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I live in the UK, but I come from a lovely country called Lithuania. My native town is surrounded by three rivers, one of which is the biggest in my country. In my district there are several beautiful castles and other rich in history places.

I started collecting postcards accidentally. All of them were sent by my friends and family members from the places they had visited. The more postcards I got, the more I enjoyed receiving them. Of course, I send them to my friends and relatives from the places I visit too.

I really like postcards that illustrate the country itself, it's culture and history (cities, landscapes, castles, other objects, people, etc.). So to say, postcards, that in some extent broadens my mind :) Multiview postcards and Christmas postcards during the Christmas rush are always welcome, but no religious or ad postcards, please. If you are from Scandinavia, it would be nice to receive a postcard showing something connected with Vikings culture. I like stamped postcards so there is really no need to put them into envelopes ;)

I am looking forward to receiving your postcards! :)

Take care,

P.S. Could you please upload the picture of the postcard you send as at the moment I haven't got the possibility to do that. Thank you! :)

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