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About Edith...

If your country issues Europa (CEPT) stamps 2024 - about underwater fauna and flora - I would love to receive one on the card you'll send me :)

Postcrossing, I love it !
It gives me so much joy and friendship, brings me a new view on art, culture, traditions, countries. I've met many people in person, but of course more through writing. It's so amazing the internet gives us the opportunity to get connected to people from different countries. For me every card is a little glimpse of friendship across borders, languages and cultures.

Please, write me a bit about your life, your day, whatever you want to tell...I'm looking forward to it.

I used to work as a spiritual/ pastoral counselor in a Mental Health Institute. Now I'm retired.
I'm living in Rijswijk, a little town near The Hague.
The Hague, a city near the coast, is my place of birth. I love the coast !
I like many things....photography, reading, cooking, baking, architecture, history,art, culture,sewing. Life isn't long enough ;)

I took a course about the history of Russia.
Russian postcrossers, if you have cards about history, long long ago or more recent, I would love them.
I like languages. Dutch, English, German and French are languages I can speak, read and write. I took a course in Russian. Too short - I can read it a little.

some wishes/ suggestions:

* paintings of beach, coast !


For Germany: I like papersisters cards ! Chronik Karten ! Bahnhof Karten von Jacques Tilly !!
For USA: Lantern Press, Lou Paper (state) cards
For Netherlands: citycards by Jeroen Quirijns and
cards of places where I've lived: Den Haag, Gouda, Reeuwijk, Utrecht, Lelystad, Vlaardingen, Apeldoorn, Rijswijk.
For China: do you live in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province? please send me a card depicting Wenzhou and surroundings. I have a special connection with Wenzhou and I have been there.
I also love Indonesia and (East-) Malaysia (my husband has worked in Sabah and we love it)

*Norman Rockwell, Anna Silivonchik, Lena Gnedkova, Irina Zeniuk (BLUE CATS), VIRPI PEKKALA, Rachel Ignotovsky (women in science and the NEW women in art))

* art (19th, 20th century, naieve art)

* modern architecture: Bauhaus, de Stijl, Russian Constructivism, etc

* minorities in your country, native people, important people

* photography (b&w)

* books, reading, library, writing, postmen and women, mailboxes

* language, alphabeth

*How to be British

* female Gods or women who play or played an important role in a religion, like: Maria/ Mary/ Mirjam, Quanyin (Kwan Yin),Chang'e (taiyin xingjun/太陰星君) Shakti, 媽祖 (Mazu),天后 and many more.

*cargo ships and harbours: my father was working as an engineer on a cargo ship to the Far East in the 50/60's.
also paintings
*Series like GF, FOTW

My Favourite wall is a wishlist.

Thank you for reading my profile ! I'm looking forward to your card

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