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Yes, you read that right! With the Queen’s royal approval, the tiny island of Guernsey will be the fourth country (or in this case, special territory) to launch its own Postcrossing stamp!

Why Guernsey, you might ask? Well, it’s all thanks to Michael (aka GIBSONMS)! One day, Michael decided to get in touch with a few postal services and make the case for a Postcrossing stamp as a way to spread the word about the project. He was really enthusiastic and persistent, and what do you know… it worked! :)

So ladies and gentlemen, we’re proud to announce that on May 28th, a new Postcrossing stamp will be born! Here’s what it will look like:

Guernsey Postcrossing Stamp!

Fun, right? It was designed by Guernsey Post’s marketing team, and it depicts an outline of the island of Guernsey with a smiley face, giving the thumbs up to Postcrossing! It will be available online on the Guernsey Stamps page from May 28th onwards, and also on the local post offices.

No matter how many Postcrossing stamps are born, it’s still a great honor for us to see them come to life. How many websites do you know that can boast this? :) So we’d like to give our heartfelt thank you to Dawn Gallienne at Guernsey Post for believing in the project – and especially to Michael, for his dedication!

By the way, we’re preparing a Postcrossing meeting in St. Peter Port, on the launch day, so that all postcrossers can come together and send postcards with the new stamp. It’ll take place on the main Post Office (Envoy House, La Vrangue) at 2pm – do get in touch on the forum, if you’re planning to attend. Everyone is welcome and we look forward to seeing you there! :)

68 comments so far

iphoto, Australia

I look forward to making my online purchase ... LoVe a fun project that makes you SM:)E!

Shulia, Belarus

It's cool! I'm waiting for it ^___^

Sofa, Germany

That's a great one - so far the one of the Postcrossing stamps I like best!

stefface, Haiti

So cool!!! Now all I need is a card from Guernsey (with such a lovely stamp on it). Thank you, Michael and Dawn!

shui, Taiwan

Can't wait for that!! Thanks to the people who make this possible and congratulations!! :D

Kat_44, United States of America

I'd love to receive a postcard with this special stamp from Guernsey! (Hint, hint, anyone...?) ;-)

kamikazeherz, Germany

I really want such a stamp in Germany too :(

ThePOSTCARDPerfect, United States of America

I would like to get some postcards with this stamp on it.

postcardsFromBella, United States of America


DorotheeB, Germany

A big THANK YOU to all who made this possible! Though the chances to get a card from Guernsey with this stamp are pretty small it's a wonderful thing! Congratulations!!!

akash, India

That's great news !!! I have Netherlands, Finland and Belarus Postcrossing loose unused stamp and stamps-sheet, Can anyone help me in getting Guernsey's Postcrossing stamps and stamps-sheet ? In return I would love to send you anything of your choice from India. All the best for 28th May's releasing event.

nisnoopy3, Malaysia

What a cute Postcrossing stamp! I like the "two thumbs" up!! Thank you, GIBSONMS for the hardwork! I wish to get one someday. Hope you and everyone have a great outing on 28th of May! :D

Blogger, United States of America

Brenda Perez
PO Box 698
Palm City, FL 34991

Just in case someone wants to say hello to me with this wonderfully special cute and adorable stamp! :D

Bahbah, Germany

It's so cute,it looks like the little Mr. and Ms. :-) I would love to get one, I'll wait and see if fate chooses my address for someone from Guernsey. ;-)

Luziaceleste, Brazil

Congrats for this! We all share the love for postcrossing and are in joy when these sort of things pop up!

ZenCat, United States of America

What a cute stamp!

rosenbusch, Germany

A funny stamp, I like it....

idus, Germany

Nice stamp!
I would love to receive a postcard with it. :)

I am also looking for a female pen-friend from the Channel Islands, please see my ad in the Forum or contact me via my Profile here. Thanks. :)

edo, Spain

Now all I need is a card from Guernsey
(with a lovely stamp on it).
Thank you

dollart, Finland

i hope this brings more postcrossers to Guernsey island :) Well done.

nugget, United States of America

Great news! Any postcrosser would appreciate one of these stamps.

Majamail, Germany

Is it only for Guernsey, or can all UK Postcrossers use this beautiful stamp????

Olga86, Poland

love it!

moonflyinganny, Germany

It is very beautiful, I hope I would recive one. And I hope that there will be a postcrossing stamp from Germany once.

chrissybaby, Ireland

That is a great stamp! I am surprised that Guernsey will release that one. It is sad that such big Postcrossing countries as Germany do not issue a stamp.

danielc, United Kingdom

It's a very nice stamp and hopefully will encourage more people to take up Postcrossing in Guernsey.

