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About Matthias...


I' m happy to be part of this community. Since my childhood I have been collecting postcards. What a great idea to share this with other people ! Receiving cards from somewhere in the world makes me happy as well as selecting a postcard other Postcrossers like, putting some special stamps on it and telling you a bit about my life and environment.
I am a chemist and retired since 2017. I live with my wife and our five Siberian Huskies in a town near Berlin, in direct vicinity of the area where the Berlin Wall separated West Berlin and East Germany until 1989. I like foreign languages, motorbiking, cycling, art, reading, crosswords and sudoku, sauna, doing things all alone, writing rather than talking, summer and sun, swimming in lakes and rock music (eg Deep Purple, Stones, Led Zeppelin, Billy Talent, Udo Lindenberg, Die Toten Hosen).
- only colored cards / real photos PLEASE NO B&W or PAINTED CARDS
- modern multi-view ("touristic") cards - many pictures show me the different aspects of a place (cities, churches, monasteries, mosques, castles, parks, stadiums, etc.)
- bridges
- map cards - US/GB: I´d like to receive a map card of your state/county.
France: J´aimerais recevoir une carte de votre département.
- trains, transportation
- Islands, lighthouses, windmills
- UNESCO world heritage sites
- currency of your country
- art: Kandinsky, Dali,
- dogs: only Siberian Husky
Please consult my wall to avoid duplicates - I have many of Moscow, St Petersburg, Kinderdijk, US states, Taipei 101

PLEASE DO NOT send (= I simply don´t collect)
painted cards, Christmas/Easter cards, black and white/vintage cards, reproductions of historic cards, animals, flowers, generic cards (= a place "somewhere"), handmade, people, children, items like bicycles, coffee or tea cups, books, cartoons, military/war related, famous people

Please write your NAME on the card ! It´s more important for me than the date.
If you speak French, Russian or Spanish I´d be glad if you wrote me in your language (in Russian it is easier to read for me in capital letters).
Beautiful stamps on the card will be appreciated.

- Any special card if you have no favorites or if your profile is empty, if your favorites are only your wishlist but contain no received cards (I´ll never understand this philosophy), if cards from your wishlist are no favorites
- Inge Löök, Moomins, Blue Cats, Keep Calm, animals in human clothes
- Stamps, coins, tea bags etc. - I almost never got a feedback that those items arrived

I´m interested in how you spend your day, vacation etc. Maybe you want to tell me: what is your hobby/favorite music style/art style/artist/meal/sports team. If you lived in another country: which would be the three things from your country you would miss the most ? Or: in which other country would you like to live and why ?
What makes you happy ? What was the happiest day in your life ?
What is the dearest memory of your childho