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An update on our special call for postcards

So, you might remember that last week I asked for your help with some postcards for a conference... and boy, did you ever deliver! :D

Here's my brother opening the PO box about a week after the initial call:

I'm still speechless at the amount of postcards that tumbled out of that mailbox... it's like it never ends! Can you believe there were over 600 postcards in there?!

So, I owe you... a lot. Thank you so, so much for your generosity and support. Seriously, postcrossers are THE best! :)

Cards for conference

I expect that quite a few cards are still on their way and will arrive in the coming weeks, so I've already taken the address down. The audience should be less than 1000 people, so any extra cards will be safely kept for a next event of the sort.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have a presentation to work on! The event will likely be recorded on video, so I'll try to show you how it went in a few weeks. Fingers crossed! :)

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Posted by on 15 Feb, 2014
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143 comments so far

ramsteentje, Netherlands
Wow! Good luck on the presentation
Posted by ramsteentje on 15 Feb, 2014

Han-ka, Czech Republic
Wow! Great :-) I do not see mine but I am sure it is already there!
Posted by Han-ka on 15 Feb, 2014

Kahanaya, Belarus
Oh. My. God. I wish I could find my postcard in this crowd!
Posted by Kahanaya on 15 Feb, 2014

tooschler, United Kingdom
Wow! I'd love to have that spilling out of my mailbox! Good luck with your presentation :)
Posted by tooschler on 15 Feb, 2014

meiadeleite, Portugal
Random comments from people in the post office at the time:

- "Are those all Valentine cards?! You must be popular!"

- "How long has it been since you opened your box? Months? Years?"

Posted by meiadeleite on 15 Feb, 2014

Littledaff, Hungary
Boy, that is one happy mailbox! :D
Posted by Littledaff on 15 Feb, 2014

KAS, Norway
Oh that's awesome! I can't believe there was even room for that many cards in that small post box :-D
Posted by KAS on 15 Feb, 2014

zeptone, France
Looked like this P.O Box had no end ^^
Posted by zeptone on 15 Feb, 2014

TaiChier, United States of America
That's fantastic! Good luck with your presentation, Ana!
Posted by TaiChier on 15 Feb, 2014

amyvnwijk, Netherlands
Wow so great! I bet the faces of the people in the post office were priceless haha!
Posted by amyvnwijk on 15 Feb, 2014

gettysburgbob, United States of America
such a wonderful sight....hope your talk goes well!
Posted by gettysburgbob on 15 Feb, 2014

Morgenstern, Germany
super !!!!!!! meine karte liegt oben drauf,graue Luftballons und ein roten.Voll Geil :-) :-) lg.
Posted by Morgenstern on 15 Feb, 2014

Ninocas, Portugal
Your brother is now famous! All postal workers in the area knows him - he is the guy who received ALL those postcards!! :D

Mine´s on the way! And good luck ;)
Posted by Ninocas on 15 Feb, 2014

lostinambridge, United Kingdom
This video makes me far too happy! Hope my postcard got there! :)
Posted by lostinambridge on 15 Feb, 2014

Hundewanderer, United States of America
That's beautiful! I hope my postcard made it to you in time. It's a lovely thing you're doing - thank you :)
Posted by Hundewanderer on 15 Feb, 2014

nuulqaa, Poland
I see one from Essen :)
Posted by nuulqaa on 15 Feb, 2014

kaleval, Ireland
I feel sorry for that postman ;)
Posted by kaleval on 15 Feb, 2014

Kilona, Finland
That is just so pretty :) I'm so happy for you
Posted by Kilona on 15 Feb, 2014

KPost, United States of America
This was really fun to see!
Posted by KPost on 15 Feb, 2014

uglyspinster, Germany
Espero que o meu postal será utilisado por esta conferência porque fiz um esforço de escrever em português. Beijinhos
Posted by uglyspinster on 15 Feb, 2014

Knerq, United States of America
Awesome! Postcrossing is such an amazing community. There should be a Ted Talk.
Posted by Knerq on 15 Feb, 2014

hilalk, Turkey
omg! I thik I'd have a heart attack if it'd happen to me :D my record is only 10 postcards at one time :/
Posted by hilalk on 15 Feb, 2014

Sveti, Germany
Good luck for your presentation!
Posted by Sveti on 15 Feb, 2014

Tina2, Germany
Soooooooooo great!!!! I don´t have seen mine, but i guess it is there ;) Good look for the presentation!!!!
Posted by Tina2 on 15 Feb, 2014

