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About Katrina...

I'm a 29 year old German-Albertan. By education I am an historian, but by profession I am now in medical administration. In the rest of my time, I produce music (link above if you're interested) and am learning to dj. I also love to read, write, travel, and make memes out of my cat Leona (https://www.instagram.com/leonameowsaitl/)

My only serious request is that you write me a message!
Please write about yourself, about the card, about your day, country, politics or opinions, whatever you like. Please write a message - feel free to write in any of the languages I have listed above. If you tell me a story, maybe I will turn it into a song ;)

I would love to be surprised by whatever card you send me. I'm sure I will like it

if you would like some more ideas, I like:
Diddl, Sheepworld, Hello Kitty, and other such cute brands
vintage cards (or reprints),
architecture cards (CASTLES!! also temples, mosques, churches, other interesting buildings, etc),
tourist cards (for example: traditional cultural items/people, skylines, famous landmarks, nature, animals, landscapes),
map or flag cards,
funny cards,
famous people in history (politicians, royals, national heroes, artists, philosophers, etc),
YOUR favorite card (and tell me why you like it!),

I do not collect stamps and rarely notice them; you can save special stamps for someone else. Thanks.


NOTE: I have stopped sending postcards written in German, as being continually asked why a Canadian speaks German has gotten pretty frustrating. Emigration does not mean you forget how to speak. This message applies to people from everywhere: someone might not share your nationality but that does not mean they don't share your heritage. This is especially likely if they live in Canada.