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Weekend giveaway: House of St Junior

The winner of last weekend's PostCarden set was kate101 - thank you to everyone who participated throughout the week!

For this weekend's giveaway, we'd like to introduce House of St Junior, a small company based in London. It was founded by Scott Sloan and Neil Gillespie, who explain the concept behind the company:

We love artwork, but sometimes we can't afford it, nevermind get it framed. So we started St.Junior, postable, framed mini-artworks... to help you start your collection!

Scott and Neil invented a genius product which they named the postframe. These consist of special edition postcards, framed in black matte foam and covered with a sheet of shatterproof lightweight perspex. Postframes can be easily mailed just like a normal postcard - ours arrived fast and in perfect condition!

Here's how it works:

Neat, right? And the best part is, today we have 3 postframes to give away!

For a chance to grab one, visit the House of St Junior's homepage and leave a comment below telling us what your favorite postframe is! :)

Comments will be open until midnight UTC September 10. Good luck!

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Posted by on 4 Sep, 2011
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294 comments so far

ringwood, Canada
I love these - so innovative! My favorite postframe was definitely the one titled 'Inbetween'...It's rather romantic, yet has a ghostly, supernatural feel. :)
Posted by ringwood on 4 Sep, 2011

BoomerBrian, United States of America
Ping pong all the way!
Posted by BoomerBrian on 4 Sep, 2011

Minuet, Thailand
definitely fish & chip!!!
Posted by Minuet on 4 Sep, 2011

Robert_H, United States of America
fish and chips gets my vote.
Posted by Robert_H on 4 Sep, 2011

Tundra_dust, United States of America
I love Inbetween by Isobel Mei.
Posted by Tundra_dust on 4 Sep, 2011

spacegirl86, United States of America
Sunshower is so my favorite
Posted by spacegirl86 on 4 Sep, 2011

CaramelPorcupine, United Kingdom
Fish & Chip is my favorite! :D
Posted by CaramelPorcupine on 4 Sep, 2011

BarbCraig, Australia
Definitely the Inbetween, the dreamlike atmosphere with the appearance of options to exit.
Posted by BarbCraig on 4 Sep, 2011

florencen, Australia
who knows I may get to see one when I am working and I will marvel at it and show it to my colleagues and place it carefully back into the mail stream and let it proceed....
Posted by florencen on 4 Sep, 2011

shui, Taiwan
Red Sparrow caught my eyes immediately!
It's colorful, interesting, and will definitely bring me a good mood when looking at it in front of my desk! :D
Posted by shui on 4 Sep, 2011

sassefrass, Netherlands
I'm totally in for Kunni by Anna Faye Gillespie
Posted by sassefrass on 4 Sep, 2011

kate101, Hungary
Isobel Mei // Inbetween
Posted by kate101 on 4 Sep, 2011

Apwohalyptica, Lithuania
Though I know I won't win, I'd like to participate so I choose 'Daytime Archer' :)
Posted by Apwohalyptica on 4 Sep, 2011

okapifire, Korea (South)
I like Inbetween by Isobel Mei!
Posted by okapifire on 4 Sep, 2011

lapoussine35, France
Inbetween by Isobel Mei! Very dreamlike :-)
Posted by lapoussine35 on 4 Sep, 2011

Arida, Russia
I love Inbetween by Isobel Mei 8)
Posted by Arida on 4 Sep, 2011

nightjar, Ukraine
I like 'Sunshower' by Neil Gillespie the most.
Posted by nightjar on 4 Sep, 2011

crea-lique, Netherlands
I love Inbetween by Isobel Mei.
It's a classic that many people will appreciate.
It leaves a lot to you imagination and the lighting is beautiful.
Posted by crea-lique on 4 Sep, 2011

LaMa1, Netherlands
Love the:Isobel Mei / Inbetween. My kind of postcard art. Love it.
Posted by LaMa1 on 4 Sep, 2011

Hotaru, Denmark
Nice project!!
My favourite is InBetween by Isobel Mei: fascinating! :)
Posted by Hotaru on 4 Sep, 2011

Alina92, Germany
My favourite one is "Inbetween" by Isobel Mei :)
Posted by Alina92 on 4 Sep, 2011

happyjes, Netherlands
My favourite: Isobel Mei - Inbetween. A romantic, mysterious and fairytale like artwork.
Nice homepage and artworks. Very good idea!
Posted by happyjes on 4 Sep, 2011

yoshi73, France
My favourite is "inbetween". Very beautiful!
Posted by yoshi73 on 4 Sep, 2011

DorienDM, Belgium
I prefer the ping pong card, catched my eye right away
Posted by DorienDM on 4 Sep, 2011

graeme, New Zealand
My favourite is 'Kunni' by Anna Faye Gillespie.
Posted by graeme on 4 Sep, 2011

volvomom, United States of America
My favorite was Isobel Mei // Inbetween. It reminded me of the Victorian era, which I adore!
Posted by volvomom on 4 Sep, 2011

Chantal_87, Netherlands
My favourite is inbetween. It makes me wonder what will happen next, like it's a part of a story :)
Posted by Chantal_87 on 4 Sep, 2011

Dromera, Netherlands
I love this idea! I have several postcards in frames on the wall, but getting one in the mail would be even more wonderful! I love "Sunshower" by Neil Gillespie.
Posted by Dromera on 4 Sep, 2011

Sparkling_Moon, Lithuania
My favorite is Isobel Mei "Inbetween". It's so romantic, yet a bit mysterious:)
Posted by Sparkling_Moon on 4 Sep, 2011

Nethanja, Netherlands
Isobel Mei // Inbetween
Posted by Nethanja on 4 Sep, 2011

irinao, Romania
I ahve a thing for green, so I have to say Isobel Mei // Inbetween
Posted by irinao on 4 Sep, 2011

iloveletters, Germany
I like best: Neil Gillespie // Palace Series - because this is original art work!
Posted by iloveletters on 4 Sep, 2011

