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About Kristin...

Hi, there! I am a foreign language and English teacher who loves learning about all parts of the world, and meeting new people wherever they may be. I am so excited to be a part of Postcrossing!

Always remember that I would love **any** type of postcard! To me, just finding a Postcrossing card in my mailbox at the end of the day brightens my busy life so much!

I adore different types of postcards - things out of the ordinary are great to me! I also enjoy receiving anything to do with:
-Alice In Wonderland
-Volvos (obvious, huh? :) )
-any old cars
-Keep Calm and...
-quotes in any language. Please translate for me! :)
-Mucha and Art Nouveau
-Foxes (My avatar is a photo of my son, Fox, and I. Yes, his nickname is Fox!)
-Morris Mouse! I just discovered him and am SO excited!!!

But please send any type of Postcard that you can. These are just suggestions!

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