Anne-Liam, France
I'm happy to be part of it !!!
Posted by Anne-Liam on 15 Feb, 2014

boutondor, Netherlands
Wow! Amazing! I sent mine yesterday so you will receive it asap
Posted by boutondor on 15 Feb, 2014

Sprinkledonut, Canada
Postcard avalanche! Way to go, Postcrossers!
Posted by Sprinkledonut on 15 Feb, 2014

Pstcrdldy, United States of America
Well, I don't think my postcard ended up in that group as I just mailed it a few days ago! If I found all those postcards in my mailbox, I'd be jumping for joy!!!
Posted by Pstcrdldy on 15 Feb, 2014

sparkly-, Germany
Ooooooh I think I saw mine!! This is quite exciting....

Idea: If you receive more postcards than needed, hand them out anyway, maybe just have someone standing at the doors and let people take some when they leave.
And invite your audience to spread the joy even further! Ask them to give the leftover postcard to a friend, a coworker, a postal worker, a stranger....
Posted by sparkly- on 15 Feb, 2014

Sweeteums, Japan
THIS is amazing... !!! Hope mine arrived too :)
Posted by Sweeteums on 15 Feb, 2014

9teen87, United States of America
or give everyone two postcards and for the next event, ask and we will send you more! :D :D :D
Posted by 9teen87 on 15 Feb, 2014

Irsabir, Russia
Super, super, super!!!
Posted by Irsabir on 15 Feb, 2014

Duuj, Netherlands
I think I saw my postcard! What a nice surprise.
Posted by Duuj on 15 Feb, 2014

fiddlesticks, Germany
Sweet! Be sure to let us know how the audience likes them.
Posted by fiddlesticks on 15 Feb, 2014

jjajja, Malaysia
amazing moment!!! i hope my mailbox will be like this one day.. :D
Posted by jjajja on 15 Feb, 2014

tsvetana, Bulgaria
Wowwww! That's the fullest postal box I've ever seen! And they kept coming, and coming.. :-D
After the amazement my second thought was "how did the post office employees react?" :)
Posted by tsvetana on 15 Feb, 2014

isagv, Germany
This video made me so happy and proud of "us" postcrossers. :D
Posted by isagv on 15 Feb, 2014

Sutomi, Germany
;o) f a n t a s t i c ;o)
Posted by Sutomi on 15 Feb, 2014

Nettydel, United States of America
I saw mine in there! amazing to see all those tumbling out =) I agree, take the extras and challenge the attendees to pass them out to random people.
Posted by Nettydel on 15 Feb, 2014

Truffaldino, Czech Republic
That's great! So good luck.
Posted by Truffaldino on 15 Feb, 2014

CubScoutAyden, United States of America
What fun!!! I hope the one we sent got there.
Posted by CubScoutAyden on 15 Feb, 2014

idus, Germany
Wow, fantastic response! :)
Posted by idus on 15 Feb, 2014

Nani_, Finland
Oh wow! The vid made me giggle. Love it how I assumed the flood of cards to end three times but they just kept coming. And how the last few ones dropped down from the boxs ceiling. Hahah
Posted by Nani_ on 15 Feb, 2014

Trailwalker, United States of America
like hitting it big on a slot machine !
Posted by Trailwalker on 15 Feb, 2014

Mundoo, Australia
Awesome!! I kept thinking I hope your brother took a large bag with him.
Posted by Mundoo on 15 Feb, 2014

soilian, Finland
Posted by soilian on 15 Feb, 2014

meiadeleite, Portugal
@Mundoo: he didn't, but he managed to borrow one from the post office people who took pity on him :D
Posted by meiadeleite on 15 Feb, 2014

LyndaC, Canada
Glad we could all help you. Hope it goes well and we get lots more postcrossers.
Posted by LyndaC on 15 Feb, 2014

Marijaxxx, Macedonia
I love seeing full mail box, this made me so happy. Good luck on your presentation!!!!! ;)))
Posted by Marijaxxx on 15 Feb, 2014

YOIYUMTEWA, United States of America
That is awesome and amazing. Someone suggested a TED talk....I think that is a great idea, too.
Posted by YOIYUMTEWA on 15 Feb, 2014

phuleshouse, Canada
Fantastic.....I am sorry I missed out...I was checking your address for the weekend
Posted by phuleshouse on 15 Feb, 2014

kamikazeherz, Germany
I don't see my card in there but I'm sure it arrived yet. What a sum of postcards! Good luck :)
Posted by kamikazeherz on 15 Feb, 2014

