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About Heather...

Hello. I'm Heather. I live in Philadelphia, PA. It's somewhat hard to say who I am when I am constantly changing, either by nature or by choice. I don't really fit into any clique, or mold, but why should I? I have interests in many areas, some rather boring and some others view as bizarre. I love learning and realizing that there is more to life then presented to us.

I love traveling, and I do it as much as possible. I am up for a trip to anywhere with anyone. I have visited the usual tourist destinations, as well as places where most people never want to go. I am very passionate about music, it brings happiness to my days and nights. The close connections I make with others often center around music. I have a Boston Terrier named Hannibal, whom I adore. He truly is my best friend. I have pet turtles. My favorite color is red. I have several, some would say many, tattoos. And, I love chocolate and coffee.

I am a Special Education teacher by profession, a choice that I once felt was right for me, but have been questioning. Although teaching is fulfilling, it is stressful and trying, especially in an inner city high school.

I'm looking forward to receiving postcards from all corners of our world. I will appreciate anything that is sent to me. However, I would greatly appreciate anything related to the band Joy Division. That would make my day, or more likely my year. I am a fanatic.

Over the past seven years I chose to have alphabetical postcard scavenger hunts that went rather well. Last year I received 41 of the 52 images I was hoping to get. My best year to date. Well, I have decided to do it again. The 52 specific images that i'm asking for all have meaning to me. Once received I will place parentheses around the item. However, I will be happy to receive another card of the same image / subject. Thanks in advance for aiding me in my postcard quest.

(I'm not a fan of handmade, advertising or cat postcards. I prefer my cards written and stamped.)

A - (Abstract Art), (Autumn)
B - (Bat), (Boston Terrier)
C - (Candy), (Coffee)
D - (Dance), Dominatrix
E - Educator, (Erotica)
F - (Fairy), (Fire Engine)
G - Gothic, (Graveyard)
H - Hearse, (Heather)
I - (Ice Cream), Ivy
J - Jazz, Joy Division
K - Kaleidoscope, Killer
L - (Lipstick), (Literature)
M - Mini Cooper, (Music)
N - Nail polish, Nesting Dolls
O - Olives, Opposite
P - (Polka Dots), Punk
Q - (Queen), (Quotation)
R - (Radio), (Romance)
S - (Skeleton), (Skull)
T - (Tattoo), (Tea Kettle)
U - (Umbrella), (Unicorn)
V - Vampire, (Venus)
W - Web, Witch
X - XOXO, X-Ray
Y - Yelling, Yin & Yang
Z - Zodiac, (Zombie)