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lucymonty, United Kingdom


(or Lucy) is a member in United Kingdom . She has been a member for over 8 years (3,052 days).
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Lat: 50.82, Lon: -0.38 | Google Maps

About Lucy...


I enjoy crafts, photography, walking, cycling, swimming, geocaching and watching TV/films, and I study with the Open University. I love animals, especially those I have at home- a cat and 3 tortoises. I'm vegetarian and try to be eco-friendly!

I have visited the U.S.A. (FL, MA, NY, PA), Canada, France, Portugal, Madeira and Majorca, and a few places in the UK. I really want to visit Paris, Rome and mainland Spain.

I'm taking part in Postcrossing because I like writing (and receiving) 'real' letters... it reminds me of Jane Austen books. To me, the back of the card is just as important as the front so please write me a message, or draw a picture- anything you want!

I always try to send other people cards from their wishlist, so I hope you will do the same for me. Please don't send a free advertising card (unless the subject is in my wishlist) or any folded greetings card. Here's my postcard wishlist (in any order):

→ cute/beautiful/unusual animals- e.g. cats, tortoises/turtles, dogs, alpacas/llamas, wolves, giraffes, elephants, lions, tigers, rabbits, frogs, bears etc... (not in captivity like a zoo or circus please)
→ wildlife from your country
→ local scenic landscapes
→ beautiful sky - sunsets, sunrises, storms, Northern Lights
→ bicycles
→ 'I Love My Planet' range by Nouvelles Images
→ (Finland) Moomins

Have a look at my favourites for more ideas (some of the cards on my favourites wall are ones I have already received- please click on the card and check if it's one I have registered or not):

Please don't use an envelope, I prefer my cards to look 'travelled'. Thank you :-)

P.S. I've been featured on the Postcrossing blog-

22 expired postcards: GB-101702 (aairamm, FI), GB-109945 (ElenaPaz, RU), GB-158727 (Kidd_Tsai, TW), GB-167296 (kunlayanee, TH), GB-168679 (laurelijulien, FR), GB-194255 (alexeric521478, MO), GB-210804 (wilmarodu, NL), GB-213906 (pashmaloo, IR), GB-216536 (Slagharen-Fan, DE), GB-242094 (elenaparckina, RU), GB-264513 (Bonbon, CA), GB-273810 (fezzle, US), GB-357248 (Dupon, RU), GB-370335 (Toli, DE), GB-374012 (natchaon, TH), GB-402061 (Zilsz, NL), GB-469681 (Troshina, UA), GB-486990 (olga-lellik, BY), GB-506372 (TomandMary, DE), GB-595254 (Misspoison, BY), GB-616792 (mrbasrie, ID), GB-643087 (isa-bella, CA)