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ceoramalho, Brazil


(or Carlos) is a member in Brazil . He has been a member for over 7 years (2,857 days).
2,178 sent 2,193 received

  • Distance sent: 15,630,488 miles
  • Last seen: about 8 hours ago
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  • Languages: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. I can read some Italian
  • Birthday: 12th May
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  • Carlos is a Postcrossing Supporter
  • 10th on most postcards sent from Brazil
  • 10th on longest distance sent from Brazil
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About Carlos...

Hi! I am Carlos, a 36-year-old teacher, from Guaraci, a little town in South-Eastern Brazilian countryside. I'm a teacher of Portuguese and French languages and I love everything linked to arts... I'm a book lover!
I love traveling and besides several places in Brazil I've been to Paraguay, France, Switzerland, Austria, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Peru! I still have many countries I would love to visit, including Iceland, Mexico, Israel, Spain, Italy, South Africa, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Czech Republic, Portugal, Poland, Albania, USA and so on...

Some suggestions to send me:

- Famous landscape of your country (Or a country you visited)
- Paris/Prague/Barcelona/NYC/San Francisco/Sapporo/Perth/Capetown/Verona/ Iowa state
- Books
- Flowers/Cactus/Mushrooms
- Paintings (specially Hopper, Dalí, Frida and Botero)
- Classical movies
- Children's book illustrations (and in particular illustrations of fables and fairy tales)
- Windows / Doors / Clocks
- Storms / Tornadoes
- Royal families
- Dogs / Ladybugs / Owls / Butterflies
- Farmhouses / Windmills / Scarecrows
- Matrioshka's
- Anything linked to France
- Beautiful roads
- Amy Winehouse / Freddie Mercury / The Beatles / U2
- Anne Frank / Malala Yousafzai
- Things linked to Jewish culture
- Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince)
- Chernobyl power plant / Pripyat city
- Cemeteries / Abandoned and desolated places
- Black & White or Very colourful cards (love RED)
- Gandhi, Luther King, Rosa Parks, Mandela, Lady Diana, Mother Teresa and any person who made this world a little better through peace is welcome in a card! :)

Those are just suggestions, if you want to be creative, go on!!! :)

No home printed, please!
Please, no guns/violence/military related cards!

If you want to include a coin/banknote from your country or a rare one, I would love!! European coins and banknotes before Euro are also very welcome!!!

If you have a card from a "rare" country, which is not so common to have cards from like most in Africa, Oceania and some island countries... here is the perfect home for it!!! :)

How about making some children happier? They are in hospital and a card from you would make their day!!! Please click on the links below:

The number of expired cards has increased a lot - mostly to people who no longer log on to this site :( I take it seriously and having expired cards is frustrating...
In the spirit of Postcrossing, please remember to register *all* cards you receive from Postcrossers or close your account if you have lost interest in this project... be fair with us all!!!


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