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Ten years ago today, Paulo was sitting on the balcony of his room in the north of Portugal, laptop balanced on his legs. University exams were over, graduation was weeks away and his internship was going well… and yet, he wasn’t thinking about work or school. He had been toying with his new “postcard crossing project” for a few months now, and time had come to open it to the world.

So he did, changing settings on a command line, and refreshing the page a few lot of times, waiting for his friends and curious strangers to sign up. He didn’t have to wait long though, as word quickly spread from his friends to their friends, and then to the whole world.

Postcrossing in 2005

Ten years is a long time, and it feels like it should be enough time for us to come to terms with how much Postcrossing has grown and the impact it has had on thousands of lives… and yet, it’s still hard to believe somedays. On Postcrossing’s 10th birthday, we’re thankful to each and every one of you, for believing in this crazy idea, for giving it a try, for coming along for the ride, sending postcards and spreading the word. The project wouldn’t have made this far without you!

Postcrossing birthday map

Ok, enough with the teary-eyed speeches… it’s time for that party! :) Postcrossing’s birthday map is filling up rather quickly with all your lovely photos and videos! From Argentina to Western Sahara, postcrossers are joining the birthday celebrations, bringing with them cookies, cakes and sandwiches, balloons, mailboxes, songs… and lots and lots of postcards and smiles!

Meanwhile, we’ve been busy putting together 10 prizes for the most voted entries, including postcard sets, scratch maps and MOO postcards!

Postcrossing's 10th birthday prizes

So don’t delay your participation — you only have until the end of the month to upload, share and favourite the photos and videos on the map. Good luck everyone! And happy birthday Postcrossing!

168 comments so far

ned44440, Ireland

Happy 10th Birthday to Postcrossing. Congratulations on reaching this milestone. Thank you for the wonderful and magical journey through the world. Each postcard sent and received is a little adventure in itself. I wish you and all of us many more adventurous years to come.

BestWishesEric, United States of America

Congratulations Paulo and everyone else! Happy Postcrossing!

Purple-bear, Japan

☆☆☆ Happy Happy Happy 10th Birthday to POSTCROSSING ☆☆☆

Thank you sooo much♡♡♡

TandemStoker, United States of America

Yay! Congratulations ... Happy 10th Birthday ... Happy Postcrossing!

AnthonyAlmeida, Brazil

Congratulations Postcrossing!
I'm really glad!

huei_sonia, Taiwan

Congratulations ~

susandg, Philippines

Congratulations and thank you, Postcrossing, for ten years of "Postcard Power"! Happy anniversary, fellow Postcrossers! So glad to be part of this community. :-)

Conelmate, Argentina

Congratulations to Paulo and the whole PC team. You guys rock!!

lohsmeng, Singapore

Congratulations, Happy 10th Birthday.

paulmcdanniels, Brazil

Happy birthday postcrossing community ! Thank you for this awesome idea !

mishopetrov, Bulgaria

Happy 10th Birthday, Postcrossing.

takuma, Japan

Happy 10th Birthday to Postcrossing!

joseadp, Portugal

Happy birthday, Postcrossing!
Congratulations, Paulo and team!
I still remember the day that the girl from the post office told me about it! And I'm still addicted to Postcrossing!

Evonny, Netherlands

Happy birthday Postcrossing team and Postcrossers. On to the next 10 years!

friedgold91, United Kingdom

Happy birthday, Post crossing! Thank you for all the postcards and all the connections I've made the past 2 years! :-D

shui, Taiwan

Happy 10th Birthday!!!! Postcrossing!!! :-D
Congratulations to every postcrosser and many many thanks to everyone I met here, every postcard sent/received, and the gorgeous postcrossing team! THANK YOU ALL!!

Mundoo, Australia

Happy 10th Birthday Postcrossing. Congratulations to all the Team and volunteers who have kept the wheels turning smoothly. Thank you to our members for making this such an awesome project for 10 years.

kroete68, Germany

<3 Happy Birthday <3 Parabéns <3

Have a great party today and thank you for this wonderful idea!

december_anne, Russia

Happy birthday postcrossing! I love you =)

Vagabond_Trader, United States of America

Proud to be a member of Postcrossing for 5 + years!

Luziaceleste, Brazil

This is a perfect moment to say "happy postcrossing"!
I am thankful for this project and wish longer life still to come!!!

