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My name is Ana and I currently live in London. I love to send and receive postcards the old school way - there's something about them that an email can never match ;)

I'm curious about other cultures and I have lived in 4 different countries so far - the farthest one being China. I love to travel and get to know other cultures! I'd be glad to hear about the tradition of your country/ region/ family that you love the most :)

If you want ideas for postcards:
- wanderlust/ travel/ transports
- traditions or special places where you live/ which you have visited
- streetart and/ or street photography
- brainiac/ nerdy jokes
- quotes
- reading/ books/ libraries/ knowledge
- "Greetings from" series (official or unofficial - if you don't know the "official" series:
- in May you can send me local "Happy Birthday" postcards :) please translate what it says!

Even ads postcards can be fun - please explain why you chose that particular one (and translate it if it's not in English). You can also take a look at my Favourites page:

For any other postcard you saw and liked - tell me why you were drawn to it! :)

Read you soon!


PS - It would be great if you could also send a postcard to one of the kids on this site and give them a smile to make their day a little better: :) [Note: the website was on a "sabbatical leave" in Nov '18, I'll try to go back every so often to confirm when it's back up and running as usual]


Nov '17 - a happy month :)
The 100th registered postcard I sent:
The 100th registered postcard I received: :D

Apr '18 - another happy month :)
200th registered postcard I sent:
200th registered postcard I received:

Aug '18
300th registered sent postcard:
300th registered received postcard:


Expired postcards:
GB-1033107 to Ricky_English, Canada (Aug '18)
GB-1028939 to Deidre_L, Russia (Aug '18)
GB-1013574 to meuamor, Portugal (Jun '18)
GB-1004799 to nayazen, Indonesia (May '18)
GB-999165 to Bastet2909, Germany (Apr '18)
GB-996337 to powertree, China (Apr '18)
GB-996336 to xramik, Russia (Apr '18)
GB-980417 to Janelle_Su, Taiwan (Feb '18)
GB-971132 to Wagner, Brazil (Jan '18)
GB-966859 to schweede, Slovakia (Jan '18)
GB-965512 to dmitryrabtsun, Russia (Jan '18)
GB-960060 to darts15, Bulgaria (Dec '17)
GB-948798 to AlekseyKhor, Russia (Nov '17)
GB-944923 to Quiana, China (Oct '17)
GB-924904 to astulinka, Czech Republic (Aug '17)
GB-899201 to Tuty, Fiji (May '17)
GB-849271 to SinaSzcz, Germany (Dec '16)

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