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About Éva...

my name is Éva. (In Hungarian the family name is placed before the given name - so family name is the first, given name follows it!)

I'm living in Budapest, Hungary. I'm married, with adult children and small grandchildren. I retired in January 2018. I worked as a civil servant.

My hobbies are: reading, playing the viola (I play in a symphonic and a chamber music orchestra), listening to classical music, studying foreign languages, collecting books, postcards and everything with SHEEP!!!!! I am a real sheep-fan.

I will send real postcards and I would like to receive real postcards, too.
Please, if possible, don't send me hand-made, ad-cards, self-made photographs. And I don’t really like greeting cards (e.g. birhtday, Christmas, New Year, Easter) - except ones with sheep on them...!

You can send me cards with or without envelope. With nice stamps, if possible.
If your mother tongue is German, Polish or Russian, please, write me in German, Polish or Russian. :) Or in Hungarian, if you speak Hungarian! (Of course, if you write me in English, I'll be happy, too, but it makes more fun to receive my postcards in all five languages I know.)

My favourite cards are:
- first of all, if you have any: SHEEP, of course! (for my sheepcard collection)
- local folklore, folk costumes, folk art, tradition
- Finno-Ugric themes (languages, tradition, folk art, history etc.)
- agriculture, scenes of village life
- old wooden churches, houses
- timber-framed ("post-and-beam" construction) houses, buildings (Fachwerkhäuser)
- castles, palaces
- abbey, monastery, church, cathedral, temple, mosque, synagogue
- historical buildings of your country
- mountains, volcano, lake, sea
- nature
- national parks
- lighthouses, wind- and watermills
- if you don't have any of them, send me a tourist postcard from your city or country

Из России я была бы очень рада получить прежде всего следующие открытки:
озеро Байкал, Сибирь, тайга, природа, Север, Волга, старые деревянные церкви (например Кижи) и дома, старые русские церкви, Санкт-Петербург - Храм Христа Спасителя (Спас-на-Крови), Москва - Храм Василия Блаженного. Но я тоже люблю виды русских городов и деревень.
Меня очень интересуют финно-угорские народы (мансийский, хантыйский, марийский, мордовский, коми, удмуртский, эстонский, финский и т. д.), самые близкие "родственники" по языку венгров. :)
Напиши мне, пожалуйста, по-русски! :)

Thank you! / Спасибо! / Dziękuję bardzo! / Danke schön!

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