Pluto_was_a_planet, China

Happy Birthday!<3

WAN_JU, Taiwan

Happy 10th birthday postcrossing! I love here so much!

alcott1, United States of America

Happy Birthday, Postcrossing! Thank you, Paulo, for this beautiful project!

joxjo, Finland

Congratulations Paulo and Thank You for this amazing, wonderful Postcrossing idea! I'm so happy that I found all you "Postcrossing friends" :D Cards and greetings are lovely.

annawu, Poland

Thank you, Paulo! :)))))

Herchelle, Canada

Thank you Paulo and Postcrossing for opening the world to us. Suddenly people who may never travel in their lives (like me) are exchanging greetings with new friends all over the world! Blessings to you and everyone connected with the amazing project.
Happy Birthday Postcrossing and long life and excitement to all!

Geminiscp, Portugal

Happy birthday and thank YOU for these amazing years! :)

Ejderha, Netherlands

♪Happy \(^o^)/ ┌ii​ii┐ \(^o^)/ ​Birthday♪

Sarah_Zo, China

Thank you Postcrossing.

beesknees, United States of America

Thank you for your brilliant idea. Im very glad I decided to buy FLOW magazine and read the article about postcrossing.

KaFrie, Germany

Happy Birthday and thank you so much for this great idea! Let's party!!

Irip, Russia

Happy B-day, Postcrossing! S dnem rozhdeniya!!!

Muza737, Russia

Congratulations! Be happy!

yrref8, Indonesia

Selamat Berulang Tahun Postcrossing! Happy Birthday!

Topas, Germany

Happy Birthday to Postcrossing !

chrissybaby, Ireland

Happy 10th birthday Postcrossing! I am proud to be part of that great project for nearly 7 years.

PAKA, China

Happy 10th birthday Postcrossing!and happy birthday to myself!

ZenaNaBrodu, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Happy birthday!!! You project brought lots of smiles and joy. Thank you! (I wanted to put a smile on the map - where is Bosnia and Herzegovina?)


Happy birthday to Postcrossing!
I love you and I am Proud to be a member of Postcrossing
for more than 2 years!

Lyla, United States of America

Happy 10th Birthday to Postcrossing!! ♥

MirjamW, Netherlands

Happy Birthday to Postcrossing and everyone who's taking part of it!!
During a very sad period in my life, around Christmas 2012, I read about Postcrossing in a Dutch magazine and immediately decided to sign in. As a young girl I loved corresponding with people all over the world and the fact that I would find surprises in the mailbox again, already made me smile a little.
Now I receive postcards almost every day, and it still makes me happy. While writing the story of my life, which I do as a kind of therapy, all the received postcards and messages of the people who reveived mine, are part of that story and I'm sure you can imagine that it colors the story in a huge way.
Thank you very, very much Paolo and everyone for this lovely project!!

MsMoney, Finland

Happy 10th birthday!
I have my own 10th postcrossing birthday in about a month, so lots of reasons to celebrate :) It's been a wonderful decade with postcards. Thank you!

suny, China

Happy postcrossing for 10th years!

wildernesscat, Israel

Congratulations, Postcrossing team! You have achieved something truly remarkable here. For an internet project to be up and running for 10 years, is quite a miracle. You guys have what it takes! Keep up the good job, and may you celebrate many more 10-year milestones :)

AllSerene, United Kingdom

Happy birthday Postcrossing! Many congratulations - and thanks - to Paulo, Ana and everyone else involved in making it so special. Here's to many more years of Postcrossing, and to many more millions of postcards.

iphoto, Australia

Hip! Hip! HOORAY! Postcrossing tuns 10 Today! :D Goodonyasmates:)!

Many thanks to Paulo for his continued hitting of the refresh button hahaha & his amazing vision that postcards could indeed engage people all around the world! Plus a special thanks to Ana for supporting Paulo's vision to bring happiness & sm:)es to so many, updating us with the blogs and not to be be forgotten the support team who assit with all that is Postcrossing :D

Irrinkka, Belarus

Dear Paulo and Postcrossers! My congratulations to you! I wish you good luck, happy postcrossing and a lot of new beautiful postcards from all over the world!!! Happy Birthday! Welcome to Belarus!

