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*please note: it seems I'm having a mail problem. If you sent a postcard and it seems to be taking longer than normal please PM me.
~~Direct swaps: I only do it with my students for camp in January and August. If you are interested in participating, please email me at redokapi@gmail.com (Do NOT use the Postcrossing message system, thanks)

Hello. I am an American teaching English in rural South Korea and I'm using this account mainly to give my students real-world experience with English.

Please follow this guide:
My name is ___. I live in [country]. My city is __ hours from [capital/major city] by train/plane/car/boat.
My hobbies are _____ and _____. I have __ brothers and __ sisters. My favorite animal is the _____. My favorite color is _____. My favorite food is _____.

Best wishes,
[your name]"

Other things you can talk about: Your age. Your gender. Your kids or pets. Your favorite season. If your siblings are younger or older. Your job. The weather. If you visited Korea, you can talk about what you did/saw.

My students are 3rd-6th grade but really, really low level English (some barely know the alphabet). Please use short sentences and easy words. Please print; my students can't read cursive. Check here for a better idea: http://www.waygook.org/index.php/topic,70389.0.html

Postcards about your country or culture are preferred (especially food, traditional outfits, and famous places) but anything is fine.
Thanks for your help ^^

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