JDor, Germany
Posted by JDor on 15 Feb, 2014

Zertz, Netherlands
Luckily, he doesn't have to registrate them... ;)
Posted by Zertz on 16 Feb, 2014

susandg, Philippines
Oh my! I hope my postcard from the Philippines made it. Good luck at the conference! :-)
Posted by susandg on 16 Feb, 2014

Annette-in-Japan, Japan
Impressive how many postcards fit in such a small PO box! :)
Posted by Annette-in-Japan on 16 Feb, 2014

PostcardPerfect, United States of America
wow!!! Postcrossers really rock!!!!!
Posted by PostcardPerfect on 16 Feb, 2014

turtles, Germany
Wonderful! Good luck for you presentation. :)
Posted by turtles on 16 Feb, 2014

VKent, United States of America
Thank you for sharing the out pouring of support you got. I actually went back because I thought I saw my card spill out and I did! So happy to be part of something that is global and a shared passion of so many.
Posted by VKent on 16 Feb, 2014

Red_and_Green, Poland
That is really fantastic but... to be honest, I am not surprised ;) I expected Postcrossers to react this way! Because Postcrossers are good and helpful people... However, the number of postcards is truly impressive... I couldn't stop smiling while all these postcards were pouring out of the mailbox! And I loved how the last three ones dropped down from the ceiling, just as if they appeared there magically out of nowhere =D Or as if some teleportation machine were installed up there :D And I saw one from Poland! =) We are keeping our fingers crossed for your presentation, Ana, and let us know how it goes! :-)
Posted by Red_and_Green on 16 Feb, 2014

but310, Hong Kong
That's awesome.
Postcrossing is really a fun and meaningful hobby that should be promoted. Meanwhile in Hong Kong, we are also planning to promote Postcrossing on campus. This post is really encouraging to us. :)
Good luck for the presentation! :)
Posted by but310 on 16 Feb, 2014

Mama-Bear, United States of America
That is my dream mailbox!! :) I know everyone was like me, looking for their card. I wish I would have sent one that stood out more. Haha! The video really made me smile.
Posted by Mama-Bear on 16 Feb, 2014

Mama-Bear, United States of America
Good luck on your presentation!!
Posted by Mama-Bear on 16 Feb, 2014

MsHelper, United States of America
It seems like everyone wanted to see their own postcard that they mailed. Maybe you could post a video showing ALL of the cards you received. That way everyone who participated could see their card. Just an idea.
Posted by MsHelper on 16 Feb, 2014

BOOGIE_PIPPIN, United Kingdom
I'm proud to be a Postcrosser and proud of you, Ana, to stand up and speak to all those people at the conference. GOOD LUCK.
Posted by BOOGIE_PIPPIN on 16 Feb, 2014

hopeley, United States of America
I sent 4 and would be happy if each participant received more than one postcard if available. Share, share, share, only requirement is you ask them to share too. I don't think you ever have to worry about reaching out to postcrossers and not having them come through at another time. Postcrossers are generous and glad to promote Postcrossing. This is a going to be a positive presentation "what makes you happy" PLEASE assure them that Postcrossing brings all of us a smile when we receive a postcard and sometimes a [happy] tear. And some of us have even gone on to have regular correspondence with a postcrosser we meet. It's bedtime here in California and I will be sleeping with my friends on my pillowcase; the Moomins from Finland! Best of luck Ana!
Posted by hopeley on 16 Feb, 2014

Forestchapel80, Netherlands
My postcard arrived; its a round one,I can see a quarter of its yellow shape in the pile.
Posted by Forestchapel80 on 16 Feb, 2014

