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Hurray! The German Postcrossing stamp is out and about, and the first postcards sent with it must already be arriving to the nearest mailboxes this week, and making its way around the world to many others out there. It’s been a long while since we attended a stamp launch event, so we wanted to show you a little bit of what happened in this latest one, which took place in Berlin on October 7.

The Museum of Communications Berlin very generously offered to host the day’s events, which were organized in two parts: one formal event, and the more informal meetup of postcrossers.

For the formal part, representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Deutsche Post, the Bundesdruckerei (the company responsible for printing ID cards, money and stamps in Germany), as well as philatelic associations and Postcrossing gathered in a room of the museum. Some nice speeches were made by the different parts, including an introduction to the history of postcards by the Museum Director Mrs Anja Schaluschke, as well as a speech by state secretary Dr Carsten Pillath, who also distributed special stamp albums. Although designer Greta Gröttrup couldn’t attend the event, she prepared this cute video which sheds some light on her creative process:

After some pictures, it was time for the meetup to begin!

The Lichthof (the circular hall of the Museum of Communications) was set up with tables and chairs, and postcrossers started pouring in. Some took a guided tour of the museum, while others sat down to chat and write some postcards together. We had the chance to talk with most participants for a bit, and it was just lovely to meet different people and hear their Postcrossing stories.

A big green banner welcomes newcomers to the Postcrossing event at the museum. In the background, the great hall can be seen Groups of postcrossers spread around in tables, writing postcards at the Museum for Communications' large hall

There was even time for a group picture, taken by Sabine (aka kroete68)!

A few dozen postcrossers wave to the camera in the museum. In front, a banner stating Postcrossing can be seen.

You can see more nice pictures of the event at the Museum’s Twitter page or on the respective meetup forum topic.

Six postcards lay flat on a table, featuring the new stamp and special cancellation mark

It was such a fun afternoon, with so many postcards being written and sent! Deutsche Post’s special post office was super busy stamping our cards and even ran out of the new stamps. 😅

Commemorative cards and cancellation marks

A big thanks to the group of postcrossers who put such a nice event together, to those who came and made it brilliant, and to the Museum of Communications Berlin as well, for hosting all of us on this lovely day. Hurray!

We got some special commemorative folded cards featuring the new stamp, its cancellation marks and two detachable postcards created by the stamp designer — and have a few to give away! For a chance to win one, leave a comment below with some ideas for fun meetings and stamp celebrations. The giveaway will run for a week, and Paulo’s random number generator will select ten winners by this time next Sunday. Good luck!

And the winners of this giveaway, as chosen by Paulo’s random number generator are… ashcubes, Puceron, triplightly, rubber_ducky, davedrolll, industria, Axolotl_, margreetbtn, geo_ and -Hector-. Congratulations everyone, thank you for taking part and sharing your suggestions!

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thstreit, Switzerland

So happy that the biggest Postcrossing country (by sent postcard) has a Postcrossing stamp, too! And yes, I received the first postcard with it 😁
Hope some other countries will issued a second or even third stamp, soon!
My dream: a Postcrossing stamp issued by the UN 🇺🇳 postoffice - means one in New York 🇺🇸 (USD), one in Geneva 🇨🇭 (CHF) & one in Vienna 🇦🇹 (EUR) 😁

Makibo, Japan

I have been to this museum before. It was a very interesting exhibition. It's nice to be able to enjoy postcard writing in such a nice place. I hope that one of them comes into my postbox.

Darryrose, United States of America

I'd love to see some Postcrossing meet up stamps.

Bodding, Italy

I dream of an Italian Postcrossing Stamp snd related meeting 😍, but looks like the are some strict rules for the kind of stamps that can be released 😑.
Thanks for the giveaway: the german issue is lovely!

Reinamia, Spain

It would be nice to have a place, like a market stall where it would be possible to exchange postcards or stamps or washi tape or stickers ...

zuzulik, Slovakia

In 2019 I attended a meetup in this museum - very nice and interesting exhibition. And very very nice people at that meeting. I congratulate to the german postcrossers to have this postcrossing stamp and hope we will have a postcrossing stamp in Slovakia soon :)


Congratulations to all German postcrosser.
The stamp issued is really very nice.
Wish if someone can post me one ...

czuczy66, Canada

I have petitioned Canada Post to issue a postcrossing stamp...alas.. to no avail... but maybe with so many countries now recognizing postcrossing they may eventually change their minds!! I look forward to receiving the German postcrossing stamp in my mailbox.

missmaken, Russia

I would really like to have postcrosser meetings in my city too

beesknees, United States of America

Oooooh hope I get one soon

Kot12, Russia

Very interesting!

matspc, United Kingdom

Everything looks such fun - and I love the stamp. Wish it was available for overseas purchase. Also wish the Royal Mail would produce a postcrossing stamp for the UK

purplepassion, Bermuda

Looks like all had a good time and hope to receive a card with the stamp on it soon. It would be nice if all countries who have members would put out a Postcrossing stamp. Maybe a worldwide challenge !

