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About Cathy...

Hello- I love getting my little rectangles (or squares or any shape really) in the mail- much nicer than bills. Thanks in advance for sending me a card.

I am an ICU nurse in Houston-. I love to read, go to the movies, go to festivals. My favorites are the Renaissance festival in Houston and the Jazz festival in New Orleans. there is also a very nice Japanese festival here too, and of course write postcards.I like to decorate the back of the card, and have a collection of older stamps (to use on the cards). I have lived in Scotland (im Scottish), London, Tenerife, Dallas, Baton Rouge, New Orleans and now Houston. I enjoy spending time with my 2 teenage daughters- always an adventure.

Can you please date the card. What is your hobby (other than postcrossing). What is your favourite animal and why. Unusual stamps are cool.

Cards I like best are (in no particular order)
* Bees
* Black and white with a pop of color - any subject
* Animals-all kinds - land sea and air - from cute (rabbits, kittens,pandas etc) to not cute (spiders,sharks etc) and everything in between, real life or illustration.
* Whimsical/fantasy/dragons/fairies/mermaids/gnomes
* Hearts/polkadots/cherries/mushrooms
* Aliens/Star Trek/robots
* Teacups/tea party.
* Lavender fields/bunches
* Gotochi cards or Etagami
* Studio Ghibli/ Inge ladies
* Hospitals/medical/nursing
* Surprises/unusual
* Handmade
* I prefer people/faces more than buildings.

Just some suggestions. My fav list is cards that i've received and ones that catch my eye

Cheers, Cathy.

P.S. Apologies for our current president, apparently half of America lost its mind for a bit - hopefully the adults will take charge soon! This is my opinion please don't take offense to it but I never paid attention to politics much before - I do now - so there's that!