Venia, Germany
WWWOOOWWW!!! So many cards!!! :)

good Luck with your presentation!
Posted by Venia on 16 Feb, 2014

puspawardani, Netherlands
Awesome! This video really made my day. Good luck with your presentation!
Posted by puspawardani on 16 Feb, 2014

rinajansen, Netherlands
Great and I saw my card, good luck!
Posted by rinajansen on 16 Feb, 2014

nisnoopy3, Malaysia
I can't see my own card.. but I'm so happy to see a fully packed mail box!!! You might have to check the mailbox regularly from now on! Haha!! Thank you and your brother for the video! :D :D :D
Posted by nisnoopy3 on 16 Feb, 2014

stefka, Bulgaria
Wow, it's amazing!!! I enjoyed watching video!
Good luck with presentation!
Posted by stefka on 16 Feb, 2014

jetlag, Germany
Parabéns! Boa sorte na conferência!
Posted by jetlag on 16 Feb, 2014

felix_n_naky, Spain
This was my first postcrossing, and because of it, I'm a fellow postcrosser right now!
Posted by felix_n_naky on 16 Feb, 2014

j_nathalie, Latvia
Fantastic amount of postcards. And I see mine postcard on photo. :D hope it will be taken by someone who wants to join us.
Goog luck on the conference!
Posted by j_nathalie on 16 Feb, 2014

emoffdayz, United States of America
WoW!!! good luck take care!! wow!!
Posted by emoffdayz on 16 Feb, 2014

Jubula, United States of America
We can do time-delayed postcard flash mob :D
Posted by Jubula on 16 Feb, 2014

dranix79, Italy
Oh my God! Unfortunately I didn't know about your need....See you to the next time!
Posted by dranix79 on 16 Feb, 2014

Norway_girl, Norway
Wow! That was one full postbox!
Best of luck with the presentation Ana!
Posted by Norway_girl on 16 Feb, 2014

Norway_girl, Norway
@sparkly-: I like your idea to let the attendees spread the extra postcards on to others:)
Posted by Norway_girl on 16 Feb, 2014

Baronin, Germany
It's fantastic! Good success by the presantation!
Posted by Baronin on 16 Feb, 2014

Matthew07, Malaysia
Boy oh boy oh boy, so many postcards. :)
Posted by Matthew07 on 16 Feb, 2014

Tony_Arashony, Belarus
It's fantastic! So many postcards at one time!!!=) Unfortunately, I didn't see mine but I hope it's just hidden among all these fabulous postcards!=) Happy to be a part of it!
Posted by Tony_Arashony on 16 Feb, 2014

RalfH, Germany
Maybe they were not able to put allcards into the box and put the remaining ones in a mailbag.
Posted by RalfH on 16 Feb, 2014

safe_4_sure, Germany
What a crowd of cards and there will be more coming in the next days - I'm sure!
Nothing can go wrong with your presentation Ana! Fingers crossed and thumb up!
Posted by safe_4_sure on 16 Feb, 2014

DorotheeB, Germany
The magic of postcards!!! Good luck for the event!
Posted by DorotheeB on 16 Feb, 2014

Sunflare, United States of America
Now that's a lot of postcards!!
Posted by Sunflare on 16 Feb, 2014

ESD, United States of America
I watched the video a few times... glad to see that there was an amazing response to your request! I saw a bunch from the US (we have the round stamp that is the image of the earth), but they went by so quickly that I can't confirm whether one of them was mine. I wish my PO Box would be that full of postcrossing postcards! Hope the presentation goes well!!
Posted by ESD on 16 Feb, 2014

NanaMuffinLady, Germany
Woah! Awesome :D
Posted by NanaMuffinLady on 16 Feb, 2014

danielc, United Kingdom
Amazing! I don't see the one that I sent, but hopefully it's there somewhere. It would be great to see more pictures of the cards and the faces of the audience!
Posted by danielc on 16 Feb, 2014

melilot, France
Ha ha I've sent the postcard user guide (the yellow one) so I wonder if that's mine ! Anyway several like that would be ok, back to basics :)
Posted by melilot on 16 Feb, 2014

rosenbusch, Germany
Great, so many postcards....
Good luck for the presentation!
Posted by rosenbusch on 16 Feb, 2014

SkiFamily, United States of America
That is so awesome! I saw one of mine fall out, lol. Ask and you shall receive ;)
Posted by SkiFamily on 16 Feb, 2014

MrDonut, Poland
Awesome! I saw my card in the video!
Posted by MrDonut on 16 Feb, 2014

tumbleweed, Germany
Wow, that's impressive! I wonder what the effect of these cards will be during the conference. Will people compare? Or even swap? Surely they will have something to talk about!
Posted by tumbleweed on 16 Feb, 2014

sherrielynn, United States of America
Good luck!
Posted by sherrielynn on 16 Feb, 2014

purplekiwi, United States of America
Holy mackerel!!!! The niceness of Postcrossing people never ceases to amaze me. I meant to send one, but didn't get around to it before the address was taken down. Oh well, I'm sure you will have enough!
Posted by purplekiwi on 16 Feb, 2014

danielc, United Kingdom
I think I just spotted my card in the video at
41 seconds, with a butterfly sticker on it, I
often put those on my cards!
Posted by danielc on 16 Feb, 2014