LenaSophie, Germany

I think some fun ways to celebrate a stamp launch would be to have puzzles of the design or maybe get the people to try and recreate the stamp design in a painting. And for general meet-ups I’d enjoy some that are more quality and less quantity based in terms of cards. Maybe one that concentrates on decorating cards and everyone can bring some washi tape and stamps etc.!

Anyway, it looks like you all had lots of fun! Such a great occasion for a meetup!

DianeM, United States of America

Congratulations to all who worked for this!
The video featuring the stamp artist is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it!

Lori777, United States of America

What a fun event! I would love some Postcrossing stamps from the USA. Perhaps New York City or Washington DC.

julia_swan, Netherlands

That would be great to organize such an event in the Netherlands, for example in Eindhoven, Utrecht or Amsterdam :)

EE_06, Türkiye

I would be happy to see more postcrossing stamps in the future and more meetups in Türkiye. I hope I can get one of those cool stamps.

mysweetlife63, United States of America

Great meet-up - looks like y'all had fun!
I would like to see the USPS to issue a Postcrossing stamp!

brenbren, New Zealand

So nice to see more countries officially supporting Postcrossing!

One day it would be amazing if there was a coordinated meetup by Postcrossers around the world to send the most postcards in one day! Perhaps it could even set a new world record! 😊✉️

ejeddy, United States of America

How wonderful! What a day for Postcrossing. I am getting emotional about seeing a crowd of Postcrossers (Maybe there should be a word for it like there is for "a flock of geese" or a "school of fish". Next contest maybe!?). I like to think one of those folks might send me a card one day with the stamp on it and tell me all about it. And I would never have noticed the stamp is designed to have multiple tops and bottoms. Thank you. And I will be pushing for a Postcrossing stamp!!!!!!

k8cre8, United States of America

The stamp is awesome, and I love the pictures of the gathering! What a cool event! I will be bugging my friends in Germany for one of those pretties!

Postcardnstamps, United States of America

What a great meetup! Wish USPS can participate in a postcrossing stamp. It's really fun when there is an official stamp launch and a meetup afterwards. You learn so much about the stamp first!

_Carmen_, Germany

Finally, there is a German postcrossing stamp:) I am happy about it!

thedollydoctor, United Kingdom

What a fabulous event and another country added to the post crossing stamp collection.
As a suggestion for a meeting, some of us can not get to meet ups due to disabilities, responsibilities, children, jobs, distance, so what about an online meet up? Skype, google meet, teams. That way we can meet fellow post crossers from all over the world.
It would be awesome if I won one of these as well but good luck everybody xx

bryn31, Netherlands

Looks really fun! I would attend if such an event were held in my country/area (:

Flippie, Canada

Thank you Germany for the very nice stamp.
My idea for meetups; Having a Spring and Fall Meetup Local Festival with vendors who sell cards/stamps, a writing table, a table where you can make your own cards and of course a big mail box in the center......Oh, this my dream.... + a Italian kitchen close by for the Ravioli...mmmm.

Maedje, Netherlands

It looks like it was a fun and memorable day!
I would love a EU Postcrossing that can be bought in all EU countries and used as postage on postcard to countries all over the world. (The accompanying stamp lauch / meet-up should - of course - take place in Brussels.) But that will probably remain a pipe dream...

Petre, Netherlands

I received a card sent on 10 october with this stamp, how lovely!
A meetup near the boarder of two countries that have PC-stamps would be great, you could send out cards from two countries with the PC-stamps.

Aguaroble, France

Wouldn't it be possible to make a meet-up in the Universal Postal Union's office, in Bern (Switzerland)?
And for those who live far from Bern, we could organize meetups in Bangkok (where the headquarters of the Asian-Pacific Postal Union is located) or in Montevideo (headquarters of the Postal Union of the Americas, Spain and Portugal) for instance :)
Or it could be in the five cities from where the most postcards have been sent from. I wonder which cities it would be... Berlin? Moscow? Chicago?
I am really wondering, if it's possible to know it would be great!

Marjie, United Kingdom

Seems like this year has been a super one for Postcrossing with new stamps to celebrate who we are and World Postcard Day which saw some amazing Get Togethers and parties too! All power to Postcrossers everywhere!

pmsobon, Switzerland

I upvote thstreit’s brilliant idea for a UN Postcrossing stamp in all three UN postal currencies! Works peace through citizen communications.

rainerle, Germany

Great - i just got 20 stamps ... and sent the first one on a postcard to a postcrosser in Canada and another one to Taiwan....

babytreese, United States of America

My chance to finally see Berlin! I suggest a get together during a filmfest then dinner where we can share postcards and ideas for the next meetup!

linku, Germany

I wish for always more creative meetings, for the Cloud ppreciation Day, for example or other, even local, festivities as for the village beer brewing in Franconia or special days as the Taiwanese postcrossers do :O))

Bock, Austria

Finally. It was time for German Post to follow the example of many Postal Admins all over the world.

Owlagdad, United States of America

To all German postcrossers, congratulations! As was expressed, perhaps our countries now will follow suit. For ideas to further postcrossing goals, share your talents with children. The personal rewards will abound—who knows how long!

