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Dear postcrossers,

It’s a little crazy out there, so we wanted to take a minute to check on everyone. How are you doing? We hope you and your loved ones are all healthy and staying cozy at home as much as possible. It’s been a weird week around here, mostly worrying about friends and elderly relatives, and trying to keep calm. But, truth be told, it’s also been a week of finding purpose and hope in the little things.


This is in no small part due to the many postcrossers, who have written in to let us know how much receiving mail is cheering them up while self-isolating. Many of you are staying home with energetic little ones that you’re struggling to keep busy, others just need to feel connected with the world without the anxiety-inducing frenzy of social media. Whatever your situation might be, sending and receiving postcards seems to bring people a small measure of comfort in these troubled times, and we are thankful for that.

Now more than ever, we’re also thankful to the many mail carriers out there keeping people connected. Though most postal services are still working, the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and ensuing flight suspensions have forced many postal operators to divert or cancel some of their mail routes. This is something we’ve always kept an eye on behind the scenes… but lately, this information has been updated so frequently that it was becoming overwhelming to keep an eye on all the mail suspensions, as well as replying to your queries about them. So we created a platform to make this information available to the community, and called it the Postal Monitor.

Postal Monitor

The idea is that we have a dedicated place in Postcrossing that keeps track of all the ongoing mail route suspensions around the world, so that we can add them to the project’s algorithm. This page relies on the excellent work that postcrosser Chie (aka Chieusa) has been doing on the forum for many years now, carefully putting together all this information with the help of reports from the community. So if you know of any updates, please report them on the forum, so that they can be included.

You’ll notice on the Postal Monitor that delivery to China has been re-established in many countries, so Postcrossing is back to giving out addresses in China in the countries that can send mail there.

A few of you have also suggested the implementation of a feature that would allow exchanging postcards with your own country exclusively. This is not an easy feature to implement in Postcrossing, which is designed to be global by definition. We’re giving the idea some thought, and checking whether it would be feasible.

Lastly, let’s take a deep breath, stay calm and find ways to support and be kind to each other throughout this. Remember that we’re all in it together. 🌈

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helent, Australia

Thank you Ana and Paolo - this is a great community, and now more than ever we need to celebrate our connections. You do so much work keeping everything running smoothly, and it is appreciated!

ned44440, Ireland

I, too, thank you Paolo and Ana. This site is wonderful in so many ways and more especially now as it is keeping us together as a community even as we have to "social distance" ourselves in other ways. ❤👏❤.
Keep up the good work.
Let us all stay safe 🙏

EdithK, Netherlands

Thank you ! I hope our friendship through cards will be a joy in these times !

ned44440, Ireland

Irish Restrictions as of 11:30am on 20 March 2020

fiddlesticks, Germany

Excellent work! Thanks to everyone involved. Stay healthy, stay sane! -F

Geminiscp, Portugal

I think the project is perfect as it is, we just need to be patient and wait for better days. Stay safe, everyone!

reiselustig, Germany

Hello Ana and Paolo,
thanks so much for your great work and your will to give people the informations they ask for! I was surprised to see that scandinavian countries seem to close there mail service completely... what a pity!
I am very grateful to have this hobby which makes it easier to be in contact with people and to stay home also!
So, please be all sensible and stay at home writing to people who are happy about a smile by a postcard!

mounten, Italy

Thank you all for the support through your postcards life is a bit brighter for all of us who have to stay at home.Italian Postoffices still work but I have no idea how long. Together we will overcome this crises. Take care stay healthy ciao

TattooMom, Netherlands

Thank you guys, very much appreciated. This morning I noticed that China was back open for receiving mail, I am so happy for them! This morning I wrote an email to my old classmates (Basis School 1961-1967) whom I saw earlier this year for a reunion, to make cards for our old headmaster, still alive (way in his 90-ies) because in NL where they live he can't visit his wife in the nursing home anymore. I think that is heart breaking. Here in Spain, where I hibernate for 6 months, we have to stay indoors completely, which is made easier, because the postal service still works and I can do Postcrossing! (plm. 4 cards each day) Wishing you all health and peace, stay safe!

WilmaT, Netherlands

Thanks for your effort!!!!! Keep safe and healthy

isagv, Germany

I keep sending and hope to bring a smile on the receivers face.
Thank you Ana and Paulo for the update.
Stay healthy everyone!

minako85, Germany

Thank you so much for this information! Take care and stay healthy everyone! ♡ ♡

TatyanaRekushina, Russia

Мы вместе! Спасибо за вашу работу, беспокойство и заботу о нас!!!

booboo_babies, United States of America

I am so grateful for Postcrossing! God bless all of you! Even before Coronavirus, your service did a lot of good for my morale, and now that this awful virus is a part of our lives, I appreciate what you do more than ever! And I am really glad that you are giving out addresses in China again. I have read that the virus has decreased in that country, so it makes sense to resume Postcrossing there.

YKforever, Korea (South)

All people who are fighting wirh covid 19 are our heroes.

We will overcome and conquere it,I wish all of pistcrossers will be healthy, we will return to regular life.

Thanks for your information, actually in South Korea, I cannot send to some limited counteies now.

mysweetlife63, United States of America

Ana and Paolo,
Thank you for all you do & for keeping Postcrossing going all these years! I love Postcrossing & Postcrossers!
I appreciate both of you + the warmth & friendship!
Keep yourselves safe!
God bless you both!

NorthStar1, Türkiye

this is a nice explanation thanks
yes, the world is very complicated
and sending mail to some countries is limited
I'm sending right now
I keep up to date in accordance with health conditions

i hope we will have a real spring soon
I wish health to the world 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️❤️

NetteNetti, Germany

Thanks for this new information. and how nice that china is back at postcrossing ! :-) i hope i get some chinese addresses now. just because of this crisis i feel more connected to them.
as a seriously chronically ill person i have been living in quarantine for 6 years now. so i have gained some experience with it. the daily mail is always the highlight of the day and i hope that many healthy people appreciate what we have at postcrossing and how much it connects us worldwide.

