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About tropicalparagon...

Trinidad and Tobago's borders have been closed since March 2020 because of Covid-19. This means that the mail service is erratic because of less flights, delays and prioritization of essential supplies being imported. As a result, I will not be sending any postcards until our borders reopen, for fear of them getting lost in the prolonged journey.



Warm Caribbean greetings from the twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Sometimes I turn Direct Swap on but because my country is considered "rare", within a couple days, I get so many requests that in order to keep up with them all, I have to turn it off again for a few days. But once I have agreed to swap postcards, I will definitely do so even though Direct Swap says No (temporarily).

I welcome ALL kinds of postcards but especially love and would be very grateful for postcards that can be included in my collections:

*recipe/food cards
*country maps/flags/coat of arms
*stamp-styled (stamp collages, USPS and PHQ stamp postcards especially if they are of the above themes already listed)

*multi-items and mega multiviews
*windows and doors
*places of worship (all religions)
*chronicle cards from Germany

This is my Wishlist that I update showing the postcards that I do not have and would love to receive one day.

If you have sent me a postcard and it has expired then, unfortunately, it definitely did not reach me. Please keep in mind that mail takes weeks/months from certain countries, e.g. from the Asian and South American continents and especially Russia, but they usually do eventually arrive.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this!

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