HookedonPostcards, Canada

Beautiful stamp. Outstanding effort of German Postcrossers. Thank you for sharing the video so we can learn about the artist’s process. CONGRATULATIONS!

porkwithbones, United States of America

I think fun meetings and stamp celebrations should always have a giveaway. ;) Other than that, I don’t have any good ideas, I just like seeing the results of Postcrossing Meetups and meetups and celebrations like this one!

yurakana, Japan

What a fun meeting!
I am interested in the content of meetings in other countries.
Our meetings are a postcard exchange or written discussion where we write questions we would like to ask participating members and when we sign up for cards, we do it together and ask everyone to write down their answers. It is fun to see fun questions and nice answers.
Meetings are also a chance to learn things we don't know through discussion.
I'm so glad that Postcrossing stamps are being added all over the world!
I love it!
It would be great to find the winning card in the mailbox.
Keep enjoying Postcrossing 😊.

steffl, Germany

My best friend and me visited the Postage/Stamp Museum in Vaduz,Liechtenstein this summer😍 the complete city is made for stamp collectors and card senders. There are big stamp stickers on the path in the city! We had a few slots open, to send cards from this special and rare country and the recipients were happy about getting a card from here. We also choose special stamps for our postcards.
Apart from this, Liechtenstein is such a beautiful country with incredible nature and a nice castle!
So I think it we a good Idea to event a Postcrossing meetup in Vaduz, Liechtenstein❤️ We would definitely come!

Betcherman, Canada

Would love to buy a copy of the Postcrossing Stamp / FDC.

Kristi-D, United States of America

I look forward to eventually receiving a stamp honoring Postcrossing from one or more of the countries.
That meetup looks enjoyable! We had one in nearby Pasadena and had a great time! We now have another planned for a different local city! It's great meeting other Postcrossers via mail AND in-person.

Hein, Germany

Eine wirklich gelungene Veranstaltung. Dankeschön dafür.
Ich war dabei , auch ohne Anmeldung. :-)

lisarr, Canada

Great photos, and a beautiful stamp!
I look forward to receiving a Postcrossing stamp.
I have only attended one meet-up years ago, and it was tremendously fun.
I hope to join one again somewhere in future. I would love to join one in another country while travelling.
Thanks for the contest! and so much hard work on Postcrossing over the years.

Poste, United States of America

This is Fabulous and someday I hope every Country will have at least one special Postcrossing Stamp. Happy Postcrossing Always!

obond01, Kazakhstan

It's COOL!!!
This is GREAT!!!!
With great respect and love,Olga.

Dave-Droll, Korea (South)

Thank you for this wonderful write-up of what seems like a really fun meetup, congrats to all the German postcrossers!
For me, a really cool meet-up would be postcrossers getting together at a railway station and writing cards on on the platform -- there is such romance associated with the rail system, and how it became the bedrock of the modern mail system before the arrival of aircraft. From opening up frontiers on new continents to connecting communities that were previously so far away -- the twin romance of the railway and the post is undeniable and beautiful!

mojokin, Canada

Great event! Would love to see a Canadian Postcrossing stamp someday! 🇨🇦

jillwein, Italy

What a wonderful and festive event! I'd love to see US and Italian Postcrossing stamps in the future!

tetsu70, Japan

Well done!

Anapinheiro0, Portugal

Congratulations on the event, very good initiative. I would like there to be such an event in Portugal, I would love to receive one of these postcards with the emblematic stamps, I am also a collector of stamps from all over the world. Thank you.

Aischa22, Germany

Wow, I wish I could have been there with you, it must have been great! And many thanks to everyone who worked so long on this and never gave up, so that we finally get a German Postcrossing stamp.

mihneaR, Romania

I was there and indeed was amazing! To see so many known faces from all Europe, and Paulo and Ana too! For everybody: if you can attend in such big meetings, do it! For sure you'll not regret and you'll leave with a lot of pleasant memories!

luxtrabem, Finland

What a lovely event and a brilliant reason to celebrate.

an-foxy, Belarus

Hooray! Congratulations!
One of the ideas is to make a collage of stamps, the drawing on which is visible when you move further away, and when you get closer, you see only the stamps.

Selena, United States of America


kinoko, China

what a wonderful event! I have bought 10 stamps for my next postcards!

jr11577, Ireland

Fabulous article and a great commemorative card and stamp.
I rather like the idea of a moving meet-up, on a train perhaps.

michal96, Poland

I think that a good idea for fun meetings and celebrating stamps would be a meeting in the neighborhood of local monuments, connected with visiting them. It would be interesting.
P.S. I can't wait to receive the German Postcrossing stamp :)

Chrissi1612, Germany

Hello, I would like to take part in a meeting in Hanover. Kind regards, Chrissi1612

Guten Tag, ich würde gern mal an einem Treffen in Hannover teilnehmen. Viele Grüße, Chrissi1612

DonnaM, Canada

We had an awesome WPD meetup at Niagara Falls, Canada where we sent many, many postcards including some asking for our own Postcrossing stamp!!

