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About Dolores...

Hola, hello, bonjour, ciao!

Who I am? I'm a mum of two little girls. I'm a teacher (of French language). I'm a postcards and stamps collector. I'm an artist of writing, photography, handworks. And most of all, I'm a curious person!

I live next to Barcelona, on the Catalan coast of Spain. I love to explore the world; I go often to France where my mother-in-law lives, also because of my job.

I use to send a postcard to myself when I visit another town. My special challenge is to match the stamp to the card and the postmark! For instance, a stamp of the Sagrada Familia on a card of the Sagrada Familia... sent from Barcelona.

I just collect viewcards, I mean, cards with a photo that shows a monument, landscape, city, village or town... I specially like popular architecture and traditions, but every pretty card from your area will be welcome.

You can send me seasonal cards, if you like them, and if they are in the tradition of your country or culture (Saint Nicholas, Zwarte Piet, la Beffana, le Muguet du 1er Mai, Chinese New Year, Jewish holidays, etc.).

As I'm a linguist, it would be great if you write me something in your own language!

Nice to meet you... and glad to send you a viewcard too!


(PS. Don't be upset if I don't tag the card you sent me as a favourite; I do it with the cards I haven't received yet).