Kryv, Turkey
ANNA FAYE GILLESPIE // KUNNI is my favourite
Posted by Kryv on 4 Sep, 2011

Moonwell, Netherlands
What a great idea!!! I love the Zoe Barker // Values
Posted by Moonwell on 4 Sep, 2011

kugusch, Germany
Neat idea! My favorite is "an outdoor swim"!
Posted by kugusch on 4 Sep, 2011

ned44440, Ireland
Isobel Mei // Inbetween has my vote although I love quite a few of the others. Inbetween seems to invite you into the frame . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Posted by ned44440 on 4 Sep, 2011

deltiologist, United States of America
I like "Kunni". Such detail. And who doesn't like pretty girls?
Posted by deltiologist on 4 Sep, 2011

dianemk, United States of America
They are all very neat, but my favorite is An Outdoor Swim
Posted by dianemk on 4 Sep, 2011

HinArien, Ukraine
Anna Faye Gillespie is my fave :)
Posted by HinArien on 4 Sep, 2011

HinArien, Ukraine
"Kunni" I meant, of course.
Posted by HinArien on 4 Sep, 2011

abbyaguas, Philippines
INBETWEEN and Kunni battles... I'll go more for Kunni :)
Thank you for this one!
Posted by abbyaguas on 4 Sep, 2011

xcharlie87, United Kingdom
Sunshower, it just looks so retro and would fit into any home :)
Posted by xcharlie87 on 4 Sep, 2011

cheekychimp, United States of America
Red Sparrow jumped out at me.....but they were all great (fish and chips was a close second)
Posted by cheekychimp on 4 Sep, 2011

Tetsuko, Germany
'Anna Faye Gillespie // Kunni' is definitly my favourit, even if there are also lots other nice frames :)
Posted by Tetsuko on 4 Sep, 2011

Tersaika, United States of America
Neil Gillespie // Sunshower

is definitely my favorite! :)
Posted by Tersaika on 4 Sep, 2011

lorainedionne, Netherlands
I go for In Between.
Posted by lorainedionne on 4 Sep, 2011

phuleshouse, Canada
Neat idea! Fish & Chips for me
Posted by phuleshouse on 4 Sep, 2011

SuSu29, Canada
Ping pong :)
Posted by SuSu29 on 4 Sep, 2011

Peekbird, Netherlands
This is a funny concept. I love it, I hope to get one soon!

Posted by Peekbird on 4 Sep, 2011

Blackthornhiei, El Salvador
I love Sunshower
Posted by Blackthornhiei on 4 Sep, 2011

plathie, Spain
My favourite is An outdoor swim.
Posted by plathie on 4 Sep, 2011

NikkiBurch, United States of America
I LOVE the Red Sparrow :) Abstract and bright!
Posted by NikkiBurch on 4 Sep, 2011

LinaLovesLive, Germany
Inbetween von Isobel Mei
Posted by LinaLovesLive on 4 Sep, 2011

Csigat_Snail, Belarus
Isobel Mei // Inbetween is absolutely awesome :)
Posted by Csigat_Snail on 4 Sep, 2011

jaenelle, United States of America
Red Sparrow is definitely my favorite!
Posted by jaenelle on 4 Sep, 2011

Collodion, United States of America
I have to say I love Inbetween by Isobel Mei.
Posted by Collodion on 4 Sep, 2011

Dingre, United Kingdom
Isobel Mei // Inbetween - just because I prefer photography postcards :)
Posted by Dingre on 4 Sep, 2011

Art-and-Soul, Canada
Fish and chips, definately! :D :D
Posted by Art-and-Soul on 4 Sep, 2011

farm-mama, United States of America
My favorite is Inbetween by Isobel Mei
Posted by farm-mama on 4 Sep, 2011

laurenemm, Canada
I love the original at the bottom- Neil Gillespie's Palace Series. It's so interesting to look at.
Posted by laurenemm on 4 Sep, 2011

HM, Netherlands
Keith Greiman // Red Sparrow

What a clever idea, and worked out so well!
Posted by HM on 4 Sep, 2011

DutchMelissa, Netherlands
Inbetween. It makes me want to be there.
Posted by DutchMelissa on 4 Sep, 2011

etasha, United States of America
I really liked Isobel Mei // Inbetween. it welcomes you into the picture, leading you to a peaceful place.
Posted by etasha on 4 Sep, 2011

Louisette1988, Netherlands
My favorite is Anna Faye Gillespie // Kunni :D
Posted by Louisette1988 on 4 Sep, 2011

mothwriter, United States of America
Isobel Mei's Inbetween is so evocative -- hard to imagine it is a small image, expands itself while you watch.
Posted by mothwriter on 4 Sep, 2011

Briarcliff, United States of America
I saw 4 that I would love to have, but my favorite of the 4 is Neil Gillespie's "Sunshower".
Posted by Briarcliff on 4 Sep, 2011

phoebeanna, United States of America
my fav is sunshower :)
Posted by phoebeanna on 4 Sep, 2011

strummer, Italy
My favorite is without doubts Inbetween, by Isobel Mei. I am really found of photography and I can't get enough of good pics! Love it!
Posted by strummer on 4 Sep, 2011

jellyball, Lithuania
Sunshower. It has this golden feeling and reminds me of my childhood books. But Ping Pong is the close second!
Posted by jellyball on 4 Sep, 2011

Dreamweaverbird, Belgium
"Daytime archer" is what I like : either a woman or a Scotsman aiming for a goal to achieve.
Posted by Dreamweaverbird on 4 Sep, 2011

LittlePuffin, Germany
All of them looks quite interesting, but I think my favourite is the Isobel Mei // Inbetween one. I love photography and the view on this one is fantastic.
Posted by LittlePuffin on 4 Sep, 2011