Schlafmohn, Germany

What a great occassion for a big celebration, wishing to be able to join the next one :D

SeverusNyssen, Germany

What do you think a meeting at Carnival in Colonge
A piece of German Tradition maybe on the meeting postcard too

Jubilee, United States of America

I would love to bring my Girl Scouts to an event like this! 🤩 Maybe an outreach event to teach kids about stamps/mail/postcrossing?

tw1nlyn, United States of America

Wow what a great day for Postcrossers...I would love to visit the museum one day. Next year I think I may supply some cards and stamps to a classroom or two here in town. twinlyn

piggiepiggie, India

Postcrossers always love new Postcrossing stamps. I hope India releases one soon! Thanks!

kojep, Indonesia

What a nice stamp for the biggest country in Postcrossing.
Meetup with an active postcrosser is the best way. Just share the story of experience in Postcrossing

Demmi, Romania

Congratulations! Bravo!
I hope that the next card from Germany to be with the new stamp!

nisnoopy3, Malaysia

Congratulations to everyone for a successful meeting and launching of the new Postcrossing stamp!

It made it so far because of you all. Thank you so much for making a new record possibly the most number of postcards sent in one day at the museum. The memories made on that day will fovever be cherished. The pictures are showing lots of smiles.

Maybe choose an unconventional venue like a haunted castle to held a meetup during the day time. It would provide a bit of nervousness and fear to the participants. XD XD XD

bm123i, United States of America

It would be nice to have a Postcrossing Global stamp from USPS, I’m convinced Postcrossers make up the vast majority of those purchasing them! Not a huge fan of the current flower designs :/

margreetbtn, Netherlands

What a great meeting did you have! And i hope to see this stamp on a postcard soon.

A nice meeting idea would be a christmas meeting maybe. At a market where you can buy christmascards too.

ChattyCathy, United States of America

Hello German Postcrossing friends, would love to see this stamp on a postcard soon! Lovely design!

JimKnopf1311, Germany

Great event!!! How about a community postage stamp from the Nordic countries???

removebeforeflight, Australia

Looks like it was a great event! I wish I was able to attend but wasn't able to make it. There's also a communication museum here in Frankfurt. Perhaps another meetup here would be great. Would also love to see more postcrossing stamps around the world. I can't wait to hopefully receive one.

P.s. Hopefully I'm still in with a change for the giveaway!! :D

Happy Postcrossing everyone!

Sunshein, United States of America

I'm hoping the US Post Office will follow suit and issue an American Postcrossing stamp - international and postcard edition. Wouldn't that be awesome? Though if I had to choose, I'd take the international Postcrossing stamp. There are so few to choose from, especially on some of the smaller postcards it's hard to place more than 1-2 stamps.

WiscoFamily, United States of America

A military country in one day meet up for travel mode! It could work in border areas of Europe or maybe USA and Canada

WiscoFamily, United States of America

*multi-country lol

KseniaNest, Russia

I do not want to write like: "I hope...", "Very beautiful." I do not like unnecessary pathos. I would like to participate, but I live in another country and it is difficult to get there. I would like to have separate meetings of post-cossers in which each participant came up with a project. I would definitely take part in this!P.S. The brand is very original and unusual.

Blue_Sheep, Germany

Finally a german postcrossing stamp!
Although, I don't like the design as much as other countries' stamps.

A fun meeting idea would be to visit every lighthouse, which are featured on stamps and send cards from there. So it is more of a series of meetings.

ennov-y, Germany

I prepared a collage of all postcrossing stamps issued so far 😅 and took a picture of it.
I am looking forward to send it as a postcard soon 😊
Would be nice to prepare such a collage with others.

bmd200, United States of America

I think the idea of a postcard swap would be so fun! You could bring your own postcards, bought or handmade, and trade people for ones that they bring.

Silvia_L, Germany

It is great to finally have a postcrossing stamp. Unfortunately I could not be in Berlin that day but I had ordered a lot of those stamps in advance.
I am looking forward to the next meetings to use them for all the meetingcards.

triomom, United States of America

Congratulations to Germany on this very nice stamp and a fun meetup. I wrote my letters to the USA committee that decides on stamp themes suggesting a Postcrossing stamp. No luck so far, but I will try again when I am eligible to submit another suggestion. I've only been to one meetup. A public library makes a good location, especially if they have a meeting room you can use. Also, snacks are a great addition to the festivities. People mingle around the food and the conversation flows easily. Happy Postcrossing!

ned44440, Ireland

Looks like a truly splendid event. So jealous of you all 😃😃

ChrissiePuh, Germany

Living close to the border of Switzerland and France, a fun meeting would be trinational, comparing cards and stamps from each country. And of corse writing lots and lots of postcards!

nediam_nori, Finland

WOW! Wish I was there too 😄 congratulations!

