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We are a group of people who are passionate about postcards and connecting with others through them.

Paulo Magalhães (paulo)

Paulo created Postcrossing to solve a problem he had: he wanted to receive more postcards on his mailbox. A small idea and 58 million postcards later, now he manages the project and its development full-time. When he's not pushing buttons, he loves to run and to look for hidden treasures.

Ana Campos (meiadeleite)

Ana helps members from all around the world to use Postcrossing and is also the editor and curator of the project's blog.
She's addicted to cute stationery, loves eggs and is the head chef at the HQ kitchen.

Vicki Crawford (Mundoo)

Vicki is the forum administrator and a trusty all-things-Postcrossing adviser. She also takes care of many of the tasks that allow Postcrossing to run smoothly.
She's also into geocaching and loves to photograph the sunrises on Hindmarsh Island.

Helpers and Volunteers

This project wouldn't be what it is today without the help and support of many all around the world who help the project grow and give their input on its direction.

  • Paula (geminiscp)

    Paula is a forum admin. She likes stamps, foxes and castles - all together if possible.

  • Swantje (swan)

    Swantje is a forum admin and loves nature, close-up postcards and the German dish Labskaus.

  • Olga (kelpie)

    Olga helps connect with the large Russian speaking community. She likes whales and has a soft spot for Kooky.

  • Nicky (shanaqui)

    Nicky helps with support and maintenance tasks. They breathe books, raise rabbits and eat university degrees like candy (3 and counting!).

Little Mail Carriers

Postman Paulo and postwoman Ana
Somewhere in the world!

They are Postcrossing's mini-ambassadors who travel all around the world on a mission: to visit as many postcrossers as they can! Follow their adventures on the blog.