What I like even more is the price, just £0.66 (about €0.80 or $1.10) for 20g Worldwide - compared to postage rates in the UK, that makes me really green with envy!

jjmedusa, United States of America

This is great! Another country that has embraced Postcrossing! Though I have to say, I'm not all that keen on the design itself. :/

wangjiayimike, China

This stamp can be only used in Guernsey, so you can imagine what will happen to the local post?! So many PCers will visit the tiny island, I believe so!

Conelmate, Argentina

A perfect expression of the joy that is Postcrossing!

LASeagles, United States of America

I think the Guernsey Post Office should go ahead and print an official postcard to go with the stamp and make it a maximum card! After all, regular stamps get first day covers on an envelope...why not do a "first day cover" with a postcard that works with the stamp and showcases the island.

riazkhan4880, India

Congratulations to Postcrossing Team and the Authorities of Guernsey post. I am looking forward for it and please send it to me. Cheers for Postcrossing!!

I love it.

Riaz Khan

mapa, Belgium

Super! Nice stamp!

ned44440, Ireland

Fantastic! Would love to get one on an official postcard but I expect that that will be almost as rare as hens teeth.

Luciano, Brazil

Lovely :)

lucymonty, United Kingdom

Great! Would love to receive one of those :-) thanks Michael!

indianfriendszone, India

Congrats Postcrossing :)

Great Achievement :)

I Wish i too get one postcard with this new stamps ...


RainbowButterfly, United Kingdom

Wonderful news, anyone from Guernsey interested in direct swaps? I am still waiting for my first card from Guernsey! I would love to receive a card and special postctossing stamp!

YiliLoh, Malaysia

That's a very cute stamp! I wish to receive a card with such stamp from Guernsey. :P Congrats to Postcrossing too!!! :)

Sprinkledonut, Canada

Congratulations, Michael and Dawn! What a fun stamp!

I love this set from the nearby Jersey, celebrating cows:

Now if only I could manage a swap with some folks from the Channel Islands! ; )

HM, Netherlands

Beautiful! What a nice designed stamp. And - I believe I see a smile on Queen Elisabeths face as well!

Oleksiuk, Belarus

Not bad, such as great stamp, I want it ^______________^

Andreahexe, Germany

Simply great - love it!!!! Inside of postcrossing our world seems to be so peaceful and friendly - a great community. What a pity that's not always and everywhere like this ...
Happy Postcrossing!!!

lama1, Netherlands

Let's hope this helps getting more postcrossing members from Guernsey and a bigger chance to get this great stamp on a card in our (and my) mailbox :)

isagv, Germany

I like it very much. :)

kinghuang52, China


Aunghtun, Thailand

May I know why it the fourth?The Netherlands,Finland,Lithuania,Belarus?

Nummel, Germany

Maybe I should alter my plans for the summer vacation and make a trip to the Canal Islands...

Norway_girl, Norway

Oh, cool stamp!

It would be so cool to attend the meeting. But unfortunatly I can't go.

Geminiscp, Portugal

so cute!!! :)

KlausK, Germany

Hello. i like PC stamps. Anyone help me to get this stamp please ?! i will pay or send cards from wishlist.

LittleCableCars, United States of America

Wow!! What fun. I'll be looking to buy some of those stamps to put together some homemade postcards.

honeybee, Austria

This is so fantastic. I would love to get such a stamp but it is not possible for me to go to Guernsey for a meeting.

Bella_Momo, Malaysia

I would really love to have one of these. They're beautiful! Thank you everyone who made this a success!

zzzys, China

What a beautiful stamp! I hope one day I can get

Roadrunner73, Germany

Beautiful. Would really love to receive a card with this one.

myliu_Lietuva, Lithuania

the 5th country!
Netherlands, Finland, Lithuania and Belarus have their Postcrossing stamps already.

Jcchit, Hong Kong

I wish I could have one

TonyGv, Spain

Nice stamp from this wonderful small island,I would like to get one of this¡¡¡

scriptor, United Kingdom

I'm green with envy. Come on Royal Mail, wake up!

justmesks, United States of America

I'd love a postcard with this stamp!

PilotOne, Portugal

What agreat stamp!One more for the Postcrossing collection. I really would love to get a card with this stamp!

Konravi, Netherlands

This is one happy stamp :-)

Antlynny, United States of America

Oh I hope I get a card with this stamp on it!

saji, Japan

So cute! I love it!

neimelo, Brazil

Espero ter a sorte de receber um cartão com ele...........All the best!

Aibee_Brews, Qatar

Cool! It will be launch on my birthday! Congratulations, Guernsey. :D

animismi, Finland

I love it!

Robin67, Austria

What a fabulous stamp! :-)))


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