I have attended a couple of meetings and they have been great fun! Chatting with friends, writing postcards, exchanging spare postcards...

idus, Germany

A Meeting in Germany for St. Martin's Day for Postcrossers with and without children. 🙂👍

RomaandPaul, United States of America

A nighttime meet-up would be fun. Dark outside, candles lit, delicious hot beverages to drink...and great conversations to be had!

rubber_ducky, United States of America

What a cool stamp! When visiting Belgium I once stayed at a hostel that had its own custom postage stamps made, so at least there maybe a postcrossing meetup stamp could be made? Also it would be fun to have a meetup at some geographic extreme.

Hohdin, Finland

Local and virtual meet ups are easy to reach.

shui, Taiwan

What a fantastic meeting ! ! ! Thank you very much for sharing all about this special event and there is even a video about the fabulous postcrossing stamp ! It's really fun to see part of the progress of how the stamp was designed. Maybe a meetup with some handicraft workshops ( to make/decorate the postcards ) in different themes and methods will be interesting, too ! Congratulations again on the issue of all those beautiful new postcrossing stamps !

angeli91, United States of America

Congratulations on the new German Postcrossing stamp! I love seeing special cards, postmarks, or meetups to celebrate new Postcrossing stamp releases. I hope the US will finally release some someday too :)

TurtleFan, Switzerland

This event looks wonderful! It would be fun to have an event at the US National Postal Museum sometime. I was there recently and highly recommend it. It's right next to the Union Station train station in DC and free to visit with several great exhibits including one about stamps.

thepennguyen, United States of America

This makes me so happy to see! I hope someday the US will have a postcrossing stamp too

tabru, Germany

I am so glad about this stamp, I bought tons from it and hope, our shop get more. I want to make foreign postcrossers happy. Best idea😂.
A good idea will be, to print one for abroad and Germany.

rutkiuss, Denmark

It would be great if Postcrossing meetups would be open and welcoming to the people around so that they would have a chance to learn about the project and experience calmness and mindfulness that writing a postcard to your close one or just a fellow human being can bring :) I would suggest Postcrossers to meet up at the malls during Christmas time and encourage people to stop for a minute from the rush and write a postcard to someone showing that they care :) during other sessions it could be train or bus stations, city centers and parks
During these meetups stamps could be celebrated too :)

AbstraktesHerz, Germany

One of my fondest memories of visiting the museum is the small concert stereo total played there in the Lichthof. I've visited the museum so many times as I was born and raised in Berlin and still live there.
Good luck to everyone!

i_go_bae_ya, Korea (South)

Cute postagestamp und postmark!

Tarane, Germany

I wish, I could have made it to the meetup… Unfortunately I had to work😭
But my mother was there and told me, that she had so much fun, I was really happy for her😊

PostcardingDoc, India

An official Postcrossing meet-up at Asiatic Society of Mumbai, India where postcrossers from everywhere can meet up , have a fun stamp designing contest along with the launch of a new stamp, and pop-up selling washi tapes, stickers, supporting small local businesses ! India has a robust community of postcrossers!

xoxSofia, Slovakia

I have never attended a postcrossing meetup. I would love to. Those stamps are awesome! Fun idea might be to make stickers or a comemorative poster with the design of stamp/ postcard.

eastflamingoroad, Germany

I‘m still so happy and thankful for this stamp!
I think it would be fun to have a Postcrossing meetup at a Christmas market :D

RachelWren, United Kingdom

So lovely! I would love it if Royal Mail did a penny black commemorative stamp, maybe in 2040 (200 years since its release)

Seetha, India

Such a lovely illustrated stamp. Exchange meet-ups would be a fun event to attend! Absolute delight :)

Axolotl_, Germany

So great to see how everyone had fun at the meetup! I think this is a great idea and could be used for other meetups as well. Deutsche Post often sends philatelic teams to events to give out the special postmarks. Why not host a meetup there? 😊

Burialsheer, Estonia

It's so great that Germany has a PC stamp now, and such a beautiful one at that!
A great dream of mine came true recently so I don't know what else to wish for at the moment. You see, Estonia also released our PC stamp!

sunilmandaliya, India

I love to see the hobby of writing getting a platform to express things. In a meet-up, I always enjoy the conversations and meeting new people whom we can call friends in the future.

BrainOfJosh, United States of America

Meetups are wonderful, but it’s time to start brainstorming and organizing for a Postcrossing World Conference. All the big world organizations do it, so it’s time we think big and develop a committee to start planning it.

Maaike1764, Netherlands

I have never been to a meet-up, but I'd love to go to one in my area. I think the idea to do meetups in museums is a good one :)
Or public parks/gardens ;p

redteapost, India

What a beautiful design! It really encapsulates what Postcrossing is all about.
I always love to see signatures or stamps of attendees of a meetup. Would not it be fun to create a collaborative art work, maybe a collage or a painting, with the help of all the attendees and turn it into a postcard! I would love to be a part of such meetup.

maripe92, Germany

I have already sent several of the new stamps and I find the cards so pretty! A Meet-up of school which take part at this community would be pretty nice!

Phrvncisco, Chile

Beautiful stamp and card! I think a nice event would be one in which attendants get to design their own stamps.

