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About Jennifer...

I'm a biology student and I also have varying student's jobs at my university. In 2019, I'll write my bachelor's thesis in botany! I volunteer in students' representation (and the examination board and other committees) and am a member of the students' gardening club. I love everything about animals, plants and science. I live with my beloved cat Shila (see my avatar) and also have two dwarf tarantulas and different exotic cockroaches as pets. As for plants, my favorites are the carnivorous ones, of which I keep ten or so species.. My friends call me "crazy cat/plant Lady". :D
I love to read (fantasy, scientific thrillers, historic and crime novels, textbooks about forensics), cook and bake but rarely have time for it. Instead, I spend most of my time with my studies, friends, music (alternative and medieval rock, metal) and watching series (Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, iZombie, Love, ...).

And of course I love postcards! Here's a little summary of the kinds I like most (no specific order):

seasonal greetings
science, biology, anatomy, anything about it ♥
TV series + anime
Jetoy ♥
animals (favorites are axolotls, reptiles, amphibians, insects, fishes!) ♥
plants (carnivorous ones would be awesome)
natural history drawings (I love them!)
food, drinks, also alcoholic beverages
beautiful women (beauty is in the eye of the beholder)
tattoos and piercings, gothic, dark art, bones, skulls, black etc ♥
medieval + victorian stuff
unusual shapes ♥
The Little Prince, Finding Nemo
metal bands
(female) erotica and pin-ups
something cultural
tourist (view) cards

But don't limit your imagination! I'm sure I'll be happy with almost anything. Ad and selfmade cards are welcome if they're nice!

I'll be extra happy about washi tape, stickers and any kind of decoration. And since I read this at the forum, I'd like to start a little experiment: Would you stick one or some fruit/vegetable produce stickers on the card if you have some at hand? I'm sure this will be interesting.
If you don't know what to write, you could tell me some random facts about you. :)

Lots of love and have a great day,

PS: If you'd like to swap stickers, just send me a message, I have LOTS. :D

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