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On 14th July 2005, the Postcrossing project started its first steps in spreading smiles through postcards. It was a small project done for the love of sending and receiving postcards from all over the world, and the hope was that there would be more people sharing the same love and interest for snail mail.

Fast forward 5 years and this same project is now responsible for over 4.5 million postcards connecting about 200 countries. It binds together people from different cultures of all ages and genders, with different political and even religious beliefs. Few other hobbies can claim to have achieved the same results, and we are quite proud of this!

Throughout these years, Postcrossing has gone through several milestones, thanks to the work of a team of volunteers as well as the precious support of its members who helped it reach what it is now.

Postcrossing is sending out a bold message to the world today: postcards are not something from the past. In fact, we feel like we are starting a postcard revolution and proving that no technology will ever replace the intimacy of a handwritten postcard. :)

Thank you everyone who made this possible. Let’s make the next 5 years even greater!

Please join me wishing,

Happy Birthday Postcrossing!

…aaaaaaand because a birthday is not complete without presents, we have a big contest to announce! :)

We would like you to take a picture of yourself posting some postcards at your local postbox. Why not go do that now, we’ll wait here for a bit… Done? Now mail the photo to this email address, and don’t forget to add your username, so we can know who you are! That was easy, right? We’re hoping to make a big slideshow of smiling postcrossers around the world!

By July 31st we’ll randomly choose 5 people, who will each receive a pack of 60 postcards from MOO. :)

Many of you already know MOO, but if you don’t you should really check them out – they help you to make batches of professional glossy postcards, with a set of your own pictures or using some of their cool ready-made designs. If you’re a postcrosser who has never tried MOO before, you’ll be happy to know that they are offering all new customers 10% off 20 or 60 packs of postcards with the voucher code POSTBIRTHDAY5! (valid for one order only until the end of July, excludes delivery).

118 comments so far

mundoo, Australia


You have bought the world into my home and broadened my horizons. I eagerly look forward to checking my post box each day to see what smiles and far-flung places are in it for me to enjoy.

Thank you Paulo for your idea and making it work.
Thank you Ana for your support.

yvi-1, United States of America

Happy Birthday Postcrossing!!!!

I am so glad you were "born" five years ago and I hope to celebrate many more years together.

zachary, Canada

Congrats to Postcrossing. Even though it is still only the 13th of July here in Canada, I do offer my heartfelt congratulations. I have only been a member 1587 days but they have been just great days . I only wish I had found Postcrossing earlier. I look forward to my 5th anniversary in Postcrossing next March 9th and many more for everyone else. Long Live Postcrossing

codruteco, Ireland

La mulți ani! (Happy Birthday!)

sanidara, United Kingdom

Happy Birthday to all active participants in PC.I am so glad to have found you. May this next year be lucky prosperous and filled with love for all of us.

SallySmallpox, Canada

Happy birthday, Postcrossing! I can't go a day without checking on my cards, thanks for giving me such a fun hobby!

everdina, Netherlands

Happy Birthday Postcrossing.
Thanks for beeing there, it's a wonderful idea and makes me often happy by opening the letterbox. Wish you much more years and happy members.

Dodd, Taiwan

Happy Birthday Postcrossing! 生日快樂。
I'm very glad to be here to celebrate the second birthday with you. I hope I'll be here more and more years.

Luxi, Luxembourg

Happy Birthday Postcrossing!
Thank you to all who make this possible ;-))
And to many many more amazing years!!
Greetz to all

moonlessnite, Canada

congratulations on reaching the 5th anniversary. I also have a birthday this month, and in September I will have been a postcrossing member for 5 years, as well. cheers to another 5 years!

Luziaceleste, Brazil

I'm here for just few months, this does not avoid me to share the feelings of you all, guys!
Have a very Happy Birthday, Postcrossing!

Zmrzlina, United States of America

Happy Birthday Postcrossing! I am forever amazed by the joy that a bit of cardstock and printing can bring. Thank you for making my mailbox a celebration!

lednimedved, United States of America

Thank You, Paulo and Ana (and team). I have friends around the world because of you all. Many happy returns of the day!

csofiatorpes, Portugal

Parabéns! Happy Birthday Postcrossing! Thank you Paulo and Ana for this great opportunity to see the world through postcards and make new friends. Postcroosing is uniting the world as one country. Best wishes from my family of postcrossers: csofiatorpes,lordz1978, princessbi.

valival, Argentina

Happy birthday!

anapettres, Brazil

Happy birthday Postcrossing! Thank you for this amazing experience!