Haro, Netherlands

happy 10th birthdag to Postcrossing

Nintaro, Japan


haaruu, Japan

Happy 10th birthday to Postcrossing!!! I really really love you :)!!!

wintertime, Netherlands

Hartelijk gefeliciteerd en op naar de 20 !
Joop Stokkers
The Netherlands

F_o_X, Poland

Happy Bithday, Postcrossing! Thank You, Paulo and thank You, Postcrossers! I hope for Nobel Peace Prize to Postcrossing. =)

LadyFirehorse, Finland

Happy Birthday Postcrossing!! It's been a pleasure and will in the future too!

YiliLoh, Malaysia

Congratulations and Celebrations! Happy Birthday to Postcrossing!!! I wish Postcrossing would have many more 10 birthdays in future!!! Fighting!!! :)

Sheng Re Kuai Le!!!

strawberry_, Ukraine

!!!HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!! :)
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

honeypie, Finland

Congratulations, and Celebrations!! Keep up the good work spreading happiness and joy to the whole wide world!!! <3

atielandman, Netherlands

10 jaar Postcrossing!!!
Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd!

Nanx, Germany

Happy birthday,Postcrossing!

garlingues, Spain

Happy 10th birthday!

Alazar, Russia

It is fun to get every card in my mailbox! it's like a surprise gift- from my childhood! Thank you, Paulo! Happy birthday the most unusual and best social network!

CharlieBY, Belarus

Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!
Happy 10th birthday to Postcrossing!!! 。✿*゚’゚・✿。,。✿*゚
I love love love love you :)!!! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!

seropi, Finland

Paulo earns the Nobel Peace Prize!
Happy Anniversary to all friends around the World!

Anamummo, Finland

I am been a member for months (63 days) and every day has bight me joy. Thank you so much. Happy birghtday! Paljon onnea!

FairfordAve, Germany

Yay, Happy Birthday Postcrossing!! Thank you for everything and keep up the good work! ❤️

dogma7911, Germany

*love* happy birthday *kisses*

acornishmaidinzelah, United Kingdom

Dydh da, penn-bloedh lowen, yeghes da!

anahi, Netherlands

Thank you for that crazy idea !! <3

__VeRoNiKa__, Belarus


Lendelka, Belarus

Happy birthday, POSTCROSSING ! You give us the expectation of a miracle, happiness from his parish and optimism !!! In the world of complex adult problems you bring us back to the carefree childhood. Thank you !!! We are your loyal supporters ! Prosper, and give joy to people by a hundred anniversaries !!!

Raz, Malaysia

I also celebrate my birthday this month! Happy Birthday to you!!!
You make my life....happy!

Ol_lyusha, Belarus

Happy Birthday, Postcrossing! To grow, prosper and bring joy to us in the future its existence! Congratulations!

Roselchen, Germany

Herzlich Glückwunsch und ich danke ihnen für Postcrossing endlich schreibt mir auch jemand und ich kann auch jemanden schreiben denn und plötzlich hat man Freunde in der ganz Welt .endlich hat mein Leben einen Sinn.Danke das es sie gibt und ich danke ihnen für Postcrossing ganz viele liebe grüße von Rosemarie

rsbellon, United States of America

Happy Tenth Birthday, Postcrossing, and many, many more!

Paulette128, Canada

Happy Birthday Postcrossing!!! And many more....... Congratulation and Thank You!!!

tripeira, Portugal

Thank you for all the great moments you added to my life and for making the world a better place. I hope you go on for years and years...
Parabéns Postcrossing :)

kasanaru, United Kingdom

I am so proud of being Portuguese knowing this amazing project was created by a Portuguese! I can't understand how this is not more known in Portugal and talked about in Portuguese Social Media... Happy Birthday!

edo, Spain

Happy 10th Birthday to Postcrossing. Congratulations on reaching this milestone. Thank you for the wonderful and magical journey through the world.

ARTEPA, Czech Republic

Happy Birthday Poscrossing.

noetnik, Netherlands

Happy 10th Birthday to all Post Crossing friends, especially to Paulo. Thank you Paulo for giving us so much joy and smiles with this project.

Quintan, China

Happy Birthday Poscrossing.I got a lot of happiness here.

emma0505, United States of America

Happy 10th Birthday Postcrossing! May the next 10 years be as happy and fun as the first 10!


STACYY, Belarus

HAPPY Birthday!!! :)

MateriaGirl, Germany

Happy 10th Birthday! Alles Gute zum 10jährigen Jubiläum!
Its really fun to be a part of this group!