Blauwvinger, Netherlands
Wow, what greatamount of cards.
Posted by Blauwvinger on 17 Feb, 2014

MATC, Japan
Wow!! I hope the ones I sent you have already arrived. Good luck with your presentation.
Posted by MATC on 17 Feb, 2014

franhunne, Germany
OH NOOO - I missed the event :'(
*silently crying*
Posted by franhunne on 17 Feb, 2014

nisnoopy3, Malaysia
Can you take a photo of all the audience holding their postcards during the conference? :)
Posted by nisnoopy3 on 17 Feb, 2014

pucky, Netherlands
What a good idea to make this video and wait a week! Impressive!!! I thought thwy came out all when it starting falling out from the backside! I guess this was a lot of fun for you both!
Your presentation will probably be as amazing as this event!
Posted by pucky on 17 Feb, 2014

fathiarahma, Indonesia
I'm so speechless :D
Posted by fathiarahma on 17 Feb, 2014

castledane, Ireland
The call was answered, take a bow postcrossers, job well done.
Posted by castledane on 17 Feb, 2014

Ninon, Russia
OMG! Hope my card will arrive soon also :) Great work Postcrossers!
Posted by Ninon on 17 Feb, 2014

gingo728, United States of America
Never have I seen something so beautiful as that PO box full of postcards. I bet the postman/woman thought you were crazy! I hope the card I sent arrived safely. Good luck with the presentation! Hopefully we'll see some new postcrossers from Portugal. :)
Posted by gingo728 on 17 Feb, 2014

geminiscp, Portugal
No need to thank us. THANK ***YOU & PAULO*** for this project that changed so many lives! ;) :)
Posted by geminiscp on 17 Feb, 2014

burned, Germany
All the best for your presentation. My card will be with you, I spotted the Labskaus in the left lower corner :-)
Posted by burned on 17 Feb, 2014

Pattyg24, United States of America
I spotted my covered bridge postcard from Cedarburg, Wisconsin! So cool! I am happy for your success!
Posted by Pattyg24 on 17 Feb, 2014

Robin67, Austria
This must be one of the best videos I have EVER seen! :-)

It would probably stress me out to receive that much mail, but I'd still love it. :-D

Is your brother really willing to hand those cards over? ;-)
Posted by Robin67 on 17 Feb, 2014

Appaloosa05, United States of America
This is so great to see! I am happy you've received plenty of cards for your presentation and I hope that people are able to get some extras to share. I didn't see mine in the pile but hopefully it made it.
Posted by Appaloosa05 on 17 Feb, 2014

Luziaceleste, Brazil
Crazy... And só natural comunga from postcrossers...
Enjoy your presentation as much as we enjoy postcrossing.
Looking forward for the vídeo...
All luck in world for u!
Posted by Luziaceleste on 18 Feb, 2014

indianfriendszone, India
Amazing response...
i hope this will help you in your presentation :)
Best of Luck Ana

wondering if my card has received you or not :(
Posted by indianfriendszone on 18 Feb, 2014

Kat_44, United States of America
That was fun to watch. Thank you for sharing with us. I know we all hope "our" card got there and will make its way into the hands of a future Postcrosser. Great project, Ana! Looking forward to hearing how the presentation goes and the attendees' responses!!
Posted by Kat_44 on 18 Feb, 2014

minix, Slovakia
that was like a neverending story of a mailbox in Portugal...I wish my mailbox was as this sometimes. :)
Posted by minix on 18 Feb, 2014

Rizzopat, Switzerland
I wonder if the postman read them all...? :-)
Posted by Rizzopat on 18 Feb, 2014

Cheryll, Suriname
i agree with hopeley to share all postcards with the people at the conference!!
Posted by Cheryll on 18 Feb, 2014

snickas, India
Wow, having those many postcards in the mailbox is like a dream come true!
Posted by snickas on 18 Feb, 2014

McGinger, United States of America
YAY! What an awesome experience this whole Postcrossing thing is. Brilliance!
Posted by McGinger on 18 Feb, 2014

drdentisit, Iraq
I can't see my post card, hope it's already some where in this collection :)
Posted by drdentisit on 18 Feb, 2014

ceejaye, United States of America
Postcrossers are the most AWESOME people! Did everyone notice how much people wrote on those cards??? How WONDERFUL is that? ;D

Blessings as you share Postcrossing with new people! Hope we get to "meet" a lot of them through future postcards!
Posted by ceejaye on 19 Feb, 2014

moonlight24, United States of America
How awesome is that! I'm not sure if a postcard from Hawaii would have made it in that first batch, but I am so happy to be a part of this community and part of your project.

