazakhstan CardFromKazakhstan, Kazakhstan ShtedingLada, Kazakhstan jazz_maestro, Kazakhstan Adil, Kazakhstan sanch0us, Kazakhstan Yelena_Beloussova, Kazakhstan TomDotCom, Kazakhstan Alexandrapokerstar, Kazakhstan the_po4, Kazakhstan IrinkaLdinka, Kazakhstan Bjornogfox, Kazakhstan AkiSofya, Kazakhstan K_Mary, Kazakhstan Talamaska, Kazakhstan Sun_wind, Kazakhstan Amirbekuly, Kazakhstan -hide-, Kazakhstan obond, Kazakhstan Aja245, Kazakhstan fedoralena, Kazakhstan noua_tuomi, Kazakhstan curlytown, Kazakhstan Matreshka1209, Kazakhstan oxi, Kazakhstan 01KZ, Kazakhstan
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