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About Hark...

I am an alien from a distant galaxy, sent to Planet Earth to check out if there are any intelligent life forms down here. Among other candidates, I am considering humans. But there’s a lot of things about you that I find hard to understand.

Why, for instance, when it seems obvious that the survival of your species depends on cooperation and on individuals specializing in different tasks – WHY do you try to teach all your children all the same things? Why do you put them in those child labour camps that seem to serve no other purpose than to teach most of them to hate learning and to think their talents aren’t worth anything???

Why do people who do less important work (like paper work that appears to exist only for its own sake, or brain surgery, which only very few people have any need for) show so little respect for the people you call “farmers”? They make all your food. Doesn’t that make them important?

Why do you always strive for more and more money and possessions, when even the richest among you don’t appear to be any happier than the others?

Why do you keep polluting your planet when you seem to be aware you are destroying the very conditions for life and when you don’t even have any advanced spacecraft that could take you to any other inhabitable planet? And WHY do you imagine that such an inhabitable planet, if you could find one, would be uninhabited???

Or why, when you all seem to value freedom so much, WHY don’t you grant each other even the most basic freedom of moving freely around your own planet?

If you have any answers, or any other interesting observations about humans, I would appreciate your help with my research. Else please write a few lines about yourself, your life, your dreams, a book you read or a song you love, about the place shown in the card or some recent news from your country. Or write what you like(d) or hate(d) about your school, or what you would change about school if you were the minister of education. That’s another line of research I am into.

As for the style of postcards I like, you can have a look at my “favourites” list. But if there is anything you want to show me or that goes well with your message, then that’s the postcard I want.

If I already have 2 or 3 cards from your country, GF cards are welcome. So far I have: AT, BE, BY, CH, CN, CZ, DE, FI, FO, FR, GB, HK, HR, ID, IN, IS, IT, JP, KG, MC, MY, NL, NZ, RU, TW, and VN.

Liebe deutsche Postcrosser – diese Chronik-Karten habe ich schon: Altenahr, Amrum, Aschaffenburg, AC, Bad Salzuflen, B, Bad Münstereifel, Bautzen, BN, Boppard, BI, BS, HB, CB, CUX, DO, D, E, FL, Föhr, FR, Friedrichshafen, Goslar, GR, GS, HGW, H, HH, HF, HU, KI, K, KN, Kübo, HL, L, LG, Marburg, MD, Mölln, MR, MZ, M, MS, N, Oberwesel, OS, PA, P, RV, HRO, SR, St. Goar, SDL, Siegburg, SL, Triberg, Überlingen, W, WE, WI, HWI, Zwickau.

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