TheColorK, United States of America

I love that postcrossing is getting more stamps. I love when stamps are used in art and games.

industria, Germany

Thanks for writing about this special meet up! It gave me the chance to get a taste of it, even though I couldn't attend. ❤️
My idea for a fun meeting would be to have a workshop for making a handmade meet-up card. Handmade cards are usually so special and amazing, but still have not the best reputation among some postcrossers. A crafted meet-up card could show this reputation is undeserved! The design and material could be prepared beforehand so that the results would look similar (like the pre-printed meeting-postcards are all the same). This could work towards a "quality over quantity" approach of writing cards at meetings, too, which others have mentioned here before. ✨
But the most important thing is to connect during a meeting, of course. A workshop like that could easily achieve this, I think. 🤜🤛

lunii, Spain

It would be great that a internacional collection of postcrossing stamps existed. It could be the same design in every country but with different colours and also with a word in the language/one of the languages of the country 🙂

geo_, United Kingdom

There's a tiny Postal Museum in Bath that I've always thought would be a great place to visit on a meetup. Or a postcard Scavenger Hunt, going around a city and finding as many different postcards as you could in an hour. Probably too easy in somewhere big like London but maybe a smaller city or town that could be fun!

ladybug513, United States of America

What a fun, colorful stamp illustrating the path a postcard takes! I love it and hope to find one on a postcard sent to me! I wish the United States would consider producing a Postcrossing stamp.

jbright, United States of America

I love the idea of a meet up at a Postal or similar related museum, especially with an exhibition tour.

cartonfamily, France

I dream of a french postcrossing stamp !!!

twinkletwonkle, Singapore

maybe stamp celebrations could take place in places that sell ravioli!! so like having stamp fun even with food beyond cards and the postage stamps :))

siva_arunagiri, India

Wow. Wish India also releases a postcrossing stamp.

DocRoc, Germany

Great event for a special occasion. It was about time for a Postcrossing stamp released by Deutsche Post. I already got some sheets and send those beauties around the world.

terry336, Canada

It's a beautiful stamp. One I would love to add to my collection. Hopefully Canada gets one soon. Congratulations to the Postcrossers of Germany.

GoldieBug, United States of America

Ausgezeichnet! As an American Postcrosser with German family ties, I love this so much. I wish we could get a U.S. Postal Service Postcrossing stamp someday. Ideas for meetings: meet in a park, or meet in a library and invite the public to write cards too.

FreeTina, Germany

It would be great to have more people writing postcards. Not only Postcrossing but also like it was decades ago. Writing a postcard for Birthdays, Easter or simply because I want to come in touch with somebody.

CutePoop, Germany

There are not so many stores where you can just buy some postcards, especially a store for all postcrossing themes, it would be so nice if some day this will be possible 😭
I would love it, if it will be not only the 95ct stamp but the 70ct and some other too. To see that Germany finally has postcrossing stamps is soo amazing ♥️🔥

Florenzeden, United Arab Emirates

There was no online shop for postcards here in UAE, hope to get a local one. Nevertheless I'm lucky to be here and can send to as many countries.

jameschrasta, United States of America

Would love to see some stamps commemorating the Pokémon anniversaries in Japan or something for fifty-ish years of heavy metal music in UK or USA :)

petrini1, United States of America

Great post! I wish the U.S. would release a Postcrossing stamp! As for a meetup idea, the best venue I've seen for one is the U.S. Postal Museum in Washington, D.C. There must be other cities with similar facilities.

uncomposed, United States of America

I think a cool stamp would be one that the sender could color in. Each stamp would be a completely original stamp!

Hazelito, Germany

I hope this stamps spread love and joy to the worldwide pc community!

Mearl, Germany

My meeting idea would be a big picnic in a city park. First buying some card in the city and after that walk to the park and writing-eating-relaxing. :)

It would be so cool if Postcrossing will a theme of the EUROPA stamps release. That at least every European country has issued a postcrossing stamp.

einzigartig0611, Austria

I have a beautiful card from Valkeakoski/ Finland for World Postcard Day
received and thank you very, very much for that !!!!!

misschim, United Kingdom

Fantastic design!
I think it would be great to have a postcrossing shop or market stall (in person rather than online) where you could buy stamps, postcards, stickers, pens, albums etc. And also swap cards and meet like minded people ☺️ 🇬🇧

snailmail_ashcubes, United States of America

Very pretty design. I hope the US creates theirs soon!
The perfect meetup location would be to meet at a museum dedicated to mail or stamps!

MrLiz, United States of America

I Hope USPS can issue one! A bookstore will be an ideal place for meetup!

triplightly, United States of America

You can play a bingo game with the postcards members have received. Then a have little prize for the winner like stamps, postcards, etc.

anitachi, United States of America

I hope the USPS follows soon! It is a beautiful stamp. Anyone up for a meetup at a warm beach? It snowed here yesterday already!