LoveToCook, Netherlands

Happy birthday!!!!!!thankyou so much for your project.we have meet so maney new friends thrue this site oll over the makes us smile every day.

KitKatD, Germany

Thank you Paolo for this Great Idea that make my Mailbox more colorful and surprising!! Getting a souvenir from another part of the World by a Postcard is just terrific!
HaPpY bIrThDaY

anxious51, United States of America

Happy Birthday Postcrossing.

sunnymugs, Denmark

Happy Birthday Postcrossing :-) This is such a positive use of social media online.. and snail mail. L♡ve it!

mrssmith, United States of America

Thank you so much for your genius idea in creating this website. I'm so grateful for Postcrossing.

graugans, Germany

Happy Birthday, Postcrossing! I am glad to be part of this wonderful community. With every postcard sent or received I discover something new and broaden my horizon. Thank you!

szaszibi, Hungary

Happy birthday ! Thank you Paulo and team !

elbe, Germany

Happy 10th Birthday to Postcrossing and its parents Ana & Paulo, and of course many, many happy returns of the day! :D

foxfires, United Kingdom

Many happy returns of the day.
Happy 10th Birthday to Postcrossing!

shieru, Russia

I wish everyone has a happy day today, and may this project be always a reason to smile!
Happy 10th birthday to Postcrossing!

Danika, Germany

Happy Birthday Postcrossing!! Thank you all for this wonderful project and cheers to the next 10 years of PC <3

Seeteufel, Germany

Happy 10th Birthday Postcrossing! It does magic and makes me sooooo happy!!! :)

JTB, Netherlands

Congratulations Paulo and team for 10 years Postcrossing!

Flippie, Canada

Hi Paulo, Thank you that you came up with this wonderful idea to start this project. I'm so Happy that I read an article about Post Crossing and here I am.

Thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Paulo, team and the rest off the world,

Anneke/Flippie Canada.

Vlbibb0596, United States of America

Congrats on 10 years! I have only been on a year and it has brought great joy everyday! Every postcard I get, brings a smile to my face! Here's to another 10 and beyond!

Love from Georgia, USA

isagvproject, Germany

Happy Birthday. So good to see the old look of the website again. ;)

bpn, Germany

Happy birthday - and many, many happy returns of the day !!! And thank you so much for having realized this wonderful idea, in a way you realized the dreams I had as a teenager, I used to listen to the radio etc to make friends abroad and there were times when you wrote to an adress in Finland to get addresses for future penfriends - and you had to pay for it. So, it's not always the "good old times" - again thank you, and it's great that age doesn't play a role. Best wishes, Brigitte from Germany

itsmeraincrystal, Philippines

Happy 10th year, Postcrossing! >.<

kr68, Germany

Happy 10th birthday! Such a great project - I am so happy to have discovered this site - just continue being wonderful :)

jeroenvberlo, Netherlands

Happy 10th Birthday. Keep creating smiles :D

Willi, Germany

Congratulations to Paulo and all at PC-team !!! Thank you for this wonderful hobby 8-D

linsi, Germany

Happy 10th Birthday to Postcrossing!

LieveS, Belgium

Happy 10th birthday ! Thank you for starting this great project ! Congratulations and thank you to all the members as well !

tropicalparagon, Trinidad and Tobago

Happy 10th Birthday Postcrossing from Trinidad and Tobago! I've had the pleasure of being part of your wonderful project for over 4 years and I've had 475 reasons to smile from 47 countries and my mailbox has been happy 226 times. I wish you many more years and many more millions of postcards records.

muto, Korea (South)

Happy 10th Birthday!! Thank you very much for making this wonderful place:D And thanks for all team, supporters and members:)

Monika49, Austria

Thank you Paulo for this wonderful project, your work and love, it brings a lot of joy and peace around the world!
Best wishes for the next 10 years!

Janestar, United States of America

I'm so glad you had the great idea for this project, Paulo! It has certainly made the world a better place, postcard by postcard. Congratulations to you and your team and fellow postcrossers, and I hope you have many more happy years of Postcrossing! Happy 10th!!!!!!!

arielmizal, Philippines

Hi Postcrossing. I'm so blessed to be a part of this beautiful and magical site. Thank you so so much. happy birthday, and may you live forever :) cheers... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH POSTCROSSING muah muah :*

kala, United States of America

Happy 10th Birthday Postcrossing!

nugget, United States of America

Happy 10th birthday!! Many thanks to Paulo for creating a wonderful project.