Let's hope that Postcrossing can continue to exist like this. We are one world ❤️ , love & peace, NetteNetti

MSB0423, United States of America

Thank you so much. Continuing to send and receive postcards is something that brings me joy in times of sadness or isolation. Snail mail is a gift, and especially cherished in such a time as this. Thank you for keeping this community together,

Romy24, Germany

Thank you so much for all your efforts. Postcrossing should stay like it is now, it’s perfect! Since I am a member life is so much more colorful! I love Postcrossing!!!🥰

emotis, United States of America

Thanks for all your work! And thanks for this wonderful community. Stay safe everyone!!

fmstrada, Italy

Thank you so much for this useful tool! The postal service in Italy is still working, even if with delays, because obviously the logistics processes (especially the international ones) became more difficult during the epidemic, and it's important that postal workers can have safe working conditions too (thank you for being there for us).
Being able to send and receive postcards, now that we are on lockdown, is even more important: they are our window to the world, a breath of fresh air, and as it has always been - a personal connection, the feeling that we're close even from a distance.
Let's stay a lovely global family.

Anactf, Portugal

Hello everyone.

Thank you for all your work. I think the project is perfect as it is. Let's be patient and keep safe.

borntoorganize, United States of America

Thank you for all you do, and for your wonderful voice of reason and compassion during these troubled times.

girl_of_ink, Netherlands

Hi, thank you very much for the information and the happy moments!
Just curious, though.. How come I still got picked to send a card to Belarus yesterday (while the Netherlands is on the list of Belarus, I hope I understand the list correctly)?

meiadeleite, Portugal

@girl_of_ink Belarus restrictions are for outgoing (not incoming) mail. Note that incoming and outgoing mail streams can be independent of each other.

pucky, Netherlands

Thank you very much for the information ! It is great to send and receive cards especially now. I will see when they arrive to me and others, already it is nice to know they are somehow on their way. Connection is important especially now.
Hope we will pass this well!

Alla19, Russia

Thanks! Be sure everything will be fine! Smile!

kimbufeys, Belgium

Thank you very much for this update! Stay healthy and safe in these challenging times, everyone! And... happy postcrossing!


Hola, aqui en España , en mi pueblo de 1200 habitantes no se recibe el correo desde la semana pasada, de momento me limito a escribir las que reciben. Salud para todos y paciencia.

sallyanne, United States of America

I LOVE ❤️ Postcrossing more than ever now!

Music_Notes, United States of America

I am sending out so many cards today. What a great way to social distancing while making friends.

Hasip, Belgium

Hello and thanks !! ..... I still enjoy getting postcards once in a while , even now during this Sars-CoV-2 pandemic .
Take care and stay healthy all of you !!
With love from Belgium ....
Henk .

Inta, Netherlands

Sending out postcards is adventure (especially now)
receiving them a little gift !
Best wishes for good health for all of you.

Jess-Cee, Netherlands

thanks for all the effort to always keep postcrossing up and running the best possible way, no matter what the circumstances..

Lata, United Kingdom

Postcrossing is one of the things that is keeping my spirits up at the moment. Wishing everybody good health

AmitxSahoo, India

The Mails may slow down for some time but the members will always be connected. Thanks to Postcrossing. Take care and be safe everyone!!

bunnycat24, United States of America

Hi! I see messages about not seeing the benefit to sending postcards only to people in your country. The benefit is that your cards are more likely to be registered. For example, I know, I have not received a single international postcard at all in a week whereas before this became a pandemic, I was receiving up to 5-10 a week. Many countries have shut down international borders and are not sending mail out of their countries. Countries are still delivering mail within countries, but they are not allowing incoming mail or outgoing mail from the countries. It's happening all over, so our postcards will just continue to "travel" and then expire after 60 days if this continues. They won't get registered. The benefit to sending only within your country right now is that the mail is still being delivered within countries, so you're more likely to receive cards and have your sent cards registered. I hope this helps. I hope YOU and everyone you know and love are staying safe during this crazy time! I know I'd prefer to have it be where I can only send to people within my country during this time, so I can still hear from others and connect with others. As it is, none of my 20 traveling international postcards are getting registered anymore.

flowerdogs, United States of America

Thank you for all of the wonderful work :) It's nice to have this community in times like these. Stay safe, healthy, and strong, everyone!!

ColorfulCourtney, Germany

This is a great feature -- thank you Ana, Paulo, and Chie!

Tjoks, South Africa

Thank you☺

buckwriter, Italy

Thanks Ana and Paulo.

amandalr93, United States of America

I first joined Postcrossing at the end of last year and I am very thankful for that decision. Sending and receiving postcards brings me so much joy during troubled times. Thank you Ana and Paolo for all that you do with keeping a strong community of like-minded individuals together! Be safe everyone!

DocRoc, Germany

Thankfully Postcrossing is one of the few social interactions still in function. Great work of all those mails workers out there. We are all in this together and need to keep up our good spirits. Stay happy & healthy!

RobynPainter, Australia

Thank you for this update. It is very helpful. It is good to know sending and receiving postcards can continue for the time being.

tmoleski, United States of America

Postcrossing is a magical thing. And who can't use a little magic in their life right now!
Stay healthy and safe.

carlafed, Italy

Thank Ana, Paulo and Chie! You are wonderful as usual.
Although I have decided to stop sending postcards for a while, due to the very critical situation of my country (and this will be my first stop in 8 years), your help and concern is unvaluable for me. And I am already looking forward to resuming writing... Best luck to us all
Carla Federica

zomertje, Netherlands

Thank you for this update, Stay healthy and keep writing!!!

aspenone, United States of America

Thank you! Stay safe and healthy. Enjoying the post cards back and forth!

sonataca, United States of America

Chie, Ana, Paulo, Vicki and everyone involved, thank you so much for this! Please be safe and take care of yourselves too, don't take a lot of stress for this.

manu86, Germany

Thanks for the news.

