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Dodd, Taiwan


(or Ying-lung) is a member in Taiwan . He has been a member for over 8 years (3,218 days).
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  • Languages: Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese Hokkien, English, and a little French
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About Ying-lung...

Hello World. Naruwan!! Ni-hao! 你好!食飽未?

I'm from Taiwan, born in Taipei city which is the most Chinese cultural city in the world. (I believe!) I love to travel, but have little money to do internationally. Taiwan is an island country, we need to fly to go abroad. Hence, if I recieve card from you, I'll be very happy.

I'm a museum goer, love fine art and those old stuff very much. In my leisure time, I sometimes go to ride bicycle in Taipei. I have two times tour de Taiwan. I am planning to go to France to have my tour de France. I also play music instrument, pipa, which is traditional Chinese music.

Some cards I'd be particularly happy about:

►Landscape of natrue beauty,
 especially blue ocean or coast close to you.
 If you don't live along coast, waterview is also good;
►Boat, yacht, kayak, canoe, fishing boat, all watercraft;
►Trains, railways, trams, streetcars, stations, or
 aeroplanes, airports
►Indigenous people portrait, People in traditional costume;
►World Heritage on UNESCO list;
►Music instruments, traditional style;
►Bicycle tour, something about bicycle;
►Magnificent architecture;
►City skyline at daytime or night view;
►Museum collection pictures;
►Pen, fountain pen, glass pen, beautiful stationery;
►Coast Guard, Forest Ranger, Military troop, Policemen, Mounties;
►Cocks, Roosters, picture or any arts about this animal,
and so on.


You can check my favorites on flickr, it might give you some idea about what you can choose:

All postcards can show your place and culture are welcome. But please send single frame postcard that I can see more detail. Unless it's a big postcard, multi-view makes all pictures small. Please write some introduce about your card or city. Tell me why you choose that card, what special that card is, and something you did on the day you sent it, how you like postcrossing, etc. I will upload your card.

And the last, pleas send a bare card, without any envelope. It's bit troublesome to handle envelpoes.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Ying-lung LU
update on 08 April, 2011

For private swap:
All my sent postcards are unique ones. I do not have other copies. Please do not order from my wall. It's a postcard wall not a menu. You can tell me which one you like and would like one of that style. I'll try my best to help.
I only want swap one postcard for the first time because I do write. If I like your choice, we can continue for the second time.

Ying-lung LU 收


**For those who like to use Chinese address, you can send to:
Ying-lung LU
Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.)