DeeDancer, United States of America

Happy 10th birthday postcrossing!!!!

riazkhan4880, India

Happy Birthday!!!!

10 Glorious years. Amazing concept and good people. Thanks to all the people involved as yes to all my fellow post-crossers too!!!

Waiting for the day when we will celebrate our 100th birthday.

Well we will not be there by then but still will be remembered as part of it :)

Live long and prosper

Ross_und_Reiter, Germany

Happy postcrossing birthday! :-)

sweezi11, Hong Kong

Happy Birthday!!!!! ya! 10 years is not easy, but there will be a lot more to come!

lizhengqi, China

postcrossing,Happy Birthday!


Family-Bykov, Belarus

З Днём Нарадження!!!
Postcrossing, 10th Happy Birthday!
Congratulations! Best wishes! SashaOksanaHerman :):):)

gabis, Germany

Thanks a lot for this wonderful project!

AnthonyTiger, United Kingdom

Congratulations Postcrossing and Happy 10th Birthday. May we continue spreading smiles around the world and cheering new friends

leenaj, Finland

Happy Birthday = Hyvää syntympäivää! Thank you, Paulo, and all the amazing people who make this project so wonderful! Congratulations!

squirrelygirl, United States of America

Happy Happy Birthday! Thank you for this wonderful project! In this day and age it's just WONDERFUL to get an actual card in the mailbox (the one on the street, not on the computer!!!). I look for the mailman every day hoping he'll bring me a card from a far away place!

Yiannis, Cyprus

Happy 10th birthday, more to come and thousands of postcards to exchange every day. We are so happy being together so long.

Isa, Brazil

Happy Happy Happy 10th Birthday to POSTCROSSING

Thank you sooo much

Goldberry59, Netherlands

Happy 10th birthday to Postcrossing!
Thank you very much for this wonderful project - it brings a smile every day!

Robin67, Austria

Happy Birthday Postcrossing, you make me so happy! :-)

Anactf, Portugal

Happy birthday. Congratulations. This is really a wonderful project.

Antrod, India

If I could I would have given Paulo the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing people for all over the world together! But all I can offer are my congratulations and humble thanks! I have been a postcrossser for little over a year. Wish I had known earlier!

everdina, Netherlands

Congratulations to the 10 years of bringing connections to so many different people in this world. It was and is a brilliant idea.

mywrites2you, United States of America

~ Belated, Happy 10th Birthday to!! It has been fun sending and receiving postcards from all over the world! Thank you, Paulo, for sharing your dream with all of us! (I wish I had known much earlier than Fall of 2014 about this awesome website.) Here's to many more postcards in our mailboxes in the years to come!! :)

sanhecao, China

Thank you for your company.

cri1969, Italy

14 July 1789 Bastille Day - French Revolution
14 July 2005 Postcrosing Birth - Postcards swap Revolution
and...... 14 July 1969 I was born..... so many birthdays in common. Thank you Paulo for this wonderful project.

Karimar, Netherlands

Very Happy Birthday!!! 10 Years....that's awesome! Hope we can enjoy Postcrossing for a very long time!
Thanks to you Paulo!!

BavanaGirish, India

Congratulations, Postcrossing team……(PaUlO) !!!
HBD 2 u …. Thank you Paulo, for sharing your dream with all of us! Let it celebrate 10000000th Birthday..GK

emilina, Ukraine

Hello! I have started my own blog with postcards I recieved! Would you like to see it? I will be very happy^_^ Thank you :)

suzeroo, Canada

Happy 10th!!! and Thankyou ever so much for this amazingly fun creation!!!

cindydog, Netherlands

10 years of happyness - make it another 10 years and - keep smiling - we do everytime we get a postcard

Romke, Netherlands

Van Harte Gefeliciteerd met deze Mijlpaal, ik hoop dat er nog velen mogen volgen!
Last December I was with my daughter in a store, where she wanted to buy some christmas cards. We came in contact with another customer and from her I heard about Postcrossing. And now it is my favourite hobby.
Thanks Paulo to share you're crazy idea with the world!

CarolLam1015, Macao

Happy Birthday :D
Ten years is not easy,
but there will be a lot more to come:>

AngieD, Germany

Congratulations to an Idea that brings so much Happiness around the world!!! It's the mix of finding the right postcard for someone and getting excited - what will the Mailman bring to me!