Ramya, United States of America

I just received a postcard (WPD card as well!) with the new Postcrossing stamp issued in Germany- It was quite a thrill! Something that would be nice to see... Postcrossers holding the postcards they receive with the new stamp! Perhaps just the front of the card with the cancelled Germany Postcrossing stamp inserted to the side in the photo. An idea I have is a big conference held for Postcrossers with the most active postcrossers on a panel. Or interviews of people in Germany who worked hard to support the issuance of the new stamp.

marty44, Germany

after many years we got finally Postcrossing stamps in Germany :)

preshamandaliya, India

I wish we get a stamp of Indian postcrossing soon..will celebrate it by posting to many

saharsh, India

These are pretty them

leoll, Germany

I got lots of these stamps and have received lovely feedback! People love them and it's really great we got our own stamp

Ragchair, Germany

Ich hatte mir die PC Briefmarke bei der Poststelle vorbestellt und dort wurde erstmal gefragt was Postcrossing ist. Gruß Elke

Ragchair, Germany

I had pre-ordered the PC stamp at the post office and was first asked what Postcrossing is.
Greeting Elke

Dobi13, United Kingdom

Would be fantastic if the UK followed and also launched a Postcrossing stamp. I'd love for some meetups to take place in the North, haven't seen much happening here yet.

dogfan, United States of America

That looks like such fun! I wish we had meet-ups here where I live, and that the USA would get a Postcrossing stamp!

Heather, United States of America

Lovely stamp!
I'd be so happy if the USPS issued one.


Nice Stamp. Hopefully India Post will also have a stamp soon for postcrossing

Heepy, United States of America

I actually received a postcard last week with this stamp and was very happy. I have attended a couple of Post crossing meetings and they are fun, no matter where. One of those was at a jelly bean factory which unfortunately is now closed. However, they sold postcards there, and that was great. So, to me that is a fantastic idea to hold a meeting at a place where you can buy postcards to give them extra business.

purple24, United States of America

That is one awesome stamp. Love it! Hopefully someday we’ll have one here.

Puceron, France

Thank you for the giveaway.
I’m looking for a Postcrossing meetup in France, it seems there is not for the moment.
I’m dreaming about a World Postcrossing meetup or a European Postcrossing meetup which changes of location each year. I’d reserve my day for it and It would be great to discover new countries over the world.

Luziaceleste, Brazil

What a wonderful stamp, love the explanation of the creation. Congrats germans for your efforts in getting one to call as yours.
And I'd must say that I'd love to join such lovely meetup.
Eventhough doesn't matter if small or big in size, all postcrossers gathering are huge in quality! Saying that, to add spicy and seasoning to those events, let's be creaive, using any excuse (as comemoraive dates) or occasion (as exhibirions).
By my side, I decided to celebrate my postcrossingversary in great with postcrossers and will held a small party. Hurray!

ikramqureshi, India

Congratulations German Postcrossers. I will be happy if someone sends me the stamps issued on this occasion.

Dimble, United Kingdom

It would be good to have a meet-up in the UK when the first postbox with the new King Charles cypher is brought into service, so we can post cards in that new historic postbox!

amy666, Switzerland

I received a card from Germany with the postcrossing stamp already and I am SUPER HAPPY 😀. It is a beautiful stamp, I really like it and hope to get more 🤗. In Switzerland we also celebrated the postcrossing stamps at a postcrossing meeting and had the chance to visit the post distribution center in Zurich. It was fun, too.
I wish I could have attended your event as well! Thanks for sharing everything with the community.
Happy postcrossing!

die-Dusche, Canada

I used to live near the museum, but never went! Next time though lol looks like the event was a success!

shootingstar7, Puerto Rico

I would like to go to a meeting one day. It would be fun to create promotional meet up cards and held a meet up in a public place and ask strangers If they would like to receive a free postcard and let them write the address directly in the postcard then mail the cards for them. Maybe the'll join afterwards. 😀

Rosario_Sannino, Italy

Wow, thanks so much for the photos!
The stamp is so pretty, I received my first one some days ago and that made me so happy!

chnilly, Germany

Love this stamp! Bought a stack and will use it on meeting cards. I like it when stamp and postcard matches. German post regularly issues stamps picturing towns or cities... would be great to have a meeting in such a town at date of issue. Many postcrossers are interested in the stamps too - there are lots of requests to put beautiful stamps on the card, even if they are not collectors...

Immortal74, Slovenia

Cheers to a new Postcrossing stamp!

espritpapeterie, Germany

What a great event!

An idea for meetups I have is sister meetups (like sister cities) where there would be meetups in two totally different places at the same time and maybe include a video call where you meet each other and learn about the cities. I don't know - maybe something like that has already been done before?

shanx, United States of America

I love it and am hopeful to one day receive such a fun stamp!

Internet_Creep_SM, Germany

I would liked if there were celebrations for each new stamp series, like a little meetup and reveal at each stamp reveal!

avk038, Russia

It’s a wonderful !!! Hello, my postcrosser friends! I just recently learned about postcrossing. I really like this activity. With the help of postcards, I travel all over the world! I also started collecting banknotes from all over the world. But, now I have only seven banknotes. I will be the happiest person on earth if you can send me a postcard and some banknote to my collection. Best wishes from Russia!

