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About Mimi...

My name is "Mimi"
What I look like
Self portrait painting


I have many bad food allergies
(The worst is to peanuts)

I can end up in the hospital or dead if you send me food or tea (or food wrappers or food boxes- & yes I know that sounds odd but I have had people send me both empty candy wrappers and cut out cereal boxes lol-head shake ) :)

-folding greetings cards,
-letters with unscented stationary
-Unscented stickers and washi tape are OK too :)

thank you for helping to keep me safe...
I appreciate it!
(If you can write me on a day you DONT eat peanuts, peanut butter, & peanut oil that would be great & very kind!)

In the USA 1 out of 13 people have a deadly food allergy

There are 61,216 USA postcrossers
So That means ~ 4,709 USA postcrossers are like me!

Remember to always ask before you send "food treats" to Americans.

Your "kindness" & "good deed" could kill us :(

About Mimi:

Spriggan = A British Faerie that can change size & shape at will
Known for being very ugly & equally mischievous!
( https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spriggan )

-I'm a mix of many ethnicities..
(Irish, German, & Czech to name a few)
I think its helpful-makes it easy for me to accept & ♥ people from everywhere- all walks of life.

-My family owns a dairy cow farm
-I have a degree in "Animal Science"
-I married my "high school sweetheart" & true love
-I wanted to be a nun before I met my spouse
-My "Patron Saint" is Blessed Margaret of Castello (1287-1320)
(The Saint of People with Disabilities)
-I'm a Cancer Surviver (Age 22)
-I have had 1 heart surgery (Age 29) & have 1 more to go!
I may have a Bad ♥ but it doesn't stop me from being kind!

I love...
♥ Helping others
(I never collect cards for myself-only my friends & family)
♥ The Color Pink
♥ My Red Hair
♥ Snow

I like..
:) Listening to music (Currently Dancing to "Honey"- Tori Amos)
:) Japanese & Korean Stationary & Decorative tape
:) My Little Pony Trading Card Game
:) Bunnies, Chickens & Ducks (I have all as pets)

I hate...
:( Peanuts (deathly allergic to)
:( Rainy Days
:( Dress Clothes
(I prefer to lounge about in my pajamas)
:( When people are sad & Lonely
(If you are sad & need a friend-message me! I'll write you *offers hugs!)

Looking for serious pen pals that speak English
(sorry- I don't speak any other languages fluently -blush)

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