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shui, Taiwan


is a member in Taiwan . She has been a member for over 10 years (3,754 days).
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About shui...

Hello!! Greetings from Tainan!!! ^__^ Tainan (See P.S.(i)) is one of the most comfortable city that I have ever lived. ( is because Tainan is my hometown. :P) We have many delicious foods, and beautiful places to take a walk in the evening. Reading and writing postcards is one of my major hobby now. Sometimes it takes me too much time, and our dog has to wait listlessly and keep thinking that when he can go out and take a walk. XD

I'm so glad to be part of this project and meet the world through those lovely postcards! Please feel free to write something you'd like to share. I will be very happy reading some stories about yourself, places you live, or anything else! :) (Or if you want, draw a picture of your favorite place in the house!)

I'm mainly collecting the following topics of postcards :
(ANY card will be appreciated as well! I just mentioned in case you have one in hand.) ;D
- Post ∣ mail ∣ mailbox ∣ mailcar ∣ postman
- Local Market views (esp. open air ones)
- Famous big old tree (please tell me something about the tree)
- Blue Jacaranda in full bloom ∣ Any other flowering trees in full bloom
- Railway & Train in scenery (esp. sleeper car trains/blue trains & mountain railways)
- Firefighters ∣ Fire station ∣ Fire truck/engine
- Troll cards (esp. the one by Rolf Lidberg & Ivar Rødningen)
- Donald Duck ∣ Disney Belle in blue dress or Cinderella in blue dress
- Art works from 原田 泰治 or Finnish artists
- Manga / anime wishlist :
- Anything related to Space exploration (esp. ISS) / Physics / The earth
- Gardening (illustration / art) ∣ Arable lands ; Fruit trees (photography)
- Photography (esp. the one taken by yourself!)
★ P.S. My mother always dreams to have a nice kitchen, so if you are proud of the one you have
and also would like to share, maybe you can send me a photo postcard showing your kitchen? :-)
Or a photo postcard showing your garden will be fantastic, too! Here you can see my mother's :
- Greetings (vintage style) like :
- vintage card (esp. not reprinted ones) ∣ old photos
- Self-made postcard ∣ People ∣ daily life
- Nature scene (esp. mountains) ∣ wildlife ∣ SnowING scene
- Microcar (esp. Isetta!) ∣ Red transportations
- MLB ballpark

Thank you very much for reading my lengthy profile. I'm looking forward to hearing from you, if you are writting a postcard to me now! ;D

(i) Postman Paulo and Postwoman Ana's trip in Tainan here :