ParisaPostcrossing, United States of America

What a wonderful celebration! I would love to see one in my city, although I don't know how many PostCrossers there are out there (though I guess it's about the quality time, not necessarily how big the group is!) The museum is a great fit for that gathering. For other stamp celebrations, I could see that working well at farmers markets, swap meets, or other gathering spaces that are free to attend :)

queenofc, Germany

I dream of opening a small "card cafe" where people can drop in , select a card and stamp , sit down, decorate and write and have something to drink. I would chat along, do some "Postcrossing marketing " and bring the cards to the post office or box later.
Of course postcrossers would get a discount:-) And regularly we would hold meet ups there....

-Hector-, Chile

A nice meet up would be one held simultaneously in two places located in opposite sides of the world, where the attendees of one place write and send postcards to the other place.

Matilde007, Italy

It looks like it has been a fantastic event and this German stamp is wonderful!😀
I hope Italy will also issue a Postcrossing one soon!
Some nice ideas for fun meetings and stamp celebrations could be to take photos of each other in the same poses as the people on the Postcrossing stamp and put them together, or everyone could try redesigning the postcrossing stamp in their own style and make stamp-shaped postcards with the illustration!😊

Diseare, Russia

I would really like many countries to participate in these events, each city would have an unusual mark, it would be so amazing!

cavpm7, India

make it a virtual meet. more participants word wide will enjoy
V P Mukundan, from Chennai, India

Februarysong21, Germany

Fantastic design! ♥️ I love it!
As a German living so far from Berlin I would love to win this special giveaway.
I wish it would give more Postcrossing stamps of other countries and I love to be a part of the wonderful Postcrossing community. Have fun, keep safe and enjoy it.

Willi, Germany

My first 10 Postcrossing stamps are on the way...

A meeting? Maybe before Iron Maiden Concert in Krakow / Poland in 2023 june,14

Joy_n, India

The stamp is beautiful.

mezzanine2, Canada

I hope to win the giveaway, so here's a constructive idea for future Postcrossing and World Postcard Day events.

I'd like to see museums, art galleries, historical sites, science and technology centres, and even botanical gardens host a Postcrossing or World Postcard Day event.

It's a way of encouraging community both local and international. If institutions have gift or design shops, it is a way of selling postcards, especially if they have their own specific designs.

Gartenfee58, Germany

Hi postcrossers
I allways try to find one (or several) stamps for the one I write to. Exc. NELSON MANDELA or a stamp of some buildings or cities in Germany or women power. But this very nice stamp is one for all postcrossers I have no idea for a stamp. It's so extraordonary!! Gratulation for that stamp. I love it.

CBela, United States of America

Wow, what a great crowd in Germany! It would be terrific if more meetups could be held at community events-like fairs and other places that could draw attention to Postcrossing from the public. There are so many people that are unaware of this great project! Also, I think international virtual meetups might be fun; people could join the meetup from home and meet Postcrossers from all over the world.

jujujules, United States of America

Wowza!!! I just received a postcard from Germany with this stamp! I thought it was cool as is but reading this now makes it a 100 times better. I live in Las Vegas, I’m hoping that soon there is a post crossing meet up around me. Someone suggested a virtual meet up for Postcrossers and I think that’s a great idea.

SalishSea, United States of America

love this article and hope I receive a postcrossing stamp; from some lovely german postcrosser...

ErikTheRed, United States of America

Fantastic and awesome!! I’ve written tk the US CSAC, and I dream that one day the US will have one, too, and we can have our own special meetup like this!!

Fazmerir, Portugal

Greetings. I don't know if one such event was ever held in Portugal, home of the Postcrossing creator (and mine, by the way 🫣) but, in any case, I'd love to see one happen in PT as well.

Happy Postcrossing, everyone! 🖖

mounten, Italy

CONGRATULATION GERMANY!!!!!! The making - of this lovely Postcrossing stamp is great, your meet up must be unforgettable. I wonder when Italy comes out with a Postcrossing stamp......well done.

Bay-Chan, Germany

I sadly couldn´t attend to this meetup, but the pictures taken look really great.
I would like a meetup or an event in general, where all postcrossing stamps and maybe all meetup cards issued to this day would be showed. I´m not sure how many countries already have one. I know it would be really difficult to organize, so that many postcrossers could attend, but that would be a really nice event I suppose :)

leonid13, Israel

The stamp is amazing and I love the meeting photos! What a cool event! See you in Israel!

sherluvshockey, United States of America

Wow! Looks like such an amazing event!

mavrocks, Australia

Love the stamp

Lightbringer, Germany

I'm all in for a cross-county meeting with ocean themes - welcome to have all Baltic Sea postcrossers meet up i.e.

binxmama, United States of America

This is fantastic!
Love the stamp!

kanna1018, Japan

It's wonderful! I hope they release more stamps like this in Japan!!! In Japan they issue a commemorative stamp every year for the International Week of Correspondence, but they are austere with ukiyoe and other themes, so I'd love to see a pop, contemporary design!!! Also, not that there aren't a few people doing postcrossing in Japan, but there aren't many meetups held here compared to other countries, so I'm very jealous!!!


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