Stay at home and healthy.

GayeDoreen, United States of America

This is one of the few things I look forward to in these crazy days. It helps keep me sane. Thank you for all your hard work. :) Gaye

CorgiGirl, United States of America

Thank you for keeping us updated, informed and still able to connect with the world at large.

alterego, Canada

Covid19 has connected the world for all the wrong reasons. Postcrossing has always connected us for all the right reasons. Thank you Ana, Paulo and everyone behind the scenes for all you do to keep it that way. Hope will prevail.
Be well (and wash your hands!) ;-)

MerlinM, Germany

Thank you Ana, Paulo, Chie, Vick and all your team for keeping this bright star open for us all. In times like this it is a necessary tool for not loosing our spirit. Please all keep the distance, stay calm and healthy.

paradonym, Germany

Just maxed out my 37 card limit in the last days.
Sometimes I just want to write thoughts down and cards are the best for that.
Talking about the virus and about lockdowns in some regions Germany just made.

ZenCat, United States of America

Thank you, Ana and Paulo!
It is wonderful to have postcards arriving in my mailbox! And perhaps even more fun to send postcards and know I can also cheer up someone else.

at61, Italy

Like other postcrossers, because of what has affected many countries and even more Italy, I too have decided to suspend the sending of postcards for a period: I'm sorry, even more having started to send postcards from Rome again, and to receive postcards Worldwide.
A nice way to connect the world with a simple gesture, to send postcards, which will only be postponed to better times.
Best wishes to all, stay healthy

Richard01, United Kingdom

Thank you for setting up and continuing to run postcrossing!!!
I was going to request seven addresses on the 17th March, in order to buy the James Bond stamps that were issued on that day, so that my cards would get a first day of issue post mark. However, I had a poor stomach on the day and have self isolated since then. Tomorrow I intend to go out and will get stamps so as to send the cards out anyway James Bond or no James Bond!!. Once again, THANK YOU.


jm1122, United States of America

Thank you very much, for this and everything!

Tresart, United States of America

The postcards have always felt important, and are a highlight for my evenings. But, now, they are even more precious during this time of social distancing and isolation at home. I'm glad the mail service is still running, but if it needs to close for health reasons I support that all the way.

Let's stick together in our global community of mail - spreading hope and cheer to all our fellow friends. Thank you, Postcrossing! It can not be stated enough how important your project is to so many of us.

JennyH2dogs, Australia

Thank you. Some of my friends and I would greatly appreciate it if it were at all possible to swap within our own country, Australia, as postage costs have risen tremendously here over the last few years. It costs $3.20 now whether we send 1 or 7 postcards overseas and $1.10 within our country, which is rather restrictive. Swapping mean so much to many of us who do not get out and about a lot. Your efforts are appreciated so much. Thanks again.

YatfeiCheung_CZ, China

Thanks! Stay strong everyone!!

Fit_Si, Indonesia

Thank you so much Ana, Paolo & the whole Postcrossing team!

Selina0629, Taiwan

Thank you @meiadeleite for such a warm and inspiring message!
I also hope everyone is doing well and your home days are peaceful.
It's not easy to go through the pandemic, however; we're all connected and I'm confident we all are seeing its ending with nowadays world's strong medical, scientific, and technological powers.

fancyQB, United States of America

Thanks for all you do for us - I really appreciate it. I also recognize that our letter carriers are helping us feel less isolated. I gave mine a box of Girl Scout Cookies today.

Sapphirerozen, United Kingdom

Thank you for all the efforts and kindness, I wish things will go better soon!

LemonCakes, United States of America

Thank you so much for all you do. I've always wished for an additional option of exchanging postcards with only our own countries. The price of stamps to International is so high. One could work faster towards collecting each state and it would be much more affordable.. Maybe try it for a year. Thanks again! Diane

chickee_mon, United Kingdom

Thank you Ana, Paolo and the team! I love both sending and receiving and it helps a lot in these difficult times. Hoping everyone is well and things get back to normal soon.

marianneouioui, France

I just don't know if post is working here I France. A week now with no cards in my box and none of my sent ones registered. I'll literally cry from joy when I receive my next card. Stay safe everyone, and thank you all.

relvita, United Kingdom

For those in the UK, Royal Mail has a subscription service to get updates on the service to your local area or to all of the UK: (follow the "Service Update Emails" link on the bottom of the post).
Thank you Ana, Paulo and everyone involved! Stay safe everyone!

PS - guys, it is PaUlo not PaOlo - I think we all like to get postcards with the right spelling of our names - not taking away any of the intention of the message anyway :)

Agi1230, Hungary

Maybe I'm alone with this opinion... But please thinking...
I stoped sending mails a few weeks ago.
Postmen, postal workers are men too.
There's no such important postcard, letter, parcel etc. which can't wait a few weeks before sending to protect these people who are so special for everybody who like incoming and outgoing mails.
I love postcrossing, penpaling etc but I felt I need to stop.
At home I'm preparing and collected the outgoing mail, and I'm sure a few weeks later I can post them.
Before asking... Yes, I really miss my incoming mails.

alison41, South Africa

Thank you for keeping us updated, informed and still able to connect with the world. Receiving an overseas postcard during this difficult time definitely cheers me up! Be well, everybody.

rainss61, United States of America

Thank you for all the work you do- postcrossing has been such an important part of my life for few years! Best of health and happiness to you all and families!!-Rain

Hotaru, Norway

Just wanted to say, thank you for all your hard work guys!!

tom83, Czech Republic

Agi1230: IMHO all postal workers need our support now. And what is the best support than to use their work (with "thank you, postman" on the card)? No mails, no money, no jobs... I think it´s safe & with real possibilities of the protecting for the postmen to deliver the postcard, without direct personal contact, to letter-box. First of all, we must live "normally" if possible. Don´t panic, no madness, with common sense.
And, of course, we understand and accept delays, interruptions or suspentions when the safety isn´t guaranteed.

