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About Irina...

Hello World,

My name is Irina. I'm a professional translator and international communications manager. A wife and mother of a 15 y.o. boy. We live in Voronezh, a capital city of a so-called Black Soil Region of Russia (about 500 km to the south from Moscow).

Here is some more info about me and my preferences:

I'm addicted to the road. Thanks to my dearest hubby (who is an excellent driver) we already made a number of big roadtrips across Western Europe and a lot other in Russia. So cards with touristic attractions of your country are very waited.

I absolutely adore red poppies! Look at my avatar. This photo was taken in France near Paris.
A poppy stamp on your card will make me so happy!
For other flowers I also like cacti, lupines and lavender.

I always enjoy being near water, be it sea beach or just a rainy day. If your city is at some river I will be happy to see it on your card. I especially love the view of river curves.

My all-time favorites are Vivien Leigh, Marilyn Monroe, Michèle Mercier, Lady Di, Kate Middleton, Monica Belucci, Aydan Sener, Grace Kelly, Ornella Muti, Natalia Oreiro, Wentworth Miller, Kurt Cobain, David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jude Law.

I'm mad about fruit and veg produce stickers! Sounds weird but so I am ahaha. Guess what's the first thing I look for in the grocery? Stickers!
Please stick some to your card if you can.

Caution! Please NO MONKEYS! I'm deadly scared of them.

So here are hints for you to choose a card (thank you for reading):
- poppies, lavender, cacti, lupines, also exotic flowers
- Eiffel Tower ♥
- castles, fortress
- people from my favs above
- spiral mountain highways
- bridges
- capes, cliffs, fjords
- sea, ocean
- river curves
- waterfall
- motivating quotes (please NO keep-calm)
- hearts
- Colosseum, Arena, amphitheatre
- wind turbines
- volcano
- big ships (liners, cruisers), boats
- airplanes, crew
- local crafts, markets
- national, regional, traditional dress
- the Pope (His Holiness)

I follow another postcrossing account together with my son Stepan----
If you like you may check it for more ideas.

Please do not use envelopes, let your card travel freely. I will also appreciate nice stamps.


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