Lorna, Brazil

Feliz Aniversário! Que alegria que o postcrossing tem trazido para tantas pessoas nestes 5 anos. Parabéns.
Happy Birthday! How much joy postcrossing has brought to so many people in these 5 years. Congratulations.

Lori45P, Canada

Happy 5th Birthday Postcrossing!!! and Congratulations to Paulo, Ana and the rest of the team for bringing Paulo's idea to life and making it so successful! Every postcard that arrives in my mailbox is a treasure to me. It's heartwarming to think that each of member sees and feels the reward of taking a few moments out of their busy day to wish well to a complete stranger. Postcrossing provides the warmth and reassurance that there are a lot of wonderful, caring and loving people in the world who think the same way and believe that everyone is equal and is deserving of love, respect and dignity regardless of their religion, culture, financial or physical differences. I can't think of another hobby that could inspire more happiness and emotion to such a broad spectrum of the world than Postcrossing. I feel priviledged to be part of such a wonderful group and look forward to many, many more years ahead. :-)

islander61, Bahamas

Yay Postcrossing! Congratulations on your 5th birthday! You're going to need a really big cake and lots of ice-cream for all the well-wishers:)I know, we'll celebrate by going out for ice-cream cones on your big day here. Best wishes from us in the Bahamas!

anagahan, North Macedonia

Happy Birthday Postcrossing! You are one of my greatest discoveries in life and coz of you, the first thing I do each morning is not making a cup of coffee anymore, but checking my mailbox! I really wish I had discovered postcrossing much earlier, but as with many other things in life, it is better late than never :)
I'm thankful not only coz of the great postcards I have received due to this project, but also coz of the great wonderful people I got to meet from so many different spots from this Planet Earth.
I wish you many many many more birthdays to come and candles to blow :)

Thanks to everyone who has made postcrossing possible!

siraprapa, Thailand

สุขสันต์วันเกิด Postcrossing!

Big smile + hug + love + support for you.
thanks for a great experiance to bring to us all.

Happy Postcrossing :)

e-tc, Mexico

Congratulations!. Gracias por hacer mi vida mas feliz con este sitio porque sin duda es mi alivio cuando estoy triste o tengo problemas. Amo este sitio. Gracias y que Dios los bendiga

honeybee, Austria

Herzlichen Gückwunsch zum Geburtstag (Happy Birthday). Thank you for having this wonderful postcrossing idea. I could not imagine my life without postcrossing any more. Many wonderful years may follow. All the best you, Paulo, and to your team.

CitySoliloquy, Canada

Congratulations! I have made wonderful penfriends through Postcrossing and I have found so much joy through receiving and sending postcards. Here's to many brilliant years! Best wishes to the PC team xxx

louise91, United States of America

Happy Birthday Postcrossing! Special thanks to Paulo, Ana and the team.
And a big thank you to all who send cards. Postcards rock!

philomenaloh, Malaysia

Happy Birthday! 生日快乐!Selamat Hari Jadi! ;)

zie, Malaysia

Amazing 5 Years!
Brought smiles to million of people around the world:)

Well Done Paulo, Ana and the team!

dandilion, Netherlands

5 Years of Postcrossing?! 5 Years of bringing people together through postcards! Happy Birthday to my best friend Postcrossing :-)

Shaneez, South Africa

A very happy 5th birthday to my dear POSTCROSSING.....I would not survive without you!

Heartiest Congratulations to Paulo and the team for this remarkable achievement....and I hope that we will celebrate many more anniversaries in the future.

Mihelic, Slovenia

Vse najboljše! Happy birthday!

shui, Taiwan

Happy Birthday! Postcrossing!! \(^0^)/

dollart, Finland

Happy Birthday postcrossing and thank you Paulo and the team for making my mailbox happy. I have learn so much of different cultures around the world and met so many lovely people trought this wonderful project. May it last forever :)

mirmi40, Netherlands

Happy Birthday to Postcrossing!!!!!!!!

