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About franhunne...

Preferences of postcard - the world, the universe and everything
"I like pretty much any type of postcard since they are always special in their own way." -Paulo's words-
PLEASE: Surprise me.

My English is good enough for reading and understanding most of Sir Terry Pratchett and Jasper Fforde (well, I hope I understand MOST of it, i.e. more than 50 %).
My French is good enough to translate a simple text. Je ne parle pas Francais tres bien, seulement un petit peu. Therefore I don't think I would get french humour
But then again - I AM German, I probably will not get ANY humour. But I keep learning - see above.
German is my mother tongue. Unless you write in dialect. That could leave me at a loss - is not dialect based ...

I am happy to receive your postcard.

If you bought it, if you just "found" it some place and it did not cost you anything, if you made it yourself (and paid with your time and the materials instead of money) - it does not matter.

Write as much as you are happy with:
If you want to, you can do as my aunt and I do: fill the card up to the last free space ... that is marvellous! Write a (literally short)story, a poem, a recipe, or what you love to do, read, watch, listen to, that is interesting! Write something you'd like me to know about your town/country, yourself, draw something, add a sticker if you want to, make it shiny and glistening - or be a purist, just text - about the world, the universe and everything - I mean it! Anything you would love to.
But if you belong to those, who love postcards, who just find it hard to scribble more than
Happy Postcrossing
ID-number and their (postcrossing-alter ego or first or even sur-) name on it
That is fine. Don't torture yourself on my behalf. A postcard is a postcard is a postcard. If I want to read more - I can always take one of my 150 + unread books. It counts even if you have not had a dictionary for breakfast! Your card is as precious, as welcome!

Don't worry if your language skills might not be perfect - neither are mine. I might not even recognize a mistake (certainly I did not recognize those I made just here). And what if? I will just see that you did something hard for you to do me a favour.

Be happy with what you send me - and I will be happy with what I receive.

Happy Postcrossing
OH, and if senders could do me a favour (most already have) .. I do not own a scanner, have to take photos instead, not the best quality, which is a shame for the beautiful cards ... So, if it is not too inconvenient for you - and you have a scanner .. could you scan your card? Thank you so much to everybody who did - and to those who will.
I am not thinking bad of those who don't - maybe you just don't have a scanner, like me ..
I have just started with Russian - but please, do not yet put it to the test!

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