Fullmoon_witch, Portugal
I like "Inbetween" by Isobel Mei
Posted by Fullmoon_witch on 4 Sep, 2011

LaGelatina, United States of America
I really did like them all, but my favorite was Fish & Chip--reminds me that I haven't had fish & chips in a long time and that sounds so good!
Posted by LaGelatina on 4 Sep, 2011

SoupLike, Lithuania
"Inbetween" by Isobel Mei's my favourite. ;)
Posted by SoupLike on 4 Sep, 2011

renatoBG, Serbia
My favorite is "Inbetween" by Isobel Mei.
Posted by renatoBG on 4 Sep, 2011

carolreader, United States of America
I like "Red sparrow".
Posted by carolreader on 4 Sep, 2011

AllSerene, United Kingdom
Isobel Mei // Inbetween
Posted by AllSerene on 4 Sep, 2011

janitalima, Portugal
My favourite is - Isobel Mei // Inbetween
:) Lovely concept! :)
Posted by janitalima on 4 Sep, 2011

Niall, Germany
My fav. is Isobel Mei // Inbetween
really beautyfull !
Posted by Niall on 4 Sep, 2011

fernyias, Chile
Palace Series =)
Posted by fernyias on 4 Sep, 2011

aoihana, Japan
Oooooh, "in between" is my preference, for certs! so hauntingly simple and lovely.
Posted by aoihana on 4 Sep, 2011

saharlimes, United States of America
An outdoor swim! Loved it!
Posted by saharlimes on 4 Sep, 2011

Rachel94, United States of America
Isobel Mei // In Between is my favorite.
Posted by Rachel94 on 4 Sep, 2011

stillinchains, Hungary
Definately Neil Gillespie's Palace Series! I love this kind of ornamentation...
Posted by stillinchains on 4 Sep, 2011

Karoleenah, Venezuela
Values :)
Posted by Karoleenah on 4 Sep, 2011

bellesouth, United States of America
I enjoyed Sinead Evans!
Posted by bellesouth on 4 Sep, 2011

SueB, United States of America
Inbetween by Isobel Mei is beautiful!
Posted by SueB on 4 Sep, 2011

Lizzzy, United States of America
Lol well, i just published a book titled "somewhere in between" about the inbetween time between life and death and lo and behold there is one with a picture of a long path with an opening that is titled inbetween?! Definitely that one for sure!
Posted by Lizzzy on 4 Sep, 2011

Claudinchen, Germany
The Archer is my favourite, because my zodiac signis sagittarius.*gg*
Posted by Claudinchen on 4 Sep, 2011

mommy1970, United States of America
I really like the 'Inbetween'. What a beautiful picture!!!
Posted by mommy1970 on 4 Sep, 2011

NaglasDrugys, Lithuania
Inbetween and sunshower :>>
Posted by NaglasDrugys on 4 Sep, 2011

Panka, Hungary
I can not decide between two of them: sunshower and inbetween :)
Posted by Panka on 4 Sep, 2011

lluvia-aweiku, Germany
I like "Kunni" the Most :)
Posted by lluvia-aweiku on 4 Sep, 2011

glaucimara, Brazil
Inbetween ( is definetely my favourite. I would be glad to have it! Hope I win!
Posted by glaucimara on 4 Sep, 2011

Nancyjb, United States of America
I like "An Outdoor Swim" with Fish and Chips a close second.
Posted by Nancyjb on 4 Sep, 2011

linpj, United States of America
Posted by linpj on 4 Sep, 2011

fairymin, United Kingdom
I love the Inbetween, actually felt as if I could just step into it
Posted by fairymin on 4 Sep, 2011

kaconcini, United States of America
I love an Outdoor Swim. It has this vintage beauty look. I love it. It'd be an amazing focal point to like a bathroom or kitchen then you can have soft colors around it. They are all good though.
Posted by kaconcini on 4 Sep, 2011

KaLiBbW, Canada
I love the Sunshower a lot ! But all are beautiful, wow ! :)
Posted by KaLiBbW on 4 Sep, 2011

MuGs, Poland
I think they are great and idea is master piece - for me favorite is Anna Faye Gillespie // Kunni
Its so great. Silent of postcard and words written on them. They don't give sound but when you read them they are personal. Flow to your soul and leave mark that no sound can leave.
Great one.
Posted by MuGs on 4 Sep, 2011

alessandralee, United States of America
I love Inbetween by Isobel Mei
Posted by alessandralee on 4 Sep, 2011

Rattenfaenger, Germany
Neil Gillespie, Palace Series - definitely.
Posted by Rattenfaenger on 4 Sep, 2011

SecretSquirrel1904, United States of America
Keith Shore's Daytime Archer is thes best!!! Looks just like being out in the wheat fields back home during a summer afternoon thunderstorm :)
Posted by SecretSquirrel1904 on 4 Sep, 2011

Tjoentje, Netherlands
I like the TWO FOR 12 ;-)
Posted by Tjoentje on 4 Sep, 2011

skissman, United States of America

Love the colors. :-)
Posted by skissman on 4 Sep, 2011

poets_quill, United States of America
My fav is by Isobel Mei and it's called
Posted by poets_quill on 4 Sep, 2011

CorgiLove, United States of America
I like Sunshower!
Posted by CorgiLove on 4 Sep, 2011

9teen87, United States of America
I would LOVE to win one of these!!!!
Posted by 9teen87 on 4 Sep, 2011

Fage, Czech Republic
That is just sweet! I love them :)
Aand "And Outdoor Swim" becomes my favorite one.
Posted by Fage on 4 Sep, 2011

marica_t, United States of America
Ping Pong. Looks fun :D
Posted by marica_t on 4 Sep, 2011