Indreni, United States of America

Thanks so much, Postcrossing! You guys are so amazing.
Stay strong, world!

All my postcards are traveling, traveling...I will do a direct swap with anyone who wants.

Pangolee, United States of America

thanks for keeping this going. Postcrossing means more to me than ever. Connections with people all over are so important in this time.

Eveline4, Netherlands

Thank you for Postcrossing! I work in the hospital extra shifts. When I come home, the cards give me a smile. So I hope we will be able to send cards. I would like to do a direct swap, all my cards are traveling.

Mapswell, United States of America

Thank you Post Crossing admins. And thank you Post Crossers all over the world. Sending and receiving positive messages and love makes this ordeal somehow more manageable. Thank you for the smiles you bring me and Jes.

Peace and Love

bertcarson, United States of America

The service you offer is priceless, made more so by these uncertain times - I thought you might appreciate this Norman Rockwell card I just sent to karkor in Poland - it's called Freedom From Fear - - Best regards, Bert

Quahtreenuh, Canada

Huge thank you to everyone at Postcrossing, for all the stuff you do normally and especially for all this extra information you're helping us with during this difficult time! This new tool is really useful. Hope you are all safe and healthy!!

rebb, United States of America

Thank you so much. Every bit of positivity helps! Safe and well wishes to all. 🙂

stargazer-daisy, United Kingdom

Thank you for all your hard work and thoughtfulness. Keep positive and well. ❤️

lichan, Taiwan

Heartfelt thanks

beesknees, United States of America

Thank you for the update, you guys rock

hobbymail, United States of America

thank you so much. My local post office in Florida is open and I salute my mail carriers for their dedicated service to our homes. My friend who introduced me to Postcrossing got too busy with work and travel since 2017 but with this sudden job furlough and cancellation of her next cruise plans she says she will set up Postcrossing gleefully , now.

Moorgeist, Germany

Thanks for all your work! And after being here at Postcrossing for so many years it still warms my heart :-) especially in this times!
I think Postcrossing is good the way it is. For me is sending cards to every country -even when it lasts longer now- the spirit of this project. Stay safe and healthy!

Debbie85, Australia

Thank you for your wonderful idea off Postcrossing.
Love sending postcards all over the world, knowing that when my postcard gets to the person that hopefully will put a smile on their face and make them happy.
Stay safe all our postcrossing friends. Take care. 💙💛

AutismMom, United States of America

Thank you so much! Nothing is easy right now. I so look forward to checking my mail during this social distancing. I wish all fellow Postcrossers around the world to have good health. We are all in this together! Be safe 💕!

QueenBees, United States of America

We were able to have a Post Crossing meet up just before everything blew up. Here in San Diego, California we are under very strict restrictions as is the entire state, I so enjoy picking out cards for others just as much as receiving. Postcrossers are unique , warm and hopeful people. We need to pray for our world.

MsCastillo5, United States of America

Thank you for taking the time to post this on our blog! Your Awesome!

NaruMinamino, Peru

I hope everybody and their families are doing OK in these confusing times. And thank you for putting together this platform, it must have been such a hard task. The whole country here is in lockdown, with only basic services running, so the post office is closed for incoming and outgoing personal mail (cargo is still working); most of my postcards have expired, but I still hope they reach their destination sooner or later. Stay safe and strong!

Mama-Bear, United States of America

I wish everyone around the world good health in this very scary time. I'm one of the people who are out of work due to the pandemic. :( It does give me more time for sending out cards. I'm open to direct swaps and postcard penpals. Send me a message if you're feeling too isolated as well! Thank goodness for Postcrossing and thank you to the Postcrossing team for all their hard work and dedication! Much love to you all!!

Jacque53, United States of America

Thank you Ana and Paolo for this info and for all you do for the Postcrossing community. I send my love to all Postcrossers and your families. It means so much to me to remain connected to others around the world, during these scary times. Stay safe everyone and I am sending a big virtual hug to all of you ❤️

Myrake, Belgium

Thank you very much Postcrossing! Everybody keep safe and well!!

GayeDoreen, United States of America

Does anyone know what the number behind the country name means?

MerlinM, Germany

@GayeDoreen the number mean the amount of countries service is stopped (or delayed).

Tranchile, Guernsey

I stopped a while ago as I have been ill and recently had an operation and was looking forward to sending cards again. I cannot just send to where I live as I am on a small Island and not many take part and our post comes the same day. I am in self isolation as vulnerable so was looking forward to cards but people’s health is far more important at this time.
Take care everyone.

Gangurru, Costa Rica

Today you gave me an ID to CHINA. Why????
And 20 days ago to Taiwan??????

Gangurru, Costa Rica

I cant send postcards to Italy and Asian Countries (except JAPAN).

toasty_posty, United States of America

Y'all are the best, this is such a great program. It had already restored some of my faith in humanity, and with the current crisis this community has stepped up even more. I've definitely been telling all my friends with kids stuck at home that they should consider Postcrossing as their new hobby :) Stay safe everyone!

denarose, Australia

HI Thank you for that. We need our postcards to arrive and go but understand in these times it is going to be tough.
I was thinking last night so many of my cards arrive outside of the current time of sixty days and probably have come up expired on the senders and vice a versa,. Some cards I send take ages to get to their destinations. Is it worth extending the time to another 30 days or so? Make it 90 days or so before it reaches expired status. I know we can still register the card when its expired. It was just a thought due to snail mail just getting slower and slower these days.
Do hope you all stay well. Stay safe and not to many crowds around you :-(. at this time.
Dena (denarose)

teamug, Germany

For all those who prefer to send within their country: Check out the forum of you country (and have a look at the German forum for comparison).
It is always possible to start a thread there with like-minded people. I am active with quite a few "Round Robins".
You can chose subjects, or none at all, state a date by which cards must be sent and drop a note in the tread when you sent or received cards. We do that with all kinds of subjects and it is just as much fun as sending "official" cards.

