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Nininchen, Germany


(or Chris) is a member in Germany . Has been a member for over 6 years (2,550 days).
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Lat: 52.37, Lon: 9.73 | Google Maps

About Chris...

Hey there!

My name is Chris, 28 years old from Hannover, Germany.

I'm interested in music, literature, korean tv dramas and the marvel movieverse. In my free time I also enjoy biking, video games (J-RPGs) and spending time with my pet bunnies (I have fun teaching them tricks via clicker training). Besides those I also like to cook - especially new and unusual recipes from all around the world. Oh, and I guess I would call myself a tea addict! :)


For me, the most important thing about a card is the message! I'd like to learn something about you, the person behind the card. The things you enjoy, something about your hometown, your daily life, anything you'd like to share with me!

**Not sure what to write about?**
Tell me about your favourite book/author.
Recommend a good band/musician from your country (or just your favourite musician).
Your favourite video game?
What makes you happy?
Your favourite food?
Your favourite tea?
Write me your favourite quote/poem.
Your biggest dream or future goal.
Draw something on the card!



I love animals and would be thrilled if you could send me an animal card. My favourites would be Otters, Foxes and Seals as well as cute illustrations/drawings of cats (but also real cats), I also like Martens, Weasels, Ferrets, Minks, Stoats/Ermines etc., Leopards/Snow Leopards, Lynx, Raccoons, Puffins, Red Pandas, Skunks, Giant Pandas, Tigers, Jaguars, Cheetahs, Wolves, Rabbits, cute Dogs, all other Felidae (except lions), Whales and Dolphins.
I'm also interested in typical animals from your country/local wildlife.
I'd also love to receive Fauna of Belarus/Owls of Belarus cards

But any other cute animal would be just as welcome. But please no animal cruelty, fish or insects.

I also enjoy beautiful illustrations especially by Susan Wheeler, Beatrix Potter, Kaarina Toivanen, Dick Bruna (especially Miffy/Nijntje), Makoto Muramatsu, Kaori Wakamatsu, Artyom (sylar113) Artyakov, Jean-Baptiste Monge, Pascal Moguerou, Erlé Ferronnière and the beautiful cat cards by Irina Garmashova. Similar illustrations are also welcome if you think I'd like them.

I'd also be interested in illustrations showing the scandinavian Tomte/Nisse

Seeing as I love to cook you can also send me recipe postcards.

I don't like tourist cards, but if you can't get anything else, I'd be happy to receive single views of medieval castles, churches & cathedrals, mosques, ancient ruins, covered bridges, aurora borealis & aurora australis, waterfalls, beautiful coastlines, views of the sea, valleys and national parks, cornfields & other fields, national wonders and amazing sceneries.

♥ You would also make my day if you sent me one of the cards from my favourites! ♥


Please ONLY send REAL postcards and NOT folded/greeting cards, photos, cut/print outs, your own drawings or such things!