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emotis, United States of America


(or Erin) is a member in United States of America . She has been a member for over 6 years (2,283 days).
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About Erin...

About me: I'm a mom to 1 step-daughter and 3 sons (plus 2 ridiculously cute Black Labs). I've been married for 20 crazy, adventure filled years. I'm an attorney. I love cheering on the New England Patriots, and I think football season is the best time of the year! In the summers I try to garden, and all year long I love to read. Other interests: traveling, geocaching, cooking, Starbucks, Disney, collecting National Park passport stamps, walking, and penpalling.

I love receiving postcards from all over the world, so I know I'll enjoy the card you send me! Unusual and unique stamps are appreciated. Viewcards are ALWAYS welcome--- I love typical touristy cards. :)

If you're like me and love to have some ideas here are some themes I'm currently collecting:

-Easter postcards (not the folded cards)
-Lantern Press
-Postallove 'Greetings from...." cards
-Gotochi postbox cards
-Disney/Pixar (especially the Disney theme parks and hotels)
-Coffee and tea
-Harry Potter
-Royal Mail postcards (PHQ) and Maxi-cards
-Eiffel Tower
-Did you Know? cards
-Large Letter "Greetings From..."
-Black Labs
-Northern lights/aurora borealis
-Postcrossing Meetup cards
-HEMA cards featuring "Bakkie Doen"--- love these! :)

** I also collect Starbucks giftcards.. let me know if you'd like to trade.**

-US users: I love National Parks (especially the retro travel poster reprints like Lantern Press, Anderson Design etc.), New England area (love Boston and am looking for a card from Seabrook, NH), and cards that say the place name on the front.

-You can also check out my favorites on my postcard wall-- these are cards I don't have yet. :)

Please tell me a little bit about you.
Still need something to write on the card....? How did you learn about Postcrossing? Are any of your friends Postcrossers? Have you ever been to a meetup? How much do you spend on postage in a month?
**Please, could you also date your cards? I love to see how long they travel. Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you. :)

updated March 30, 2017

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