Miki, Sweden

Congratulations, Happy 10th Birthday.
Thank you for this awesome idea!
Proud to be a member of Postcrossing for 9 + years!

Chacha58, Belgium

Happy Birthday Postcrossing, I joined the idea about 6 years ago and met new friends! Great, I wish you more birthdays to come.

weissdorn, Germany

Congratulations, what a fantastic idea

SandraB92, Netherlands

Congrats! :-D

Verunslv, Russia

Happy Birthday, Postcrossing! Take my the warmest congratulations!

Snuggy, Australia

Muitos parabens e que este projecto continue de vento em popa!
Que grande idea Paulo!!

MagdaG, Poland

Happy Birthday Postcrossing and all members of this awesome project. I wish all of you many luck in your life and incredible postcards from all over the world.

craftmanic, United States of America

Happy Birthday Post Crossing! My son told his lonely, house bound Mom about this project, and I'm so glad he did! I love how many pins I'm getting on my huge wall map, and hope to have one from every country. Amazing people I have met! Thank you Post Crossing!

pcbuyer, United Kingdom

A fantastic achievement!! Well done to Paulo and Ana on this wonderful celebration day.

You have brought happiness to so many people through a simple (and I'm sure you haven't always thought it was simple) idea of sending a postcard to a stranger somewhere in the World.

You should take great credit for this and a massive "THANK YOU" from all of us Postcrossers across the Globe. Here's to the next 10 years!!

Blauwvinger, Netherlands

A little late but still congratulations with the 10 years of postcrossing. Hopefully I can join in for many years to come

PingL, China

? Thanks for everyone building and loving this smart website! And 10th Happy Birthday!?

Steven96528, China

Happy Birthday!!
Because of you,I gradually fell in love with postcards.And I got a few postcards...Thank you again,You
can't imange how exicited when I got the first postcard from other country,it's meaningful,THANK YOU AGAIN.AND HAPPY POSTCROSSING HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Elfmaiden687, United States of America

Happy (belated) Birthday, Postcrossing! Thank you for helping me reach out to the world, and for the world to reach out to me!

carochinha, Portugal

Congratulations! I am proud of such an interesting project being thought and done by a Portuguese!!!!!!

MATC, Japan

Congratulations for reaching the 10th year! Hip hip hooray! Not many sites/blog have made it this far. But yours did! And that says a lot about how much people from around the work love your "crazy" idea. Through Postcrossing and all the postcrossers around the world, we were able to revive the old-fashioned way of mailing, and we hope to keep "snail mail" from being a relic. More power to Postcrossing!

Echo-Tian, China

Happy Birthday, Postcrossing!

Annaluceya, United Kingdom

Brilliant idea Paulo! I love postacrds and have been collecting them since I was about three years old!

CarinaMantovani, Argentina

MUY FELICES 10 AÑOS!! FELICIDADES PARA TODOS: PAULO, EL EQUIPO Y (años más, años menos) NOSOTROS, TODOS LOS POSTCROSSERS!! Gracias por hacernos viajar por el mundo y cultivar nuevas amistades!!
HAPPY 1OTH BIRTHDAY!! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL: PAULO, THE TEAM AND WE ALL POSTCROSSERS!! Thanks for let us travel around the world and make new friends!!

LouiseNLwashere, Netherlands

The best hobby when I'm sitting at home, and have no further things I have to do!
The joy and pleasure to catch a new address and make the perfect card for his/her, makes even a miserable day a party.
I'm very happy to join this international writinghobby!
Everyday can be a surprise in my mailbox... so cool!

sstocks, United States of America

Thank you Paulo for your great idea to be able to explore the world through
Postcards. I look forward to receiving the mail to see what new country I can learn about. I have received over 500 postcards since I started and look forward to many more. Happy postcrossing to all!

chriskline, United States of America

Happy Anniversary Postcrossing. Love getting cards in the mail. Thank you for allowing us to meet and greet folks from all over.

lillydale1, Australia

Happy 10th Anniversary Postcrossing. A brilliant idea Paulo, hope it continues to grow as more and more people around the world enjoy sending and receiving postcards. I know I love receiving postcards and the collection is expanding.

ferro, Belgium

Thanks for this present!

CalpisNQoo, China

HBD and thank you for everything! 谢谢!

despoina_k, Greece


tampuilam, United States of America

Congratulations!!! I love Postcrossing


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