Ollychen, Belarus

Happy birthday!:)

dst121gr, Greece

Happy Birthday Postcrossing!!!
Paoulo, Ana and supporters, a big thank you!

FemkeDorien, Netherlands

Gefeliciteerd en nog vele jaren.

Sunflo74, Netherlands

Happy 5th Aniversery:)♥

decowoman, Germany

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag (Happy Birthday)!!!!! Thanks to you I got the best pen pal ever! Keep going!

Ginjas, Portugal

A Big Happy Birthday :D Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!

AllSerene, United Kingdom

Happy birthday Postcrossing! Many thanks and congratulations to Paulo, Ana and all the team of supporters. It's amazing the amount of happiness you've helped to spread around the world in the past few years.

LauraCR, Costa Rica

Happy Birthday postcrossing! and thank you for bringing so much joy to my life! Felicidades, saludos desde Costa Rica! Muchos exitos!

chiaramodi, Italy

Buon compleanno! Happy birthday and thank you =)

meghanG, South Africa

Yeah! Happy birthday Postcrossing! We love you & appreciate how you've enriched our lives. Keep up the fantastic work & have a wonderful day. Lots of love, Liesel, Meghan & Nicole

SonjaIceland, Germany

Happy Birthday!
and a HUGE "THANK YOU!!!!"

raluk68, Romania

Happy Birthday Postcossing!
Postcrossers love you! :)

masito, Switzerland

Happy birthday! Thanks to the staff and to all members who makes this possible !!!!

julsssonok, Estonia

happy birthday, dear POSTCROSSING! thank u for everything!

sternchen730, Germany

All the best, Postcrossing!
Stay alive and kicking!
Thanks Paulo, Ana and team for brighten up the days for so many people!

13_february, Russia

Thank you for the good idea!

subtleLens, Portugal

Parabéns! Happy Birthday! Thank you Paulo, Ana and all the team for making this possible :)

Thank you also for the present! The discount voucher in Moo, i guess i'll use it!

Best wishes!!! Felicidades :)

sonataca, United States of America

Happy Birthday to Postcrossing!!! I hope postcrossing grows to be more popular and keeps on bringing nonstop happiness to everyone around the world so we can always celebrate postcrossing birthdays!

About the contest, eh, won't be able to participate since my camera has been dead for a quite a long time now :(

Eve67de, Germany

I`m so glad I found out about you! Thank you for so many beautiful postcards! THANK YOU!!!

imajica, Malaysia

wow, already!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we love you!!!!!!!!!!
i'm gonna submit my pic for sure :D

MWIT-tRiDeNt, Thailand

Happy Birthday!!!!!
Joyeux Anniversaire!!!!!

Postcrossing ^^

Poohmaa, Germany

Happy 5th birthday Postcrossing! :)

Congratulations Paulo and Ana!

Serennablack, Portugal

Happy birthday to postcrossing!! I wish 5 more come!:)

toucans, United Kingdom

A very Happy Birthday to Postcrossing!
Congratulations to Paulo, Ana and The Team!

Here's looking forward to the next five years!!!

Gabitelu, Romania

Congratulations to the Postcrossing team!
Keep up the good work!:)

ains, United States of America

Happy #5!
A wonderful project to celebrate! ^o^

sonnentau, Germany

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 5. Geburtstag! Happy Birthday! And a big thank you to everyone who is involved! Postcrossing is so much fun, I'm looking forward to the next 5 years :)

Chacatal, Belgium

Gelukkige verjaardag vanuit België!!!

sedna, Germany

Happy Birthday Postcrossing!!! And many more years to come! Thanks a million to everybody who this possible!

valras, Lithuania


oneone, Malaysia

happy birthday.....postcrossing. Selamat hari lahir....

Blogger, United States of America

Happy Birthday to you! I wish I would have found you when you were first born ! ! ! :-)

pefawm, Norway

Gratuleren så mye med dagen. Happy Birtday.
Thanks Postcrossing team and all the postcrosser who makes this unique thing happend.

livemylife, Netherlands

Van harte gefeliciteerd met jullie 5 jarig bestaan! Congratulations with your 5 year existing!