Yesterday I heard a thought of someone about our situation with climate change and viruses (and the social isolation due to that):

Mother earth tells her children to go to their rooms to think about what they have done....

So lets all treat our global home and the earth's children better that we had done previously - the last few days the skies seem clearer, the air fresher, there is so much less noise in the city. Let's learn from that.

HarryBrasil, Brazil

Hi !
Here in Brazil (state: Santa Catarina) we currently postal service is limited, or even shut down. The local agency ist closed since 19/03.
So I decided not to send any new postcard until postal service will be working "normally" again.
Wishing the best for the postcrossing community,

PS: If there might be an option "Sending only within my country" there must be an option "Allow to receive from my own country" because many postcorssers love the international feeling and would NOT like to receive cards from the own country...

teamug, Germany

Yes, I understand that Round Robins are not official cards, but if people want to continue cheering each other up, the statistics like in the official part do not matter - and this is what I read in most comments.
They want to cheer people up and be happy receiving cards themselves, but are afraid of lost international post. So I thought this might be an option, that we organize only national mail ourselves.

MerlinM, Germany

I guess it only works with countries from which many cards are send but if those cross the
"Check if you would like to (also) send and receive postcards to and from your own country."
button and the
"Check if you prefer to have several postcards traveling to the same country at the same time."
button it might work that you send more to your own country. But that probably don't work for countries with fewer members.
I too would prefer to extent the time till expiring.
Please all take good care of you!!!!

Cri_ciprea, Italy

I decided to set my account to inactive as long as CoVid-19 is spreading in Italy. That's why I want to protect my mail lady: the less mail she carries, the more she stays away from people. I think it's a moral duty of mine.
Anyhow post offices are open and work regularly, even if there are delays.

167marina, Russia

It's all so sad... But I think everything will be fine. I don't think it's a good idea when you get postcards from your country, because postcrossing is global. In Russia, there are several sites for exchanging postcards within the country. I've tried using them . However, they did not bring as much emotion as the international exchange of postcards. I hope everything will be fine. You need to be patient and wait it out. I wish you all good health!!!

Tetsuko, Germany

All is going on how it must. Thank you keeping all here work and make it a good experience for all of us. Thank you! Spread love around the world. Let not the virus overhem us. Let us be hopeful and all the best for all if us. Take care!

natasakl, Slovenia

@ciprea: me too...
I don't want to put anyone in danger because of my hobby, no matter how much I miss it (and I really do…).
Keep in mind that it seems coronavirus can remain viable on cardboard up to 24 hours (source:
I'm looking forward to meet you all again as soon as these horrible times are over!

Knerq, United States of America

Thank you for all you do. Getting mail really does help to brighten my day. At the current moment, mail delivery in the U.S. is as usual.

linku, Germany

Yes, our postcards keep the world connected- we can't travel, they can! We, too, are very very thankful towards all people involved in keeping this service going... thank you postcrossing!! big wishes for a healthy world to us all!

MariceNZ, New Zealand

New Zealand goes into lockdown at midnight tonight for 4 weeks but for now postal services are still considered an essential service. Delivery may be a little slower but should still be happening.

mapcardcollector, United Kingdom

Thanks for keeping things going. If it is difficult to restrict sending cards only to one's own country perhaps you could set all accounts to INCLUDE one's own country on a temporary basis as it would probably not occur to many people to change their profile. I have changed my own profile to include GB for the time being as it means that some cards will arrive fairly quickly.

PedroSantos, Portugal

Grande trabalho, parabéns a todos.

Nature-Lover, Canada

You are all such special people for bring the world together in a fun and rewarding way. I have met so many amazing friends through Postcrossing and I just can't imagine life without you all. Stay safe and healthy!

NikkiMartin, Canada

I absolutely love Postcrossing. However, with Covid-19 worldwide, and all the postal disruption on the Postal Monitor, it may be a good idea to simply put Postcrossibg on hold for 60 days for everyone. It would be safer for the postmen too.

Guo-Yiying, Taiwan

Thank you. May everyone health and save. Everyone cheer! : )

DN-11, Slovakia

Hello, from 26.3.2020 Slovak Post does not accept letters, packages and EMS to all countries of the world except: Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Canada, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, USA and Ukraine.


Kindly note postal services in India are severely affected due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

alee423, United States of America

HI! Thanks to the postal service every where. Thank you postcrossing - I have enjoyed my time exchanging postcards. Given the science of things, it might not be the best time to be doing mail but it may be the only physical contact others have to the outside world. So I'm torn. I know it's difficult to change the program and this is meant to be global, but maybe a change to just within one's own country might be useful for now? Good luck to all. Please stay safe and healthy. My best wishes....

MiaMustikka, Finland

Thank you!!! I had just sent a mail to you about this. I suggest this post be featured at the front page until this is all solved. Because it is of most importance and it didn't get enough attention (from me). I did everything first and then went to look more deeply.

Thank you for the awesome job in keeping us posted!

mwquilt, United Kingdom

Amazing ! thankyou so much for all this hard work.

Ekaterin-a, Russia

It's a kind of holiday today-100 sent and 100 received! Every time I get or send a postcard it helps me to go on. Thank you and take care!

leaflets, China

So happy to 'reconnect to the world' !
I've received a card from Singapore and it lit my mailbox again!!
Many thanks to everyone who dedicated to this great platform.

BridgetLarsen, Australia

I think sending in your own country would be good temporarily while this lockdown is in force, reason being that many of us have lost out jobs here in Australia and mail costing $3+ to post one postcard is hard to add to our already depleted budget.