StojakSiblings, Germany
Ping Pong
Posted by StojakSiblings on 4 Sep, 2011

KarenNfld, Canada
Inbetween is my favourite!
Posted by KarenNfld on 4 Sep, 2011

whowaitedthegirl, Canada
I love Isobel Mei // Inbetween
Posted by whowaitedthegirl on 4 Sep, 2011

mystic_dolphin, United States of America
I love Keith Shore's Daytime Archer... I am an acher myself couldn't helo it ;) also love the colors on that one.
Posted by mystic_dolphin on 4 Sep, 2011

Elkka, Finland
Isobel Mei // Inbetween. Amazing view, I love it.
Posted by Elkka on 4 Sep, 2011

Quills, Canada
My fav is Isobel Mei's "InBetween" :)
Posted by Quills on 4 Sep, 2011

MadeInCanarias, Spain
My favorite is Isobel Mei Inbetween.
Thanks for a great giveaway!
Posted by MadeInCanarias on 4 Sep, 2011

Rocio85, United States of America
In Between by Isobel Mei. It looks so calm and soothing. Every house and workplace should have one!
Posted by Rocio85 on 4 Sep, 2011

pattysandwich, Germany
I like the fish and chip on the best. :D
Posted by pattysandwich on 4 Sep, 2011

Serennablack, Portugal
Inbetween is my favourite... It's as if someone has captured with the camera a timeless moment. A moment where the whole earth stand still, looking at that beautiful garden. Maybe it was called inbetween because It's in inbetween Time and Life. Eternal...simply beautiful!
Posted by Serennablack on 4 Sep, 2011

EvansCrew, United States of America
I love Neil Gillespie's Palace Series. Neat idea!
Posted by EvansCrew on 4 Sep, 2011

saffron55, Canada
the one called Inbetween is beautiful!
Posted by saffron55 on 4 Sep, 2011

sdnmead, United States of America
My favorite was Inbetween.
Posted by sdnmead on 4 Sep, 2011

Sharyn, United States of America
My favorite is Zoe Barker//Values!
Posted by Sharyn on 4 Sep, 2011

the_natka, Poland
my fav is sunshower!
Posted by the_natka on 4 Sep, 2011

MrsRoo, Canada
Tough to choose but I would pick Isobel Mei - Inbetween
Posted by MrsRoo on 5 Sep, 2011

Tsadida, United States of America
I'd have to say Sunshower
Posted by Tsadida on 5 Sep, 2011

jemma9580, Australia
Red Sparrow was my first choice pick. What a great idea postframes are!
Posted by jemma9580 on 5 Sep, 2011

kiaoraAmy, Canada
LOVE Isobel Mei's "Inbetween." Gorgeous and contemplative!
Posted by kiaoraAmy on 5 Sep, 2011

princetongirl_nz, New Zealand
Isobel Mei // Inbetween. Gorgeous!
Posted by princetongirl_nz on 5 Sep, 2011

smokinjo, New Zealand
Neil Gillespie // Sunshower, loving owls right now :-)
Posted by smokinjo on 5 Sep, 2011

aberline, Australia
Sunshower, I like the muted colours
Posted by aberline on 5 Sep, 2011

scrutiny, Hong Kong
Hands down, Inbetween. That image is stunning.

Thank you! :)
Posted by scrutiny on 5 Sep, 2011

ainvess, Taiwan
Sunshower! Ornate and beautiful : )
Posted by ainvess on 5 Sep, 2011

gladysdavid, Malaysia
Isobel Mei//In between most definitely.
Posted by gladysdavid on 5 Sep, 2011

Hanakang, Korea (South)
wow no worry a postcard is ruined! what a wonderful idea! No doubt that i love Neil Gillespie // Sunshower @@
Posted by Hanakang on 5 Sep, 2011

Shadow75, Australia
I do like the inbetween, you can stare at if for ages and wonder where the courtyard path leads to.
Posted by Shadow75 on 5 Sep, 2011

jmnstars, United States of America
I really LOVE Sunshower! :) Thank you for the giveaway!
Posted by jmnstars on 5 Sep, 2011

k_girl883, Canada
Fish and chip is my fav
Posted by k_girl883 on 5 Sep, 2011

MizzMon, Netherlands
I love "Inbetween", so I vote for that!!
Posted by MizzMon on 5 Sep, 2011

Pinkbookdragon, United States of America
wow! I love this idea! So true that I always mean to get around to framing and hanging some of my postcards but always forget! My favorite is Sunshower by Neil Gillespie, but there are a lot of great prints!
Posted by Pinkbookdragon on 5 Sep, 2011

nika_bp, Ukraine
Inbetween by Isobel Mei is my favourite :)
Posted by nika_bp on 5 Sep, 2011

raincity, Canada
VALUES! It reminds me of my mother :)
Posted by raincity on 5 Sep, 2011

Saulytera, Lithuania
Wow, they're all gorgeous, but I'll choose Neil Gillespie - Sunshower
Posted by Saulytera on 5 Sep, 2011

decollage, Poland
I love Isobel Mei // "Inbetween" - beautiful romantic photo!
Posted by decollage on 5 Sep, 2011

HoopsandYoyo, Netherlands
Definitely "Inbetween"! I love it!
Posted by HoopsandYoyo on 5 Sep, 2011

inge_1403, Netherlands
I like the sunshower by neil gillespie, it looks so cool :)
Posted by inge_1403 on 5 Sep, 2011

Hasenwinkel, Germany
Isobel Mei // Inbetween !!
Posted by Hasenwinkel on 5 Sep, 2011

greenalex, Romania
Posted by greenalex on 5 Sep, 2011

SchwarzerNebel, Germany
Isobel Mei // Inbetween

Posted by SchwarzerNebel on 5 Sep, 2011

SchwarzerNebel, Germany
love this mystical mix of natur and buildings!
Posted by SchwarzerNebel on 5 Sep, 2011

speedbird_059, South Africa
I adore Isobel Mei's "Inbetween" - its a beautiful setting and the way the light is captured is sheer magic!
Posted by speedbird_059 on 5 Sep, 2011