Thank you for making it possible we can send and receive cards to people all over the world! I'm so happy with postcrossing! I would love to write more, but that costs a lot. That's why I love postcrossing. Keep up the good work! I will stay a user for many, many years more!

Greetings, Mariska
and to all other users: Happy postcrossing and congratulations to you too!

Suzanne1984, Netherlands

Happy Birthday Postcrossing. Up to the next 5 years and off course many more.

isagv, Germany

Happy Birthday!!! :D

To say it with Ipuenktchens words: Postcrossing builded! (Postcrossing bilded-> Postcrossing educates!)

I learned a lot here and I JUST LOVE IT!!!!

Mitt, Russia

С Днем Рождения!!! Happy postcrossing!

lucymonty, United Kingdom

Happy Birthday!!! I love being part of this community and wish I'd found it sooner ☺ ☺ ☺

Here's to the next 5 years! ♥ ♥ ♥

adria74, Romania

Happy Birthday and thank you to all those who make possible this nice meeting between people, for every moment of surprise and joy you generate.

SilentSilence, Spain

Happy Birthday, Postcrossing!!

adoptedbyachicken, Canada

Wow, when you started this did you think it would be this big in only 5 years? Congratulations on your achievement! Way to go on a fantastic idea and a great team to keep it smooth.


dadaumpa80, Italy


pcbuyer, United Kingdom

Congratulations Paulo!!! Without your drive and enthusiasm this site may never have got started and brought so many people together through the hobby of sending and receiving postcards. It's always a pleasure to receive a card from a stranger that has been sent to you from anywhere on this wonderful planet.
Happy Birthday to everyone in the Postcrossing Team, and many thanks from the thousands of us who use it every day.

Robin67, Austria

Happy Birthday, Postcrossing! Thank you SOOO MUCH for enriching my life every day. "My" personal 5th Postcrossing birthday will be on the 17th of August. That day, 5 years ago, really changed my life totally for the better. That is not something I would say lightly, but I am really passionate about this wonderful invention. :-)

I hope that, in my next life, I shall find out about Postcrossing as soon as I can read and write, I hope I'll be able to afford cards and stamps always and will have a great choice of both where I'll live then. ;-)

Also, I hope, that by then there will be a "hall of fame" of Postcrossers of "years ago" and will be so intrigued to read about the pioneers Paulo and Ana and their "followers" from the "early days"!

And I'll be really sorry I could not have been there then, but I will have been there then! Great!!! :-)))

Dryddha, Spain

Happy Birthday Postcrossing!! :D ¡Felicidades!

Vaniaalves, Portugal

Happy Birthday Postcrossing!!

In Portuguese: " Parabéns Postcrossing e Paulo"

PilotOne, Portugal


Dear Paulo & Postcrossing team
Thanks for the idea of having created this spectacular HOBBY!
I am fairly sure that your idea will be recorded as one of the best that appeared on the Internet! The future will speak for itself ...
See you on the 6th Anniversary!

All the best for the future &... HAPPY POSTCROSSING!

kazinhabueno, Brazil

Happy birthday Postcrossing!!! I love you sooooo much! Parabéns!!!!!

judamore, Brazil

Congratulations Paulo! A great mind for a big project!
And still have space for more. More ideas, more projects, more people around the world communicating and exchanging postcards, as before, as always!
Your visionary idea guaranteed to perpetuate a lifestyle that, otherwise, perhaps a day would end. Thanks!
Thank you for having given us cultivate a hobby that connects people, spreading cultures, countries closer.
Thanks for boxes and more boxes, albums and more albums from small windows to a new world, real and virtual.
New friends too. Virtual and real, brought together by meetings held around the world.
And from the main project, we jumped into the forum, which led to increased trade the nth degree. I, in particular, have today, after five years (yes, I'm the one of that began in 2005), thousands of postcards exchanged in the forum. Thanks.
I do not know a lot of new friends I made in the project, but I feel all of them more closer and more present in my life, first with the postcards and then with the emails and letters we exchanged.
And it all started with your extraordinary idea. Five years ago.
Thank you and congratulations for the daring, courage and perseverance. I hope to witness the celebration of ten years... twenty years...

Parabéns e obrigada.