Thanks everyone for all they do

An island in Sunny Queensland, Australia

Gen24, United States of America

Stay strong, guys! We will survive!

amy666, Switzerland

Hi all
Due to delays or stops of mail services I sometimes just check the "recent postcards" to see nice cards. It makes me smile to see all those cards which still are received and I think it's just great to be part of this community.
Stay healthy and continue to write cards.

alee423, United States of America

Thank you so much for this site and your hard work monitoring the situations around the world. Right now, with future finances unknown, the expense of sending postcards abroad, and the difficulty getting more international stamps/postage, I am going to have to forgo using your site because you don't have a way to just send postcards within my country. I will come back in the future when quarantines are lifted. I hope that everyone stays well and safe for the next two months. Take care.

MehLady, United Kingdom

It's a wonderful surprise to get cards. I got in from work this morning just as the postman was delivering the mail. So, I got to thank him! :)

wind_rei, China

Everything will be fine! Everybody stay safe and healthy! Read more books, write more cards and don't forget to wash your hands!

nicetry, Germany

Wow, I didn't know this. And I also discovered that some countries refuse to send and receive postal products to and from citicens of several countries generally, completely independent from the COVid-19 situation. This is sad. I would have expected more adult behaviour from states ... :(

ceoramalho, Brazil

Sending exclusively to our countries, at least the ones with a certain number of members would be a way to reconnect some of us... It would be an option for us in Brazil.

Malika1604, Italy

Ждём когда заработает почта в Италии :( больно смотреть на пустой почтовый ящик .... наши отправленные письма ещё не дошли до адресатов... Спасибо большое всем кто заботится о нас ! Будьте все здоровы !!

Maknetik, Germany

Stay Safe.... wherever you are.

ozpom, Australia

the postal service is doing well as I received a return to sender letter from Scotland just two days ago . the small things give hope and the people that send them make us enjoy the sunshine. Enjoy your day wherever you are as we will be still sending postcards when this is over

Chalisa_B, Thailand

Just a little update on Thailand, everyone. Postcard from and to Thailand will be arrive very late at this hard time because there's no flight available at the moment. So postcards have to be deliver by ship which, according to our local post office, is gonna take months to arrive.

So I think it's better to send card to Thailand after the crisis is over.
Stay strong everyone!

ps. Don't use COVID-19 as an excuse to get your card register. it's not very nice. Thanks!

ferro, Belgium

Thanks for your help in these "special" days! and of course, to all these years of joy

mardzi, Czech Republic

Be safe and healthy all, now the mailbox is empty more than usually, thank you for the monitoring and wish you all the best!

Han-1995, China

Everything will be okay..

Mamanclaire, Belgium

Thank you Ana and Paulo for the great joy to share postcards with the countries where we can send.
I hope you are safe and healthy !
Take care !
Greetings from Brussels

sabatonian, United States of America

Whoever tweaked the algorithm to only give us addresses to countries your country will mail to - THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was absolutely devastated when I thought I'd have to put Postcrossing on hold because of this virus mess, plus it's nice to be able to keep financially supporting our postal services in these tough economic times.

Jane12138, China

I hope everything will be better soon!!🙏🙏

kingslai, China

Thank you for your effort. Stay healthy and happy!

Varsha, India

Long Live Postcrossing and its members across the globe.

HankHanover, United States of America

Postcards are needed now more than ever. I've been sending family and friends postcards during this crazy time, and the response has been overwhelming: "Thank you, you made my day," "It was just what I needed," "What a nice surprise!", etc.

To the Postcrossing Team, thank you for all that you do!

Luna-Lovegood, China

All Chinese pcers hope every pcer around the world haealthy and safe.

HannyD, Netherlands

Hi everybody, each card that I get is wonderful now and that my cards reach there destination is wonderful too. Happy Easter everybody.🐰🐣🐤🐥🐑

sing613, China

When the world's epidemic spread, the postal services of countries all over the world stopped one after another. At this moment I remembered Hermes, the messenger of Greek mythology

BethKK, United States of America

I also want to send my sincere thanks. The time, effort, care and passion the team behind the scenes exhibits is very much appreciated from this little corner of the globe!

Stay safe, be well and Happy Postcrossing!

ppeva, Hungary

Dear Postcrossing Team, thank you for everything! :)
I miss writing and mailing postcards, I miss the lovely postcards in our mailbox. :( But I hope we shall overcome this hard time soon.
I wish all PC users all the best, be healthy, stay safe and stay at home! (And of course, wash your hands...)

mitoumi, France

Hi and thank you for your message. Like other postcrossers I also decided to stop sending card for the moment, French post works very slow these last weeks, I only receive a letter in weeks. I miss a lot sending and receiving postcards but prefer wait for better times. I come each day to look all the beautiful cards some of you still send and often put little message of food health and positive thoughs. Long life to Postcrossing, for all the amazing job you do for us and I can't wait that this pandemic is behind us and we start again to exchange in all the world. Kisses for everyone and take care of you. Nathalie (Mitoumi on Postcrossing)

LemonCakes, United States of America

Thank you, I love Postcrossing and your wonderful team. Looks like ALL my mailed traveling cards won't be received. Question/ suggestion: Since algorithm can't be easily changed to send only to our own countries for now, is there a way to do something different altogether? Like...offer to send 5 same-country addresses to any who accept as a one time entirely separate pandemic program? I'd happily take 5! After world crisis, go back to the algorithm. I suppose wishful thinking, but I think we're all missing receiving/sending good cheer for mailbox gifts. I do.

E_Waschmittel, Russia

Thank you Ana and Paulo and all the Postcrossing team.)
You are doing great job. Sending and receiving postcards brings me loads of joy and fulfillment.)
The idea of exchanging cards only within my country is not my cup of tea. At all.

Selena, United States of America

Thank you for all your help and work here!
Much appreciated!
Is it possible to extend the expired card time to 90 days, instead of 60? Many of my allocated cards were sent quite a while ago, but not being registered as received.

Sofia_Natalia, Russia

Всем, всем крепкого здоровья, много счастливых дней и - спасибо за посткроссинговое братство!

