is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 1,189,265 habitants. The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia.
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Sent: 12,962 postcards
Received: 12,186 postcards
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1. lehvo21, Cyprus Postcrossing Supporter lehvo21
2,589 postcards sent
2. papermoon, Cyprus Postcrossing Supporter papermoon
1,849 postcards sent
3. SVGG, Cyprus Postcrossing Supporter SVGG
1,399 postcards sent
4. Virsapiri, Cyprus Virsapiri
792 postcards sent
5. Lenia, Cyprus Lenia
604 postcards sent
6. Yiannis, Cyprus Yiannis
348 postcards sent
7. MariaEvri, Cyprus MariaEvri
309 postcards sent
8. Anoulla, Cyprus Anoulla
297 postcards sent
9. nasia, Cyprus nasia
277 postcards sent
10. anuta_shu, Cyprus anuta_shu
232 postcards sent

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Sergey_cy, Cyprus Gevlidis, Cyprus ekaterina_cyprus, Cyprus SVGG, Cyprus heylo, Cyprus Tatiana98, Cyprus Virsapiri, Cyprus mvasileiadou, Cyprus NzN, Cyprus lehvo21, Cyprus mase4ka13, Cyprus Tania_bunny, Cyprus chicaonaplane, Cyprus illusion_l, Cyprus pooon4ik, Cyprus anuta_shu, Cyprus
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