Hawwa, Morocco
Definitely, "Inbetween". I also like the colours in "An outdoor swim".
Posted by Hawwa on 5 Sep, 2011

Galamarova, Macedonia
I love Values, Zoe Barker :)
Posted by Galamarova on 5 Sep, 2011

MrsFuchur, Switzerland
I love the Daytime Archer. Because of the colours and the humour in the picture. But I really admire Sunshower, as well.
Posted by MrsFuchur on 5 Sep, 2011

nediam_nori, Finland
Isobel Mei: Inbetween :)
Posted by nediam_nori on 5 Sep, 2011

pocci, Germany
My favourite is Inbetween by Isobel Mei, it's really peaceful and I love such old gardens.
Posted by pocci on 5 Sep, 2011

UkraPost, Ukraine
My favorite postframe is "Sunshower" by Neil Gillespie.
Posted by UkraPost on 5 Sep, 2011

Frank30, Netherlands
Whow, thats a great way to show your postcard. I really like "Inbetween"
Posted by Frank30 on 5 Sep, 2011

Agse, Latvia
I love "Inbetween" by Isobel Mei, It's beautiful, vintage look, old garden- just magnificent :)
Posted by Agse on 5 Sep, 2011

ctim, Sweden
I like "An outdoor swim"
Posted by ctim on 5 Sep, 2011

zeptone, France
NEIL GILLESPIE // SUNSHOWER , I really like it!
Posted by zeptone on 5 Sep, 2011

cmdr, Netherlands
Very original idea!! I really like the modern, popart print of ROBIN HULME // PING PONG.
Posted by cmdr on 5 Sep, 2011

BluVega, Italy
I love Neil Gillespie's Sunshower! *_*
Posted by BluVega on 5 Sep, 2011

Pipey, United Kingdom
Isobel Mei // Inbetween is so beautiful I would love this one
Posted by Pipey on 5 Sep, 2011

musja, Latvia
'Inbetween' is wonderful, I choose this one.
Posted by musja on 5 Sep, 2011

erzukene, Estonia
I complately unerstand why most of comments says "Inbetween" It is my favorite as well. It is so gorgeous.
Posted by erzukene on 5 Sep, 2011

Drielandenpunt, Netherlands
I can understand why so many postcrossers vote for "Inbetween". It's the perfect postcard.
As a picture to hang on my wall as suggested, however, I'd rather fancy Keith Greiman's "Red Sparrow".
Posted by Drielandenpunt on 5 Sep, 2011

profm, Canada
I really like Isobel Mei's Inbetween ... PingPong is a fun close second!
Posted by profm on 5 Sep, 2011

xenophilia, United States of America
Isobel Mei's "Inbetween," definitely! The colors are gorgeous! Second place is probably Niel Gillespie's "Sunshower," though.
Posted by xenophilia on 5 Sep, 2011

idun, Finland
Isobel Mei's Inbetween really poped out for me. Think it looks so 'fantasy' :D
Posted by idun on 5 Sep, 2011

martymarty, Czech Republic
All my family votes for "sunshower" with the cute owl. It´s very rare that we agreed on one picture as our tastes are so different - my husband is "black´n´metal", I am into nature and our kids preffer fun stuff.
And foam frames are clever idea, however when I saw how it is made.... I bet I would more cut my hands than make one of them :-)
So good luck with this shop! Marty
Posted by martymarty on 5 Sep, 2011

Lady__Bird, Lithuania
My favorite is Anna Faye Gillespie "Kunni" ;)
Posted by Lady__Bird on 5 Sep, 2011

jmsbala, Singapore
Kunni! shhh dont tell anyone :)
Posted by jmsbala on 5 Sep, 2011

lucymonty, United Kingdom
Wow! What a fabulous idea!! My favourite is 'Inbetween' - it is so atmospheric and magical :-)
Posted by lucymonty on 5 Sep, 2011

unicorn11, Canada
I loved the Inbetween. Truly a great idea. I'm sure many walls will be showcasing breathtaking postcards with the neat frames now available!
Posted by unicorn11 on 5 Sep, 2011

krismast, United States of America
I love the ping pong one!
Posted by krismast on 5 Sep, 2011

STUFFellaneousJr, United States of America
Posted by STUFFellaneousJr on 5 Sep, 2011

veer, Belgium
I always like An Outdoor Swim...
Posted by veer on 5 Sep, 2011

IrMSt, Germany
No doubt: An Outdoor Swim by Sined Evans
Posted by IrMSt on 5 Sep, 2011

Cheryll, Suriname
Isobel Mei // Inbetween
my fav!
Posted by Cheryll on 5 Sep, 2011

Bookworm1, Ukraine
I think
looks great!

I love them =)
Posted by Bookworm1 on 5 Sep, 2011

Polis80, United States of America
'Daytime Archer' and 'In Between" are my two favorite postframes!!! Nice idea!
Posted by Polis80 on 5 Sep, 2011

red_dianthus, Canada
Neil Gillespie // Sunshower is definitely my favorite.
Posted by red_dianthus on 5 Sep, 2011

Atje, Germany
I love the Isobel Mei / Inbetween one. It caught my eye even before I looked at it close-up. The lighting and perspective is great.
Posted by Atje on 5 Sep, 2011

Pa_Brydon, United States of America
Kunni!! Tell everyone, seems like a great idea.
Posted by Pa_Brydon on 5 Sep, 2011

Lisanne2212, Netherlands
My favourite is Kunni by Anna Faye Gillespie :-)
Posted by Lisanne2212 on 5 Sep, 2011

jolo, Germany
Posted by jolo on 5 Sep, 2011

linku, Germany
VALUES for me...
Posted by linku on 5 Sep, 2011

mowalker, United States of America
inbetween for me, the story of my life, always inbetween something or someone
Posted by mowalker on 5 Sep, 2011