SusiLillyFee, Germany

Viele Dank für eure ausführlichen Informationen 🤗 Ich wünsche euch und euren Familien ein frohes Osterfest und alles liebe und gute, bleibt gesund und passt auf euch auf 😊🙋🏼‍♀️🌻🧚🏼‍♀️

MamaUmunhum, United States of America

Excellent work and a hearty thank you!
I also would love to exchange postcards in my country ONLY. Yes, please!!!!!

SunJuiTse, China

Great work!!Wish all the postcrossers in good health and take care!!

Cacaly, France

Bonjour! We all need a bit of happiness in these strange times and something to boost the morale - a postcard! Keep up the good work!

DixieLou, United States of America

Thanks to all the efforts being made to help Postcrossing remain functional during this challenging period.
I would still LOVE to see a feature that allows people to participate specifically in birthday exchanges. My own birthday in March was quite subdued this year, and an influx of cards would have been merry. I still don't understand the purpose of a birthdate on a profile; it never lines up with when I'm sending a card. Peace to all of you. Stay well.

BeckyS, United States of America

My mom is living in a nursing home. Because of the virus, I have only been able to see/visit her through the window. I have been showing her the many postcards that I have received from Postcrossers all over the world. Thank you all for participating in this project. During this crisis, you are all making a positive difference <3

HaomingW, Sweden

Thanks for your help and devotion! But I think though China Post is unefficient and very likely to lose surface mails, they kept operation all the time even in the toughest period. I sent a registered mail to Wuhan late January actually, and it arrived in mid-February, even at that time Wuhan is suffering a lot.
And may I ask why I always send postcards to Europe continent from UK? Seems the system seldomly allocate me address from other continents...
Anyway, take care everyone!

Loli-ts, Spain

¡Saludos desde España! Mail goes quite well here from/to/inside Spain, anyway I sent my last postcards on March 13, the day before confinement: my country is very touched by covid-19 so I don't want to put in danger our mail employees... But I miss it so much, and some of the postmen I know are postcrossers tooand keep sending postcards... so I'll give me a chance. And then, I'll dare to go to the mailbox. We are allowed to go to buy food, medicines... and to post offices! I thik I'll have the feeling of living an adventure, as in the first times!

DragonflyMama, Canada

I have often wondered about exclusively sending postcards within my own country only because of the cost of postage but have never asked. I appreciate the difficulty it would be to set it up and appreciate the updates and consideration.

volvomom, United States of America

Thanks, Chieusa, for taking on such a huge task like this! And Paolo and Ana - amazing as always!

Ekmel, Serbia

Just to mention that I recently got an address in China, wrote the card and took the post office - in serbia - but they didn’t take it. They said I need try after a few weeks.

FaRina9014, Germany

So happy, the post offices in Germany still working and I'm grateful to send and receive many postcards in these crazy times. Postcrossing gives contact and I feel every single hug through the cards !

GloucesterStamps, United Kingdom

Thanks for everything you're doing to help make the world a brighter place, one postcard at a time, during these uncertain times. I happened to meet our postie out on his round this morning as he was delivering a lovely postcard from Marina in Belarus. It was nice to be able to thank him, and all his colleagues around the world, for still being out there every day helping to keep people in touch.

Roberto1966, Brazil

Saudações a todos
Moro em Goiânia, cidade central do Brasil, aqui as postagens para o exterior estão proibidas até segunda ordem, isso está acontecendo em todo país. Muito triste, apesar disso visito minha caixa de correios todos os dias. Desejo a todos paz e saúde e que venham bons dias.

braders101, United Kingdom

Thank you postcrossing <3 xx

Yulia-and-Mark, United States of America

Thanks for your work!

manoirloyer, France

In France we can't find anymore stamp for international mails :/ so, I have to put my account on stand by...

coffsharbour, Mexico

Yesterday, I was told that international correspondence is not being sent to its destiny. I was terribly disappointed to hear that news since last week I dropped 10 postcards into a post office mailbox!

RoryinOhio, United States of America

Amen ! keep the Cheer coming and Going ! thanks for your help with this !

Stories_Of_Change, Sweden

Thank you! Is there any way to increase the travelling time for those cards that were sent before the major disruptions? For some countries it can take 30 days to reach even without the postal disruptions caused by the pandemic. I'm in Sweden, can swap with those who still get cards, except Germany (so far, I've been receiving cards about 85% from Germany). Best.

comette, United States of America

Thank you for the Postal Monitor!! I am happy to have this source not just for Postcrossing but for any correspondence. I now have a place to check to see if mail service is viable. Really glad for you guys!!! <3

alethephilatelist, United States of America

Dear Ana and Paolo, I hope you are doing excellent!
Thank you so much for your updates and for monitoring this fun website.
I think it will definitely help during these hards times to be able to exchange postcards within the same country ONLY, at least temporarily.
All the time your team invests in this Postcrossing process is very much appreciated for the entire world! ♥
Thank you again and stay safe and healthy!

Coffee_and_chocolate, United States of America

I wish I knew where to get up-to-date info. I just had 2 cards returned from our post office, and I was sending them to Germany & Italy. These countries are not on your list, and the post office couldn't give me a list of what countries I can mail to. At $1.20 a card, I can't afford to re-send cards over & over. I'll be waiting a month or two. I wish we had the option of just mailing to our own country right now. I have all this spare time, and no where to send cards!

anahi, Netherlands

Dear Ana and Paolo, thanks for everything. Stay safe and healthy Warm greetings.

Mamaduke, Australia

I can't imagine how lonely people are who have no relatives living close by and have no visitors. Postcards are a real pick-me-up and I look forward to receiving at least 1 a week but it has been weeks since my last. I have bought a lot of Aussie Post PC's and have no one to send them to. I might go through the past sent pc's on Postcrossing and one each to my past recipients, just to keep Postcrossing?

