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About Niina...


I'm a 34 years old nerdy lady from Finland living a childfree life. I am a book blogger. I love reading, especially scifi and fantasy. Me and my husband got married at may 2016. Someday we wish to visit Scotland.

It would be nice if you could write down the send date and a little bit more then just "Happy postcrossing!". For example what your card is about, something about yourself like: do you have pets, what are your hobbies and favorite things (books, movies, places, music etc.), what are your hopes and dreams or how was your day. It's always great to hear something about you!

If possible, please send your card in envelope to protect it from wear and tear of the travel. If you want to surprise me with something extra, you could send your card with a bag of spicy or herbal infusion or with a bookmark or couple of unused stickers for my bullet journal, but this is of course totally optional and I understand that it's not the main purpose of this site.

I wish you will enjoy choosing a card to me! Thank you!

Themes for end of 2020:

- Autumn: colorful trees and leaves, mushrooms
- Halloween, pumpkins, graveyard, skulls
- Animals: foxes, wolves, bats, cats, birds (crows, ravens, owls, iconic to your country)
- Books, letters, quill & ink, typewriter, botanical drawings, old maps, compass
- Alice in Wonderland
- Gothic, dark art and mythology, vampires, dragons, Tarot cards, Moon, gemstones, runes
- Steampunk: gears, tophats, goggles, old pocket-watches, Victorian clothing
- Hot air balloons, Venetian masks, Ferris wheel
- Post-apocalyptic: Mad Max, gas masks, abandoned places, rusted or mossy cars
- Nature: moss, ivy, old trees, waterfall, misty mountain, path or stairs in forest

Here are some other ideas of what I also like or you can look at my favorites, I don't have them yet:

- Scotland: landscapes, castles (with information about them), kilt / tartan, bagpipes, West Highland White Terrier, Highland cows, Outlander
- History / architecture: UNESCO sites, pyramids, cave paintings, ruins, Stonehenge, Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, old buildings, museums, libraries, old lamp-posts
- USA states
- Animals: butterflies, dragonflies, hedgehogs, squirrels,
- Cherry blossoms
- Scifi: Doctor Who, space, Wall-e, cyberpunk, dystopia
- Minions
- Cute manga and anime: Hello Kitty, Chi's Sweet Home and other cats, Totoro (and other Ghibli / Hayao Miyazaki characters)
- Art: Victoria Frances, Dieter Braun, Lionel Richerand, Kerby Rosanes, Anna Hollerer, Victoria Kirdiy, Nene Thomas, Leonardo da Vinci, Miffy / Nijntje rabbit, Annika Hiltunen, Lia Selina, Inga Paltser, Irina Garmashova, Alphonse Mucha, Misstigri, Jetoy, Lesley Anne Ivory, Susan Herbert, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Gorjuss, Makoto Muramatsu
- From Russia: Grape art -cards: Harry Potter, cute animals, cats, autumn/halloween, book related

I will enjoy every card you choose to send me! If it makes you happy to send it, I'll appreciate it!

Happy postcrossing!

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