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About Alan...

**In this very challenging time in our global history, I just wanted to say that I hope all of our Postcrossing community stays safe and continues to enjoy many years of sending and receiving cards**

**Also a massive shout-out to all of those amazing health service workers across the World, so many have returned to work from retirement to help out here in the UK. To all of you who are continuing to work to try to keep a little bit of normality in our lives - firefighters, police officers, paramedics, carers, shop workers, postal workers, delivery drivers, and many, many more...there are so many different heroes out there...to each and every one of you - THANK YOU and stay safe**


My name is Alan and I live close to Glasgow on the west coast of Scotland. It's a beautiful country and we're wonderful people...and so modest ;o)

I'm looking forward to receiving postcards from anywhere in our wonderful World. Postcrossing offers a fantastic opportunity to view a small window on the World and see places that we may not know or ever visit, but it opens our eyes to what is out there and ignites our imagination.

I'd like to receive cards that show:

The landscape of your country
Extreme weather
Ukraine - cityscapes or landscapes

To be honest though, I am always happy to receive your card, but prefer not to receive folded cards. :o)

Happy Postcrossing to all...

"Slainte Mhor" (great health) to everyone,

Sadly, like so many I have had lost cards:

2010 - 4 missing from 234 sent
2011 - 8 missing from 318 sent
2012 - 14 missing from 484 sent
2013 - 13 missing from 555 sent
2014 - 33 missing from 607 sent
2015 - 17 missing from 346 sent
2016 - 1 missing from 260 sent
2017 - 15 missing from 198 sent
2018 - 11 missing from 289 sent
2019 - 14 missing from 345 sent
2020 - 18 missing from 415 sent
2021 - 11 missing from 279 sent

*If you have sent me a card and I've not registered it, please let me know and I'll register it. Sometimes cards just "disappear" and I would rather register your card and get your name on the list to receive your next card.

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