Dryddha, Spain
I definitely love Isobel Mei//Inbetween! (as many people do, it seems) It has depth, as if you could go inside the picture and walk, simply wonderful... :)
Posted by Dryddha on 5 Sep, 2011

knitter007ca, Canada
I like "Red Sparrow"; it makes me think about the immediate and it makes me smile since gentle sparrows are my neighbourhood bird.
Posted by knitter007ca on 5 Sep, 2011

hmthompson, United States of America
Red Sparrow grabbed my attention with its bold colors and startling image. It would be fun to send or to receive.
Posted by hmthompson on 5 Sep, 2011

FionaFamos, Germany
My choice would definitely be "Ping Pong" by Robin Hulme. My dad is a passionate ping-pong player and it reminds of me of my childhood when I spent a lot of time in the gym watching ping-pong matches and hearing the characteristic sounds.
Posted by FionaFamos on 5 Sep, 2011

maggmurp, United States of America
They are all really nice. But I think my favorite is Isobel Mei // Inbetween
Posted by maggmurp on 5 Sep, 2011

TerriGreenberg, United States of America
An Outdoor Swim... because it's simple and subtle and blue...
Posted by TerriGreenberg on 5 Sep, 2011

marlepowe, United States of America
I liked Sunshower because "who wouldn't want to stand in a 'sunshower'? Close second was Red Sparrow because it was so colorful and I like birds.
Posted by marlepowe on 5 Sep, 2011

MaggieMae, United States of America
I really love "Inbetween" by Isobel Mei. It's haunting.
Posted by MaggieMae on 5 Sep, 2011

SewingStars, Spain
Definitely "Inbetween" by Isomel Mei. Fantastic.
Posted by SewingStars on 6 Sep, 2011

tsoden, United States of America
Inbetween by Isobel Mei is absolutely my favorite, and it seems a lot of others agree. :)
Posted by tsoden on 6 Sep, 2011

hiddenjade, United States of America
I love Neil's Sunshower. Can't resist the owl.
Posted by hiddenjade on 6 Sep, 2011

nisnoopy3, Malaysia
I like Isobel Mei // Inbetween . It is so beautiful! :D
Posted by nisnoopy3 on 6 Sep, 2011

erlkoenigstochter, Austria
I like Sunshower by Neill Gillespie - my dear friend Katya loves owls and she is moving in a new home after a long relationship broke up, it would cheer her up to get this one :)
Posted by erlkoenigstochter on 6 Sep, 2011

JackFate, Czech Republic
I'd go with the archer one! I love the determination and the bright yellow color.
Posted by JackFate on 6 Sep, 2011

Andersone, Latvia
I love Inbetween by Isobel Mei. On the wall it would look like a little window to a tranquil place. So nice.
Posted by Andersone on 6 Sep, 2011

Kimki1987, Netherlands
I love this one!
Because it's both funny and artistic :D
Posted by Kimki1987 on 6 Sep, 2011

meghanG, South Africa
This is a very clever idea. I like Sinead Evans / An outdoor swim.
Posted by meghanG on 6 Sep, 2011

Sophie54, Netherlands
I love the Sunshower of Neill Gillespie, after the kind of summer we had in this year I need some sunrays on my face.
Posted by Sophie54 on 6 Sep, 2011

skullduggery, Netherlands
Cool idea. My favourite is "Inbetween".
Posted by skullduggery on 6 Sep, 2011

CamJP, Australia
Cameron (8 years) says Fish and Chips Friday is AWESOME!! I think that's mainly because he just, well, loves, fish and chips.... Thanks for introducing us to this neat product :)
Posted by CamJP on 6 Sep, 2011

wndyeliza, United States of America
I'm an Inbetween(er)! It is a beautiful photo!
Posted by wndyeliza on 6 Sep, 2011

el_vigilante, United States of America
Love Neil Gillespie // Palace Series
Posted by el_vigilante on 6 Sep, 2011

megachick, United States of America
love fish and chip!
Posted by megachick on 6 Sep, 2011

EggNoggStick, United States of America
"Inbetween" is a stunning bit of romantic art. It stole my imagination when I saw it.
Posted by EggNoggStick on 6 Sep, 2011

Renate_, Netherlands
Neil Gillespie / Palace series, absolutely stands out!
Posted by Renate_ on 6 Sep, 2011

Tripeira, Portugal
My favourite is Sunshower. Wonderfull card!
Posted by Tripeira on 6 Sep, 2011

ARod26, United States of America
I love the postframe called inbetween by Isobel Mei.
Posted by ARod26 on 6 Sep, 2011

Poohmaa, Germany
Wow! What a fabulous product! I'd love to win. I like the Palace Series by Neil Gillespie the best.
Posted by Poohmaa on 6 Sep, 2011

brickrena, Belarus
Great giveaway!
My favorite postframe is sunshower =) so stylish =) so artistic... Great details!
Posted by brickrena on 6 Sep, 2011

gmur2much, United States of America
Inbetween by Isobel Mei. I could get lost in the beauty.
Posted by gmur2much on 6 Sep, 2011

lil_oana, Romania
Love the "Inbetween" card! Amazing idea!! Love it! You go, guys! :D
Posted by lil_oana on 6 Sep, 2011

bansheeandme, United States of America
i like all of Neil Gillespie's work. He has a unique artistic style. the palace series is probally my favorite.
Posted by bansheeandme on 6 Sep, 2011

Oliellie, United States of America
I really love 'Sunshower' by Neil Gillespie. Owls are awesome!!!!!!!
Posted by Oliellie on 6 Sep, 2011

blunosr, Canada
Incredible product. I can't believe they cut the frames all by hand! My favorite has to be InBetween by ISOBEL MEI.
Posted by blunosr on 7 Sep, 2011

lisasheaander, United States of America
Kunni By Anna Faye Gillespie I by far tugging on my heart strings.
Posted by lisasheaander on 7 Sep, 2011

helms2049, United States of America
My favorites are Inbetween by Isobel Mei and Red Sparrow by Keith Greiman. What a great concept!
Posted by helms2049 on 7 Sep, 2011

