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About Victoria...

Hello! My name is Victora and I live in Georgia, United States. I would love to exchange postcards with other people and learn new cultures! If you send me a post card:

I enjoy knowing something about your local culture, if you have pets, basics on what your family is like or any history gems you have on your family, town, etc. I am expecting a niece this April, so if you could send me a card for my unborn niece, that would be fantastic!

I like postcards that are interesting and say something about your home town, country, and general history! I also found I enjoy unusual stamps so if you have any, feel free to attach them to the postcard!

I prefer:
Art i.e. Mucha, Van Gogh, etc
City/country views (multi or single)
Cars , trains, any transportation
Music, movie, television, anime, k-pop
Nature scenes
Shaped cards
Landmarks I.e. Churches, religious buildings, palaces, statues, light houses, etc.
Holiday with a tradition of your family and/or country
Japanese theme or themes from that larger region!
People in native dress
Birthday postcards in July
Stamp postcards
Valentines in February
St. Patrick's Day in March
Easter in April
Halloween in October
Thanksgiving in November
Christmas, or any other winter holidays in December
Chinese New Year
Book titles
Disney, Pixar

If you need inspiration for what to send me, check my favorites! Basically, nearly any type will do! I am just always happy to get postcards in the mail!

And PLEASE no e-postcards!
I do not like naked images unless it is part of a fine art piece. But e-post and nude images aside, I love to receive any postcard from you!

Please date your postcards, if you would like, put a word or phrase in your language and tell me what it means. I love learning new things! Also if you have any coins, ads, fabric (inspired by a fellow post crosser) or the like that you can send, I would love to get those as well.

My personal hobbies are writing, reading, painting when possible, sometime photography and anything within the arts or history. I also love anime, manga and my current book obsession is the Songs of Fire and Ice, the Wicked series and assorted manga titles. I am also loving Doctor Who! I am a big fan of Downton Abbey and loved the finale!
The animes and mangas I love are:
Sailor Moon
Wolf's Rain
Dragon Ball Z
Witch Hunter Robin
Death Note
Cowboy Bebop
Ruouni Kenshin
Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei
And others!

I am a big fan of K-Pop, too! I really like Seventeen, EXO, Red Velvet, Super Junior, 2ne1, and more!

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