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About Ivana...

My name is Ivana and I am a teacher, 35 years old. I enjoy photography, painting and house decoration. I also enjoy traveling, I like wine, fashion accessories, history, reading, music, the idea of gardening (since I'm not actually doing it)... My greatest passion is dancing.

I like cards that are strongly "local", show ethnic distinctions, clothes and strange traditions.

What I like the most are postcards with people on them: common or famous people, especially black and white, and especially old people, old women. When I see a beautiful wrinkled face of an old woman, I feel I know all the important things about your country :).

I love when people are specific about the cards they like, it is easier for me to make a pick, so I'll be very clear about my preferences, but I'll surely enjoy anything you choose to send.
So, here it is:

- people - especially common, but famous are also OK (black-white; old people, women)
- typical scenes of everyday life, common people at work, or enjoying themselves
- market scenes
- street views, houses, old doors, old windows
- vintage/ old cards
- traditional costumes
- (traditional) dances
- art (painters/ paintings stories)
- boats (river boats, ports)
- trains, train stations, carriages (old transport in general)
- food, typical for your country, maybe a recipe!
- historical/ famous places/ buildings

It would be great if you can tell me something personal about yourself, share a secret, or something (funny) that happened to you, tell me your greatest passion, what you enjoy doing, your favorite meal, or drink, or what you normally do at 09:30 in the evening, or tell me what you had for breakfast :) - the small bits make it fun!

Please write a date if you remember (I always forget)!

happy postcrossing!

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