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It's only February yet, and we're already reporting the second Postcrossing-themed stamp being issued this year... 2017 is off to a fantastic start!   

So ladies and gentlemen, we're proud to announce that in just 2 days, Romania will join the ranks of the countries which have issued a Postcrossing stamp. They may have less than 1500 postcrossers there, but their unwavering enthusiasm for the project convinced their post office this was a good idea — and we're glad for their fierceness! We're especially thankful to Mihnea (aka MihneaR) whose persistence and commitment to this idea in every step of the way were crucial in bringing this new stamp to life.

Have a look at their new stamp, which will be published on February 24th:

Romanian Postcrossing stamp

We bet it'll look pretty cool on all their postcards! 😀

The new stamp sheet (and accompanying FDC) will be available from Friday on Romfilatelia's shops in Bucharest, Bacau, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi and Timisoara or online, on the WOPA website. Romanian Postcrossing stamp

To celebrate the stamp issue, Romanian postcrossers are organising a couple of meetups in Bucharest this Friday and Saturday, and planning to send lots of postcards with the new stamp. Do join them, if you're in the area!

And if you're not in Romania, keep an eye on your mailbox — your next postcards from there might feature their shiny new stamp!


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Happy New Year, everyone!

We're starting the year with excellent news: Belpochta (the Postal Operator of Belarus) has launched a second Postcrossing-themed stamp on January 3rd — almost exactly three years after their previous stamp launched. Here's what it looks like:

Postcrossing stamp from Belarus

The design, by Marina Vitkovskaya, mixes traditional Belarusian elements (like the folk embroidery and the blue cornflower) with a Happy Postcrossing message.

Victor (aka victorzenin), Evgenij (aka the_52cond), Maria (aka Ukurka) and Marina (aka Nelie) sent us some photos of the meetup that took place yesterday, to commemorate the stamp launch in Minsk:

Postcrossing stamp from Belarus meetup Postcrossing stamp from Belarus meetup Postcrossing stamp from Belarus meetup Postcrossing stamp from Belarus meetup

Looks like everyone was busy writing dozens of postcards and maxicards... hopefully they'll soon brighten many mailboxes around the world! 😊


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Hurray! July 14th is Postcrossing's anniversary and we couldn't be happier! Eleven years of connecting the world, one postcard at a time... feels great!

Postcrossing is not just a platform or a bit of code on a server. What makes this project great is definitely its community... which means YOU! Every single one of you, that perhaps looked at this idea with suspicion in the beginning but decided to jump in anyway and give it a go. All of you who ensure the world's mailboxes are filled with smiles and kind words. Those of you who help each other in the forum, who organize and attend meetups, who send us tips and ideas, who send thousands of postcards to lovely ladies on their birthday. We're thankful for your trust, support and enthusiasm in the past 11 years. Long live Postcrossing!

A couple of postal operators neatly lined up their Postcrossing-themed stamp launches to mark the occasion, so today, Poland and Guernsey see new stamps come to life!

Polish Post drew inspiration on the theme of traveling through postcards, and re-imagined a "postcrossers' suitcase"... which naturally has a mailbox on the side!

Polish Postcrossing stamp

To celebrate the stamp launch, Polish Post is holding several events in Wrocław. Among the activities, there will be a free tour of the Post and Telecommunication Museum in Wrocław, a competition with some prizes and, of course, the opportunity to buy the new stamp and even receive a special cancellation mark.

Today is also the day two new stamps from Guernsey Post make their debut! International postage is being updated, and the stamps (for Europe and Rest of the World) reflect this change. Guernsey Post's new stamps were drawn by Sue Hamon and aim to share the island's rich flora and fauna with the world through the postcards they'll be traveling in.

Guernsey Postcrossing stamp

Guernsey Post is also launching a set of related products along with the stamp, on their online shop, including first day covers and maxicards.

So, happy birthday Postcrossing! Now it's time to blow those candles and grab a piece of cake while we write some postcards — do join us! :)

PS - Speaking of stamps, the German Postcrossing community has been trying for years to convince their Finance Ministry that a Postcrossing-themed stamp would be a good idea... with little success so far. As Germany is the country with most postcards sent in the project, we think they deserve it. So if you have an extra card, give them a hand in turning this dream into reality!


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Today, we're happy to welcome Austria into the club of countries that have issued Postcrossing-themed stamps! Here's what their shiny new stamp looks like:

A new Postcrossing stamp... from Austria!

The stamp was designed by Robert Sabolovic and depicts a stylised "wall of postcards", with the word POSTCROSSING in front of it, painted in the Austrian flag colours.

To celebrate the stamp launch, a meetup was held on Hirtenberg's Kulturehaus today, where postcrossers came together to write and send postcards with the new stamp and special first-day cancellation mark.

IMG 5745

Photo by Eva (aka Meixi)

P1340203 Mr

Mr. Sabolovic, who designed the stamp, was also in attendance, and autographed postcards and stamps.

WP 20160521 009

Photos by Anita (aka honeybee)

20160521 112202

Photo by Sabine (aka turtles)

In the end, a wonderful time was had by all, and hundreds of postcards were carefully stamped, postmarked and put on their way. Maybe one of them will land on your mailbox soon? 😊


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Hoera! Following the success of the first stamp ever dedicated to Postcrossing, PostNL is issuing a second sheet of stamps to honor the project this year!

The new sheet of 10 different stamps features an eclectic mix of popular Dutch highlights, connected through postcards. There are national parks and picturesque villages, fields of tulips and marvels of engineering... and everything in between! Without further ado, here they are:

PostNL second sheet of stamps for Postcrossing

Do you recognise all the sights?

From the top left corner (left to right, and top-down), they are: Delta Works, Frisian Islands, Hoge Veluwe, Binnenhof, Alkmaar's cheese market, Bollenvelden, Giethoorn, Marken, Zaanse Schans... and our personal favourite, a character from Rembrandt's most famous painting The Night Watch, wishing us all a "Happy Postcrossing"!

Night Watch says Happy Postcrossing!

Keeping in mind that Postcrossing postcards travel mostly to foreign destinations, PostNL created a set of stamps that double as tiny tourism ambassadors, helping draw attention to the country's most interesting and attractive sites. The resulting design (by Reinier Hamel from Sin agency) is a bright sheet of stamps, which promises to bring a conversation topic (and burst of colour!) to many future postcards.

The new stamp sheet will be available on all Bruna shops from March 29th, and you can also pre-order it online (along with a neat First Day Cover) from March 22nd on

To celebrate the stamp launch, Dutch postcrossers are organising a meetup in Rotterdam on March 29th, and planning to send lots of postcards with the shiny new stamps. Do join them, if you can!

If you're not in the Netherlands, keep an eye on your mailbox — your next Dutch postcards might feature their new Postcrossing stamps! 😀


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