Best of luck to you on your presentation! =)
Posted by moonlight24 on 19 Feb, 2014

Flight_of_Icarus, France
I also hope that all the cards received will be given to the audience :-). After all, that's for this specific conference that so many postcrossers sent cards.
Even if the quantity doesn't allow to give everyone the same amount of postcards, people will understand the spontaneous kindness of postcrossers.

I would be a little bit disappointed if my card was kept for another conference, but naturally you must do what you think is the better ;-). Good luck !
Posted by Flight_of_Icarus on 19 Feb, 2014

Conelmate, Argentina
I'd LOVE to register all of those! Every step of the postcrossing process is just wonderful to me!
Posted by Conelmate on 19 Feb, 2014

honeybee, Austria
I love this video. Last night I dreamed it was MY mailbox, hahaha. I hope my card reached in time and I am sure you will do fine with your presentation at this conference, Ana.
Posted by honeybee on 19 Feb, 2014

FairyFoot, United Kingdom
How many delegates are expected?
Posted by FairyFoot on 19 Feb, 2014

Janestar, United States of America
Fantastic! What a HUGE bunch of postcards. Good luck on your presentation.
Posted by Janestar on 20 Feb, 2014

krishnaraosridhar, India
Spectacular... Amazing... Hope my PostCard from India also reaches you in time...

Best wishes for all the success of your presentation...
Posted by krishnaraosridhar on 20 Feb, 2014

kordi91, Poland
Posted by kordi91 on 20 Feb, 2014

JonathanChua, Singapore one time record was for 6 cards only!! Great work!!!! Happy n successful presentation....we showed them, PostCrossers!!!!!
Posted by JonathanChua on 20 Feb, 2014

Riutsi, Finland
I'm happy to be one of these crazy people ;) What a wonderful project!!!
Posted by Riutsi on 20 Feb, 2014

SLLiew, Malaysia
Nice video - but I think it is a set-up - you arranged the postcards to fill up the mailbox for the purpose of this video. LOL.
Posted by SLLiew on 21 Feb, 2014

Shakujii, Japan
Mine was found on top of the card mountain!
Posted by Shakujii on 21 Feb, 2014

nehalennia, Netherlands
A big round of applause for you and everyone involved in this project! The video is fantastic - and there will be more, I guess! :-) Are you going to count all cards? ;-)
Posted by nehalennia on 21 Feb, 2014

hmthompson, United States of America
Remarkable global response from Postcrossers. I agree with suggestions that all
cards should be distributed at the conference. Saving cards seems disrespectful
to persons who cared enough to mail them.
Posted by hmthompson on 23 Feb, 2014

Kami-chan, Germany
i just watched the video and asked myself: how many postcards fit in such a box? XD it was like the postcards never end XD

i wish there would be so many postcards waiting for me ;D
Posted by Kami-chan on 24 Feb, 2014

Sisko1, Finland
That is a fun vid, I've been watching it a lot of times by now. :)

I was thinking, maybe the "extra" cards could be distributed in the conference also. And the recipients could forward them to people they know...
Posted by Sisko1 on 25 Feb, 2014

willyly, Hong Kong
This is so awesome! For second I thought there was no end to the PO box =D

Add oil on your presentation!
(In Cantonese, we literally say "add oil" to mean "Keep up the good work," or "Do well")

All the best! =)
Posted by willyly on 28 Feb, 2014

Liloutchen, Belgium
I so my carte so happy !!! This presentation will be magic !
Posted by Liloutchen on 2 Mar, 2014

melilot, France
Sooooo.... How was it ? No feedback ?
Posted by melilot on 30 Mar, 2014

podgirl, Russia
Almost 2 months since the last update. Ana, we really want to hear some feedback about your presentation :)
Posted by podgirl on 13 Apr, 2014

meiadeleite, Portugal
@melilot @podgirl As soon as the organizers put the video online, i'll post an update!
Posted by meiadeleite on 13 Apr, 2014

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