Sham-Wow, United States of America
I adore Isobel Mei's-Inbetween! It reminds me of the gardens in "Alice in Wonderland" my favorite book of all time!! This postframe is truely my favorite !!
Posted by Sham-Wow on 7 Sep, 2011

SilentSilence, Spain
I love Tim Farrell's "Fish & Chip". The "Inbetween" by Isobel Mei postcard was also amazing!
Posted by SilentSilence on 7 Sep, 2011

cruzh, Netherlands
omg, these are so amazing! my fave is definitely red sparrow by keith greiman. love me some crazy modern art.
Posted by cruzh on 7 Sep, 2011

katilaik, Estonia
I like An outdoor swim! I love this blue...
Posted by katilaik on 7 Sep, 2011

Non_gogoa, Spain
Tim Farrel's "Fish&Chip"
Posted by Non_gogoa on 7 Sep, 2011

Marleen1979, Netherlands
What a beautiful postframes, I love the In Between, just amazing.
Posted by Marleen1979 on 7 Sep, 2011

estromberg, United States of America
SUNSHOWER!! Awesomeness!! And 10% to charity! Can't beat that :)
Posted by estromberg on 7 Sep, 2011

auntie, Netherlands
An outdoor swim! Definitely ... the atmosphere is so nostalgic. Make you feel safe like a little child.
Posted by auntie on 7 Sep, 2011

Heatherke, Netherlands
PingPong bats - what else? classic. And sure to put a smile on your face
Posted by Heatherke on 7 Sep, 2011

kiwiwikiwi, United Kingdom
"Sunshower" is absolutely amazing! ♥
Posted by kiwiwikiwi on 7 Sep, 2011

SudokuCrazy, United States of America
Love the "Fish and Chip Friday" one! But they are all lovely!
Posted by SudokuCrazy on 7 Sep, 2011

wunderland, Canada
I like "Values" ... it's wacky. This is a fun giveaway, good job Postcrossing and House of St Junior!
Posted by wunderland on 7 Sep, 2011

Dovyda, Lithuania
ISOBEL MEI // INBETWEEN, this one is awesome :) love it
Posted by Dovyda on 7 Sep, 2011

arykahmarye, United States of America
Very cool idea! Being a huge fan of old signs and propaganda posters, the fish and chip Friday one is my clear favorite.
Posted by arykahmarye on 7 Sep, 2011

flamegurl, Canada
InBetween, without a doubt
Posted by flamegurl on 7 Sep, 2011

fancynancy, United States of America
I absolutely love "sun shower", mostly because I am a great lover of anything bird related. I also love the wistfulness of "Kunni".
Posted by fancynancy on 7 Sep, 2011

Janina14, Netherlands
I love this idea, fantastic! My favorite is
Anna Faye Gillespie // Kunni
Posted by Janina14 on 7 Sep, 2011

Helga_Ni, Germany
Neil Gillespie // Sunshower is my favourite :)
Posted by Helga_Ni on 7 Sep, 2011

roadwarrior, United States of America
lovely cards!My favorite is Isobel Mei's Inbetween
Posted by roadwarrior on 7 Sep, 2011

GloriaERL, China
They are all very nice pictures, but my favorite is Inbetween. It's a long way without an end, but it keeps me wondering what's going on over there:)
Posted by GloriaERL on 8 Sep, 2011

rinkev, Netherlands
Really like the sunshower! Since we had a very rainy summer in the Netherlands, I have missed sunbathing!
Posted by rinkev on 8 Sep, 2011

rosejoy, Australia
My favourite is Sunshower!
Posted by rosejoy on 8 Sep, 2011

Kilian, Netherlands
Isobel Mei // Inbetween is my favourite!
Posted by Kilian on 8 Sep, 2011

oggiebreda, Netherlands
I like Inbetween the best.
Posted by oggiebreda on 8 Sep, 2011

ingriin, Estonia it!
Posted by ingriin on 8 Sep, 2011

oipepio, Netherlands
I love Inbetween by Isobel Mei!
Posted by oipepio on 9 Sep, 2011

marieken, Netherlands
Love the Fish & Chips. I love fish, I love chips and I love fridays. Perfect combination. I also know now what to cook tonight.
Posted by marieken on 9 Sep, 2011

sophiewrites, Hungary
Ping-pong is my favorite :) I used to play a lot of ping-pong with a friend that lives far away from me now:(
Posted by sophiewrites on 9 Sep, 2011

Bikinina, Thailand
My fav is Isobel Mei's Inbetween. :)
Posted by Bikinina on 9 Sep, 2011

pukumuku, Netherlands
I love fish&chips! Perfect for Friday and for hanging in the kitchen!
Posted by pukumuku on 9 Sep, 2011

dj_christina, Bulgaria
I like pingpong as it's one of my favourite sports:)
Posted by dj_christina on 9 Sep, 2011

octabis, France
That's a neat idea !
Definitly fish and chips for me tonight please.
Posted by octabis on 9 Sep, 2011

Kanmj, Taiwan
Isobel Mei's Inbetween is my favorite!
Posted by Kanmj on 9 Sep, 2011

exotikisland, Spain
I like Inbetween, Isobel Mei
Posted by exotikisland on 9 Sep, 2011

dcazbmv1, United States of America
The Ping Pong paddle postframe is brilliant!
Posted by dcazbmv1 on 9 Sep, 2011

Krysiaa, Poland
Ping Pong by Robin Hulme! :)
Posted by Krysiaa on 9 Sep, 2011

busterboots, United Kingdom
ANNA FAYE GILLESPIE // KUNNI is my favourite
Posted by busterboots on 9 Sep, 2011

