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About Marina...

Hi! My name is Marina. I live in a small town in Central Russia. I love history, traveling, knitting. I like all postcards, because each of them interesting and beautiful, each with its own history of creation.
I love to receive postcards in envelope!

I hope I can get some small things from your country - for example, just like a tea bag with tea inside or yarn threads (I knit different things from them), and I collect buttons from different countries....

I have already collected colorful pieces of fabric from different countries and now together with my friends I sew a rug and a doll. I called it "Mosaic of the world." If you are able to draw, please, I will be very grateful to you, draw a logo or illustration to the Mosaic of the world project. I'll put it on the album and put your name on the list of authors of the art project. And of course I will send you a photo after the results of the project.

Why do I need a button? I plan to collect different buttons from different countries (I already have a small collection!), and then I want to make some art object - a symbol of friendship and a symbol of postcrossing.

Why do I need a tea bag with tea inside? I've put together a collection that presents it at the exhibition. Tea bag is a symbol of hospitality in different countries. I'm going to create a picture from tea bags – it will be called "Kindness in a tea bag".
I will also be glad if you send me a herbarium – a dried leaf of a tree, or a flower. I collect such plants from different countries and I want to make a picture of them. Please write the names of these plants and their places of growth in your country
I would be grateful if you send me it!

Here is my e-mail: fototgu@yandex.ru.

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