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Ukurka, Belarus


(or Maria) is a member in Belarus . She has been a member for over 9 years (3,483 days).
3,381 sent 3,371 received

  • Distance sent: 7,181,148 miles
  • Last seen: about 20 hours ago
  • Website:
  • Languages: english, russian, belarusian, german, learning spanish :)
  • Birthday: 13th May 1985 (31 years old)
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  • Maria is a Postcrossing Ambassador What is a Postcrossing ambassador?
  • 5th on most postcards sent from Belarus
  • 4th on longest distance sent from Belarus
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Lat: 53.90, Lon: 27.57 | Google Maps

About Maria...

Hello :)

I'm Maria, I like photography, books, puzzles, hedgehogs, cycling, tea, music (I love Dream Theater and Pink Floyd), swimming, traveling, blue and orange colors and a lot of things... :)
I like learning languages, so it will be nice if you write something in your mother tongue on the card! It may be your favourite quotation, or poem, or anything (please put the translation there too! :))

Liebe Postcrossere aus Deutschland, Schweiz, Österreich (oder irgendwoher anderes, wenn Sie Deutsch sprechen), bitte, bitte, bitte, schreiben sie auf Deutsch! Ich möchte so viel lesen wie möglich. Danke im Voraus! :)

Please write what do you know about Belarus - I'm curious!
Or tell me any local legend.
Or explain what's on the card and why you chose it.
Or let me know about your favourite cafe in your hometown.
Or about interesting cycling route in your area.

I'll appreciate any postcard from you. Really :)

But if you have ANY card from my favourites - I'll be happy to get it!
(here is the list

Some more ideas just to help you to choose :)
* hedgehogs (Ёжик в тумане - мой любимый герой)
* bicycles
* De KNVB :)
* Geschichte von Deutschland
* Deutsche Cartoon
* public transport (esp. trams)
* flags and maps
* tea, chocolate, calligraphy, mirrors, umbrellas
* space, stars, zodiac (esp. Taurus :))
* street sculptures, street lamps/lanterns, street clocks, fountains, bridges
* photographers and old cameras
* Escher, or other curious mathematical things
* Salvador Dali, Albrecht Dürer, Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Hieronymus Bosch
* Alice in Wonderland :)
* James Cameron, "Avatar" and "Titanic"
* Back to the Future
* Sherlock Holmes
* Pixar
* historical things or characters or famous people from your city (could you provide some details for me in this case?)
* Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro Cup
* ladybugs, lemurs, penguins, dragons, pigs and zhiraffes
* Shih Tzu, Pekingese, Husky
* something inspiring. Sometimes it's so nice to find encouraging view or optimistic words after not-so-good day. :)

Finally, it may be a nice view from your hometown, what you like most.

Happy Postcrossing! :)

P.S.: I always write my address on a card, that's just for my Post office - to be sure that card won't be lost.

P.P.S.: Шаноўныя сябры з Беларусi, ведаю, як складана выбраць паштоўку для iншага беларуса :) Каб было крыху лягчэй, выявы маiх любiмых гарадоў more than welcome:) Львiв, Прага, Стакгольм, Кракаў, Мельбурн, Пiцер, Тракай, Амстэрдам, Будапешт, Эдзінбург... to be continued:)

P.P.P.S.: Dear friends from Ukraine and Poland, feel free to write in your native language. It's a pleasure for me to read it (though my "thank you" will be rather in English or Belarussian :))

P.P.P.P.S.: I know that the girl from post office is also a postcrosser and is curious about all cards, so it might be funny if you put a "thanks mr postman" sticker or smth like that for her :))