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shieru, Russia


is a member in Russia . Has been a member for over 8 years (2,938 days).
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  • Languages: English, 日本語, русский
  • Birthday: 30th March 1987 (30 years old)
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About shieru...

Hello everyone!
I'm happily back to Russia from a long trip to Japan I had last year.
About me - I'm the aries (month) and the rabbit (year) by horoscope, so I'm a rather delicate, but devoted person. I've been vegan for few years and I enjoy this style of living very much.
My twin sister introduced me to postcrossing years ago, and I like this project and its idea!
I like to draw on postcards (my sister likes it too!), but I'm still a beginner and I usually copy someone's else art. It looks like this -, but however, I like decorating cards in many ways and it's the true pleasure for me here. I have a lot of nice stamps for that reason too, but I'm totally indifferent to collecting them and I also know that postcrossing is a wrong place for that. The motto is: "send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person in the world", nothing about collecting is mentioned, huh?.. 
Postcrossing isn't a competition neither, whether you find that special card for someone's wishlist or whether you don't. It's not a contest here, really.

So, as for cards, any is fine for me - despite of my preferences or thanks to them. Every postcard - like every of you - is beautiful in its own way. I'm really puzzled why so many people don't like hand-made and free postcards, touchnote etc. Anyhow, I'm open for everything, and I do not mind receiving the same card twice.
In case you still want to send something specific to me, here are some ideas:
- cards about anime (my fave ones are "Kuroshitsuji" and "Hetalia" and I'm in love with the newest one about figure skating, "Yuri!!! on ice"),
- teddy bears or toys,
- Christmas, HNY cards, Halloween cards... welcome at any time if you'd like to share them!
- anything you consider as cute or lovely
- any favorite from my postcard wall
- maybe a card you brought from a trip? would be interesting!

I also like the postcards which are issued by your local post. Even if they don't look that cute, please, buy a few! They are often designed in a special way, and maybe by this you can support the postal service in your country, not the publishing houses. If you send your card in envelope, could you put something else? Like the spam and junk you get with your postcards. :) However, I will thank you for any card!

If you want to get in touch with me for any reason, I'll surely write you back. Just let me know.
^ w ^
Best wishes, xoxo.

If you want to know more about me, one of my hobbies is fanfiction in many types. I started drawing fanfinction comics recently and I enjoy it a lot. My last story is about Ciel from "Black butler", who is trying to win a figure skating competition (well, "Yuri!!! on ice" inspired me in this idea :), and his butler Sebastian helps him in this challenge. I often watch ice skating videos or photos to copy the postures and it's like I discovered this sport in a totally new way.
(upd 13 Jan 2017)