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kallini2042, Canada


(or Svetlana) is a member in Canada . She has been a member for 12 months (346 days).
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  • Languages: Russian, English
  • Birthday: 31st October
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About Svetlana...

Last update: February 20, 2018

Originally I am from Moscow, but now I live in Toronto, one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

In fact, it is so multi-cultural that I call it Babylon-to. I speak and write in Babylontonian, which is a uniquely incomprehensible mix of my version of English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Google Translate.

My passions are Dancing, Writing and Being Too Clever for my own good.

I appreciate a good sense of humor, creativity and courage to be original.

I have a fourteen year old son who is as unconventional as it gets, who makes me laugh and blames all his faults on genetics and bad parenting.

I believe that I love learning.
Others believe that I love teaching,
which I don't,
but engage in
every now and then
against my better judgment.

I wrote an article "Postcrossing: How to Select Which Card to Send"


If you have time and inclination, I would appreciate your feedback.


A Postcard I would love to receive from you -


If your card ID number is less than 1,000,000

please send me a tourist card from YOUR OWN country showing

● Culture
● Tradition
● Landmark
● Architecture
● Country-specific costumes and crafts
● Card showing your City (and/o rCountry) name

● A Card that shows a FACE representing your own culture


If the card ID is greater than 1,000,000 - send me what you love.

If you have difficulty choosing,
check my favorites from your country - I try keeping them country-specific.

If you are still struggling,

● Dance
● Winter
● Bright colors
● Dynamic images
● Faces and people

● Mother and child
● Beautiful anything (if it moves YOU, it's beautiful)
● Llamas, Elephants, Giraffes, Camels, Goats and Rams

●● Shaped cards
●● Chronikkarten (DE)
●● Art by Irene Sheri (or similar style)
●● Иллюстрации к сказке "Каменный Цветок" и амурским сказкам
●● The Russian Empire Series from
●● Московское метро


I will be very happy to receive cards about

● Empires of the Steppes (various khanates and such)
● Middle Eastern History
● History of China
● Vikings

I welcome all cards, BUT


I'm not a big fan of

● Dolls
● Flags
● Recipes

● Teaching, preaching and ideology
● Season's greetings (except for Halloween - it's my birthday)
● Animals that makes you cringe (when in doubt, leave it out)

Please NO expressions such as

● Keep Calm
● Be yourself
● Follow your dreams

and No AD/free cards.


The more you write on the card the more I like it.

I love cards with questions - they are engaging and memorable.
Think about it - what do you remember more - being told or being asked?


Thank you in advance and I can't wait to hear from you!