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About shieru...

Hello everyone!
I'm Nata, and I'm the aries (month) and the rabbit (year) by horoscope - so, I'm a rather delicate, but devoted person. I've been vegan for some years and I enjoy this style of living very much.
My twin introduced me to postcrossing years ago, and I like this project and its idea! I believe that postcrossing isn't a competition, whether you find that special card for someone's wishlist or whether you don't. It's not a contest, so I take everything here easy and enjoy this amazing hobby like it's meant to be.
I like decorating cards in many ways and it's the true pleasure for me here. I'm not good in drawing but I enjoy doodling on postcards. I have a huge stack of stamps and stickers as well!

My only request is: please, do not publish my name, address or text I've written and other private things. Thank you.
For Russians: Пожалуйста, не выкладывайте нигде (вне посткроссинга) мой адрес, имя, лицевую или заднюю стороны моих открыток - это моё право на частную жизнь. Спасибо.
I may delete your postcard image to upload a better scanned one.

So, as for cards, I'm happy about any card from you. Every postcard - like every of you - is beautiful in its own way. I'm okay with hand-made and free ad postcards, services like Touchnote etc. I'm open for everything, and I do not mind receiving the same card twice.
In case you still want to send something specific to me, here are some ideas:
- cards about anime (my fave ones is "Kuroshitsuji")
- teddy bears or toys,
- Christmas, HNY cards, Halloween cards... welcome at any time if you'd like to share them!
- any favorite from my postcard wall
- maybe a card you brought from a trip? would be interesting!

- postcards which are issued by your local post. Even if they don't look that cute, please, buy a few! They are often designed in a special way, and maybe by this you can support the postal service in your country, not the publishing houses.

If you send your card in envelope, could you put something else? A tea bag or the advertisments you get with your postcards. :) However, I will thank you for any card!

If we share common interests or hobbies and you'd like to get in touch, I'll surely write you back. Just let me know.
^ w ^
Best wishes, xoxo.
If you'd like to read about my interests, I'm keen on writing my own stories. I'm developing now a story about a dystopia society in the future times, in which a human clone runs away from an isolated city and gets himself in the harsh enviroment polluted with toxic wastes and full of monsters. He meets other people living in the desert and fighting agaist the bosses who hold the protected cities like the one he flew from. I'm thinking to turn this story into a series movie script so maybe once there will be a movie written by a postcrosser. :D
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