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About Courtney...

***Please Note*** My account is set to inactive pending travel. If you have a card coming to me, please do not worry! I will be registering cards up until I leave and immediately upon my return.

I live in a small town with a great guy and 3 wonderful cats.When not writing postcards, I volunteer as our town's librarian. I also shoot archery (I am not good, but I like it). I like going to flea markets and looking for very old postcards (from the 1950s or earlier). I dabble a bit in art. But mostly I appreciate the creativity of other people.

I love:
❤ snow, rain, clouds, and the feeling of thunder in the air.
❤ all things industrial: factories, freight harbors, train yards, etc. I like industrial ruins, too.
❤ learning about where other people live or have traveled.
❤ travel by bus, ship, train, hanging railway, cable car, zeppelin or any public transit
I also love cats, bright colors, and glitter.

Are you sending me a postcard? I like ❤❤self-made (inclulding colored-in coloring cards)❤❤ and store-bought, old or new, and I do not mind duplicates. In other words, if you like the card, I probably will, too. If you want ideas, anything related to my interests would be great! I also appreciate cards in unusual shapes / sizes (or made from something other than paper).

The more on the back, the better! Need an idea? Tell me about your breakfast or about something that makes you smile. Not a writer? Not a problem! Stamps, decorations and drawings are also great.

My selfish requests...
1. If you like to draw, ❤could you draw me a cat?❤
2. If (and ONLY if...stamped and written is fine!) it does not cost more and is convenient for you, could you send the postcard written but in an envelope so it does not get damaged? A children's bookmark to give to our young readers (or something random like a teabag or old bus ticket or whatever for me :D ) would also be appreciated!

Thank you, I look forward to your card!

P.S. If you would like to know a little more about me, check out my "Postcrossing Spotlight" interview here:

P.P.S. My avatar cat is yawning. No cats were harmed or aggravated in the taking of this picture.

P.P.P.S: If I delete your scan I will upload a new one. It may take a day or two, please do not worry.

And one last note: I believe postcrossers should fully support our postal system. Please use correct postage. American (U.S.) postcrossers - you must use the international rate (not a "Postcard" or domestic letter rate) to send a postcard to Germany.

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