RobertaFrontini, Portugal
I love Neil Gillespie // Palace Series
Posted by RobertaFrontini on 9 Sep, 2011

howiesfriend, Ireland
Neil Gilespie's work gets my vote
Posted by howiesfriend on 9 Sep, 2011

katibasmati, Germany
I like fish and chips best!
Posted by katibasmati on 9 Sep, 2011

julzhull, United States of America
My favorite has got to be "Sunshower". The detail is fabulous.
Posted by julzhull on 9 Sep, 2011

iefetje, Netherlands
Isobel Mei // Inbetween would stick lovely in my bedroom
Posted by iefetje on 9 Sep, 2011

SarahBee, United States of America
I love the fish and chips one! Reminds me of my travels there.
Posted by SarahBee on 9 Sep, 2011

NinaCaramelita, Finland
It was hard to choose, but in the end I feel most attracted to: SINEAD EVANS // AN OUTDOOR SWIM! It represents the wonderful summer we had & a great reminder there's going to come an end to the long, cold & dark winter in Finland :)
Posted by NinaCaramelita on 9 Sep, 2011

ProudlyFilipino, Philippines
Having come up with such an idea like postframe is already incredible. Having images suit such frames are great. And of all the choices, there are several pictures that caught my attention.. but one stood out. And that is SINEAD EVAN'S AN OUTDOOR SWIM. The vintage look of the said image goes well with the frame. Also, the concept of such art is also incredible. A photo of a man who is in a swimwear that looks as if it was shot long time ago, a background of the outdoors that was graded to fade its color, and a touch of blue that made to look as water. All the elements were put to convey the title itself. Also, if you look at how the colors complement each other - black frame, gray background, a circle of white.. they have nice transitions. To not make it dull, the touch of blue brings out the life in it. So again, SINEAD EVAN'S AN OUTDOOR SWIM is a great choice for me.
Posted by ProudlyFilipino on 9 Sep, 2011

gwyllion, Belgium
I think I like Sunshower by Neil Gillespie best.
Posted by gwyllion on 9 Sep, 2011

HeyItsTiffany, United States of America
I confess, the first one to catch my eye was Neil Gillespie's SUNSHINE, but after purusing the other postframes, I found that Isobel Mei's INBETWEEN was my favorite. It is ust like a scene in one of my favorirte novels and just the sort of place I dream of visiting. Lovely!
Posted by HeyItsTiffany on 9 Sep, 2011

absolutmeliss, United States of America
i like the owl head, and the shot of the outside hallway. the hallway has a marvelous vantage point, and along with the fogginess, it gives it a dream feel.
Posted by absolutmeliss on 9 Sep, 2011

jlwarren, United States of America
I love Inbetween by Isobel Mei. They're all quite lovely though.
Posted by jlwarren on 9 Sep, 2011

wttidwell, United States of America
It's hard to decide! Inbetween might have a slight edge over Sunshower, but both are beautiful.
Posted by wttidwell on 9 Sep, 2011

NeriumBlack, Finland
Isobel Mei // Inbetween is so cool! I like the light and the color and the historical atmosphere, it's like magic! Just love it. ♥
Posted by NeriumBlack on 9 Sep, 2011

jclaurie13, United States of America
Neil Gillespie, the Palace Series, love how it's clean and graphic but still a little whimsical!
Posted by jclaurie13 on 9 Sep, 2011

cyndelle, Canada
Kunni... that's my fave! can i have it? lol
Posted by cyndelle on 9 Sep, 2011

eicuthbertson, Canada
I do like Inbetween
- mysterious. What a great idea this postframe is.
Posted by eicuthbertson on 9 Sep, 2011

jadie, United States of America
Posted by jadie on 9 Sep, 2011

boopilina, Belgium
Inbetween definitely my favorite...
Posted by boopilina on 9 Sep, 2011

bookboy, United States of America
Sunshower all the way! It reminds me of Zentangle. Fun!
Posted by bookboy on 9 Sep, 2011

Moonduja, Estonia
Isobel Mei "Inbetween" is my favourite, because it's such a peaceful painting.
Posted by Moonduja on 9 Sep, 2011

Radmila, Latvia
Neil Gillespie // Sunshower
Posted by Radmila on 9 Sep, 2011

BGBD8832, United States of America
My favorite is "Kunni"; love the playfulness!! :D
Posted by BGBD8832 on 9 Sep, 2011

rawtil4, Germany
"Anna Faye Gillespie // Kunni" That's the best! The girl on the picture looks so mysterious... :D What's her secret? :)
Posted by rawtil4 on 9 Sep, 2011

Mundoo, Australia
Choices, choices. Isobel Mei - 'Inbetween' My eye is drawn into the picture down the path, what is at the end?
Posted by Mundoo on 9 Sep, 2011

Lisavi, United States of America
My fav is "inbetween" Kind of spooky but beautiful.
Posted by Lisavi on 10 Sep, 2011

Kooks-CA, United States of America
I think the one I would want to hang in my house would be Sinead Evans // An Outdoor Swim.
Posted by Kooks-CA on 10 Sep, 2011

glasspumpkin, United States of America
How fun! I think Inbetween is my favorite - it's so lovely and yet mysterious.
Posted by glasspumpkin on 10 Sep, 2011

otoko, United States of America
Fish & Chips gets my vote. There's something quintessentially British about Fish & Chips!
Posted by otoko on 11 Sep, 2011

Ribbons, Sri Lanka
Gillespie // Sunshower! this is my favourite. WHAT A GREAT IDEA !!!
Posted by Ribbons on 11 Sep, 2011

Katja_Gartung, Belarus
The fish and chip Friday is interesting)
Posted by Katja_Gartung on 11 Sep, 2011

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