is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 18,272,430 habitants. The capital of Kazakhstan is Nur-Sultan.
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1. oxi, Kazakhstan oxi
2,610 postcards sent
2. Scanny, Kazakhstan Scanny
1,484 postcards sent
3. Bjornogfox, Kazakhstan Bjornogfox
1,389 postcards sent
4. Yelena_Beloussova, Kazakhstan Yelena_Beloussova
1,335 postcards sent
5. obond01, Kazakhstan obond01
939 postcards sent
6. orlenika, Kazakhstan orlenika
817 postcards sent
7. Lyubov, Kazakhstan Lyubov
770 postcards sent
8. -hide-, Kazakhstan -hide-
743 postcards sent
9. Emilia_4, Kazakhstan Emilia_4
679 postcards sent
10. jazz_maestro, Kazakhstan Postcrossing Supporter jazz_maestro
641 postcards sent

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Kerry_bay, Kazakhstan AlexanderKuzmin, Kazakhstan kzswap, Kazakhstan ElaBe, Kazakhstan Alissa_Linnik, Kazakhstan yasjulia9, Kazakhstan Assem, Kazakhstan taiska751, Kazakhstan Emilia_4, Kazakhstan Kristin_ka27, Kazakhstan OlesyaF, Kazakhstan vish_xeniya, Kazakhstan Lenka0603, Kazakhstan jazz_maestro, Kazakhstan Appolinaria14, Kazakhstan oxi, Kazakhstan EGGO, Kazakhstan Yelena_Beloussova, Kazakhstan Irishka_kp, Kazakhstan Scanny, Kazakhstan kakim_gu, Kazakhstan Vladimir_N7, Kazakhstan orlenika, Kazakhstan Alina_Il, Kazakhstan FOLENVEIDER, Kazakhstan Xenia, Kazakhstan Trot, Kazakhstan reginakz, Kazakhstan girichevroman, Kazakhstan Vikiria, Kazakhstan Zoya_almaty, Kazakhstan flora57, Kazakhstan silpanilag, Kazakhstan Aizhanazavr, Kazakhstan nucipersica, Kazakhstan Glashik, Kazakhstan
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