Julia d'Amore (judamore/fiorellino)

britpopok, Taiwan

happy birthday to Postcrossing!

marifran, Netherlands

Happy birthday and many thanks for all the happiness and nice experiences you brought us !!

schwan272, United States of America

Happy 5th Birthday and thank you and your team for the wonderful work you do to make this such a fun-tastic project!

wildernesscat, Israel

Happy birthday Postcrossing!
May you live to be (at least) 120 years old :)
Greetings from Israel!

Jodie05, Australia

Happy happy happy Birthday Postcrossing!!! Thank you so much for reviving the humble postcard. My Grandmother sparked my love for postcards when she started sending them to me from her holiday trips when I was 5 years old and I have been collecting them ever since. It was such a delight to find a whole community of fellow-postcard-aholics after years of solo collecting. Thank you to you all!! See you for the 10th!

Bonbon2010, Australia

Magnificently EXCITING! But today, when I posted postcards to one postcrosser from Finland, the postoffice was very busy and I was shy asking someone to take me a photo, so I took Post Office staff a photo instead showing the postcards that I purchased in our locality. Hooray! I'll try again!

Cheers to Postcrossing on its 5th Anniversary!

G'day from down under.

sybones, Singapore

happy birthday postcrossing :)

JianZHANG, China


Hope it will grow as a child.
And attract more and more people from all over the world to join this large family~

Happy birthday !

Nammak, Netherlands

Van Harte Gefeliciteerd!!! Happy 5th Birthday! That many years will follow :-)

Manou, Netherlands

Happy happy birthday!

zirafka105, Czech Republic

Happy birthday... and thanks to Paulo and Ana for all the fun :-)

Spriggan, United States of America

Happy Belated Birthday Postcrossing :) *hugs
Thank you Paulo and team for giving me my wonderful pen-pals (Natsuka, Duen, Naoko, Manami, Tomomi, Hitomi, Joanne, and all others I am temporarily forgetting *blush) and helping me learn so much about other cultures (Its like a free college class! Yippie).
I wish you all the success in the world with your project and hope its around for many more years to come! Thank you again for being a bright spot in my life :)

lenormandcafe, Germany


baypkee, United States of America

happy birthday Postcrossing! i'm a big fan!

de88ie, United States of America

Happy Birthday!!
FYI I couldn't get the code to work but that's ok :)

evita0801, Spain

Happy Birthday to you!!! ;)

Ukurka, Lithuania

Happy Birthday!! Thanks to all team! Postcrossing is a great idea! :)

EmilieDaddy, Czech Republic

Happy Happy Birthday! Where can I see the photo wall? Can't wait! Love you all,

StojakSiblings, Germany

Happy Birthday postcrossing!!!!!


Marta & Mihau!!

isagvproject, Germany

I tried the email account for a pic but it did not work. :( I don't use outlook. Is there another chance to mail a picture?

gingzz, Malaysia

Happy belated birthday Postcrossing! Although I just got to know you a few months ago, I am glad to be able to celebrate your birthday from this year onwards... "Gambateh Postcrossing!"

Janice_Hou, Taiwan

Happy Bitrhday!!! :) 生日快樂!! Happy Postcrossing!!

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Kiron Manuel

myshu, Belarus

Happy Birthday to you!

cszsuzsa, Hungary

Congratulation! :)) Happy birthday postcrossing! :))

loic530, Taiwan

Happy Birthday
I love postcrossing!!!!

zuzastorkova, Czech Republic

Happy birthday postcrossing!!!:-)
I really love Postcrossing. It was, is and will be the best idea. I LOVE IT!!!
(-:Happy postcrossing:-)

Staci, Macao

Happy Birthday! Postcrossing!!!
So happy to know lots of friends from here, thanks for postcrossing!


benoui, France

Happy Birthday, Joyeux Anniversaire...
I wish a long life to Postcrossing ... Bravo for this beautiful idea Paulo :o)

CaoYiSan, China


kristichang, Taiwan

Happy Birthday Postcrossing!
Thanks this nice idea website:D
Love so much!!~

XSS, Brazil

Happy Birthday Postcrossing!I love you.

peridotlake1, United States of America

Thank you so much for creating this!!!!!!!

Alison_Sun, China

July 14th is my birthday too:)

leugim, United Kingdom

It's a little big baby :D

bradpete, Philippines

5 years, limang taon, limang banua.


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