Mamaduke, Australia

I, too want to thank you, Paolo and Ana. This site is excellent in ways of keeping us in contact with what is happening all over. These are difficult times. Could I ask Postcrossers to type their comments in English, please? I know we have Google translater but when you have so many to do, it is not worth it.
Keep up the good work, and stay safe.

richard42, United States of America

address make a good Christmas card list and birthday list

CandaceGA, United States of America

Thanks for all the great work that ALL postcrossers do!

bibieke, Belgium

Postcrossing is just wonderful!
Thank you for all the work you do to keep postcrossing alive.
It is nice to send postcards now to people of Europe and hopefully soon to the whole world again. Of course every time I receive a postcard, wherever it may come from, I feel happy.
To everybody : stay safe and healthy.

Melaia, Spain

Thanks Postcrossing!
Today I received two postcards, one from Germany dated 21/3and the other from Japan dated 14/3. which have returned me to "normallity", within his confinement.
Healthy everybody

leylaswap, Türkiye

Thanks Postcrossing :)
I'm doing research on the epidemic. I asked some questions. Can you click on the link and answer it? You can share if you want.
Thank you very much.
Stay home and be safe.

ChrisHo888, Hong Kong

Thank you postcrossing administrators. Everybody stay positive and healthy. Best wishes to everyone!

Nells250, United States of America

Was hoping to see a feature like this, THANK YOU!!

MsHelper, United States of America

Thank you for all the work you do for this site. I think it would be GREAT to have an exchange within the country during these days of "sheltering in place."

bili, Russia

Thanks for your work!
An amazing situation - postcards sent at the end of March are delivered to recipients, but for those that were sent at the end of February, everyone expires ... I tried so hard ...

Sincerely, Alexander

Schnootie, United States of America

Thank you very much for your work! I did Postcrossing a few years ago, and just decided to pick it up again. The world as we know if has changed, and I want to make sure that we all continue to reach out to one another and connect people around the world. Please be safe and be kind to yourself and each other!

Sanoukfr, France

A postcard take 40 days from France to Portugal :(

CaroTassie, Australia

Hi, good job everyone at POSTCROSSING. This is one of my main interests apart from native gardening and reading. Some of my postcards and envelopes of intended happiness are being received overseas but absolutely nothing is arriving. My sad little mailbox! Hopefully "Fortress Tasmania" will allow more mail through soon.

maria_bella, United States of America

Anybody sending postcards in envelopes for precautions?

elynth, Russia

Thank you for your wonderful job Ana, Paolo and Chie!
Keep on smiling guys, it'll end eventually and I bet someone will receive a postcard in August that was sent on March and smile.
We are the one, we are the children. Stay safe!

RiaD, Netherlands

I am still sendings cards as Postcrossing is so nice! But it seems that there are big delays in registering/receiving. Is that because of the Corona that infects the whole world?
Stay safe everybody!

doryfera, Canada

@RiaD, I'm definitely experiencing delays in registering/receiving too. I've had one to Taiwan expire outright, and 3 others are taking much longer than usual, given the destinations. Oh well, it is still nice for people to receive them, however late they arrive, right?
I'm very grateful for the behind-the-scenes work that matches us to recipients in countries to which our postal system is still sending mail. Big big thanks to Postcrosser Chieusa for what must have been a LOT of hard work <333

Jane20001213, China

Thank you~We are looking forward to embracing the spring!

hey-Vincent, China

Thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart~and stay safe & healthy

OmiKhan, Bangladesh

Dear Ana & Paolo,
Hope both of you are fine with families. Yes, I always pray for you in my prayer .
Just a suggestion, as long time we all are locked, can you send now 7 addresses instead of 5 for 6 months st least ! Keeping the moral up only.
Warm Regards.

svetik1966, Belarus

Hi! In such a difficult time, postcards are especially pleasing. It may be possible to temporarily extend the period, not 60 days, but at least 90. The post office in my country does not accept postcards to all countries.

MerlinM, Germany

Dear Ana, Paolo and Helpers,
Thank you so much for all the efforts you do to us. I think those delays will stay for at least one year. So I too would like to extend the period because than not that many cards get expired. On the other hand it is always a pity if all postcards are travelling and one is not able to send another one. So I sometimes even wait for expiring cards of certain postcrossers who are not that often active to be able to send one to others. It is a difficult decision. Would it maybe possible to have "extra corona slots" that might be only filled by cards sending in one owns country. Maybe just usable for the time many delays happen. I guess that is difficult though. The most important thing is you are keeping this able to work. And therefore I like to thank you from the deepest spot of my heart. I hope you all are healthy. And I hope you all and your families will survive this crisis.
Take good care of you.

Yanotik, Russia

Здравствуйте! Мои открытки из России не доходят( Я попробовала отправить повторно. Обидно!!!

Mamiielariie, Belgium

New updat about Belgium

barryoc, New Zealand

Friday 15 May was the day I received my first piece of international mail since late March 2020. Slowly international mail to New Zealand is resuming.

clemenceror, China

Thanks so much,hope you guys stay safe.

Selena, United States of America

Dear Postcrossing Team, Thank you for all your work!
I appreciate you keeping us up to date.
Mail has been slow. I have four expired cards sent now. Two people are no longer logging in regularly. One recipient is in a country still not receiving outside mail. But some of my sent cards are still received and registered, even if much slower than normal.
I’m not sure what the solution is, so please continue to do whatever you all decide is best, especially as the situation continues to change. Best wishes to you for good health and peace! Take care, Suzanne

DatCampG, United States of America

Thank You Postcrossing! Happy Summer To All!

koka_0, Russia

Hello everybody!
My last postcards were sent in February. Some of my postcards have expired. Some were delivered, but were very long in transit. I didn't get a single postcard all spring. This is very sad. Last week, I sent several postcards to the United States and Europe to check on the postal services.
Keep calm and wash your hands more often)

jackwillow, United States of America

Thank you for all you do to keep this amazing community alive and flourishing. It has brought me amazing joy during this time at home.

Vail-cai, China

I am from Wuhan and my city has witnessed much sorrow and sadness over the last 4 months. Fortunately we are now feeling better day by day. I hope that all the other countries recover as well. Never give up.


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