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About Tina...

I am a university student training as a primary school teacher, I am just going into yr 3 my last year.
I love collecting coins & anything stamp related including stamps, postcards, first Day covers, last day covers, letters (older the better) & I love reading the cancels & any advertisement or sentiments on letters. Looking at where people have sent letters & cards from & the journey is o, Hallie, who also loves reading my postcards (I sometimes chooses which postcard to send to whom & writes them now & again.
We have 24 grandchildren which keeps us busy. we repair & restore all I types of dolls & teddies, old & new.
I don’t mind what type of postcard you want to send me, I love them all, but please can it be a postcard, NOT a cutout cereal box or anything like it, I am sorry I don’t want to seem ungrateful but collecting postcards is a passion.
If anything I would ask that no offensive ones are sent, I have children around all the time and would not like to be put into an uncomfortable situation 😬
If you would like a PostCard back please put your details on the card somewhere. I write postcards out daily, then take my Truffles (Lhasa apso) for a walk to the postbox.
I don’t mind if you want to pop it into an envelope, as long as there is stamps that are cancelled somewhere I will be happy.
I like to hear from young & those like myself who started counting backwards, lol. I like watching crime series both true crime aczfiction like law & order, CSI, Blacklist. We have finished strange things, vampire diaries & Downton Abbey. We Love Chicago PD, Fire, Med, Justice. Movies with action is always a winner, escape plan, skyscraper, fast & furious, Twilight (total fav), Hunger movies other good Alister films We like Keanu Reeves, John Travola, Dwayne Johnson, Arnie, Sly, Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, etc.
Hobbies include cross stitching, tapestry, drawing/painting, cooking, dressmaking from bridal gowns to antique doll outfits to scrubs for our NHS workers.
I love post-crossing & writing letters, I have recently gained my first penpal. I love travelling, I have been to New Zealand, Australia, Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium. I desperately want to go back to Singapore then go over to Bali, Egypt is also a dream as is Barbados, China, India & Canada.
Make me jealous with your travel stories, perhaps something about yourself, a favourite recipe, a film I might like, a hobby to try?

Please do write something more than a few words. I am disabled @ am almost housebound so I am living through your postcards & the TV

Please upload an image of your postcards, it’s lovely to see if others agree and like the same 🤗

So far only two postcards I have sent have not arrived, they are:-

One to Germany and one to Russia

I look forward to receiving postcards from you & thank you in advance, if you would like a postcard in return please include your details

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